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Full Version: The Thing (1982)
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The Thing (1982)

Rated R

[Image: The_Thing_(1982)_theatrical_poster.jpg]

Quote:Horror-meister John Carpenter teams Kurt Russell's outstanding performance with incredible visuals to build this chilling version of the classic The Thing. In the winter of 1982, a twelve-man research team at a remote Antarctic research station discovers an alien buried in the snow for over 100,000 years. Soon unfrozen, the form-changing alien wreaks havoc, creates terror, and becomes one of them.

This... this was a trip. When they were showing this at Popcorn Frights' Wicked Weekend last night, the hosts said that they were holding an after-party at a local bar, joking that everyone would probably need a stiff drink after watching it. And even having seen it before, I still get chills from watching it. It boasts a ton of great performances, a great sense of paranoid dread as the characters are trapped alone with a monster that could be any one of them, a highly memorable score, and the bits that everybody remembers in the form of some legendary gore effects that still hold up beautifully. This is a straight-up classic, rivaling Halloween as John Carpenter's best film.

My full review is here.
It took me time to really appreciate this movie, but it's really good. I love Kurt and the atmosphere is amazing.
Yeah, same here, didn't like it on my first watch outside the special effects, but I appreciate the cliffhanger ending & analyzing which one actually was the thing was very exciting.
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