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Full Version: Scout vs. Danielle (The Best Screecher?)
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So both Danielle Harris and Scout Taylor-Compton have done a large variety of horror movies in their career, and with each one the actresses are given a chance to show off their impressively irritating, almost deafening screeches. Of the two, which one makes ya wanna stab a fork into your ear more tbh?
Scout is always shrill and obnoxious. Danielle has at least SOME legitimately good performances (H4. She's got her moments in RZH2. She's okay in the third Hatchet movie when Marybeth takes a literal backseat)

If we're limiting to just these movies... still Scout. Shouting every line is less annoying than her incessant screeching and wailing.
Agreed. What sucks is Scout started the first few minutes of Ghost House decent/non obnoxious but then the character just drops right down to hell
Xtina. In seriousness, Danielle.
Wait the thread title/OP is so confusing lol. Scout is the worst
Easily Scout.
I don't remember voting in this thread. rip

Scout is way worse, Danielle has performances where wailing isn't a huge issue. Scout does not.