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Full Version: TyeSays Presents HALLOWEEN (Short)
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On October 31st of 1978, young Michael Meyers did the unthinkable and killed his family. It was an event that shook the town of Haddonfield to it's very core, especially since the little psychopath hasn't been seen since. After years of listening to conspiracy theories and rumors surrounding the murders (such as "Michael only snapped cause of a sugar high" and "he did it as a sacrifice to Satan"), a woman finally decides to step forward and explain to her grandson what she knows actually happened that Halloween night.

.:2018 Cast and Characters:.

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.:1978 Cast and Characters;.

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.:Read the short HERE (29 Pages):.


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Ooh, very excited. Will definitely have to read this very soon! (I would tonight but it's been a... very rough night so I'll do it this weekend omg)
Yassss giveup I already read this so I can say I love it <3 So happy with how it turned out.
I'M GLAD YOU RELEASED THIS BITCH. Also sorry for being the worst test reader but you are a great writer so you don't need my help.

Also cody fern is hot and I'm starting to understand it
I'm glad everyone is so excited! I just wanted to let anyone know, if they already DL'd this with intent to read it later; PLZ redownload it! I uploaded the wrong version of the script! The proper one has been posted Smile