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Full Version: Most Relateable Game of Thrones Characters?
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Probably a relatively self-explanatory one, but could prompt interesting discussion. Which ones do you relate most to?
Joffrey Smile
Nah, Sansa I guess? Living in your own childhood fantasy land then growing up and seeing the real world and being like "well damn"
Sansa and Jon maybe
I feel like this'll surprise people, but Tyrion and Sam. Maybe Jon and Arya a bit too.
Theon and Sansa. Maybe some Jaime and Margaery as well. Possibly even in that order. Reasons for the two guys are more complicated. In regard to the girls, I feel like Sansa has a real emotional resilience to her that I can connect to and understand; I love how she won’t let anything break her and tries to keep going no matter what and no matter how overwhelming stuff feels. There’s definitely a real sense of guardedness to her which I can relate to, I don’t tend to like showing vulnerability if I can help it. I don’t trust people with it. I think she’s also very good at understanding people.

In regard to Margaery, I try to be diplomatic and approach people with compassion. I can maybe be a little ambitious, but I never want to achieve any dream at the cost of harming others. When I feel more put together I probably can exude a certain amount of confidence and firendliness depending on circumstances, and when I’ve got my head in the right spot I can know the ins-and-outs of how to function socially and handle social situations.
(05-23-2019, 08:46 PM)TyeSays Wrote: [ -> ]I feel like this'll surprise people, but Tyrion and Sam. Maybe Jon and Arya a bit too.

So you're a murderer? Nice to know.
Probably Arya, Olenna, and Catelyn.
(05-30-2019, 05:20 PM)DianeSelwyn Wrote: [ -> ]Probably Arya, Olenna, and Catelyn.

Two murderers and one terribly cruel mother. A mood!