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Kristen Bell's post on IG for her GOT party was amazing
What is wildfire
Ep 1 was great. Sansa is such a queen. Also Dany being evil is so satisfying after predicting it since season 2 (even Repo defended her move at the end of that season. iconic). Jon is sweet and needs to listen to Sansa more though. Cersei is still deranged. Glad Theon saved Yara so fast, nip those "sacrifices himself for yara" theories in the bud!
Also edited the thread so we can just post spoilers freely.
Build up episodes have been amazing. Lots of strong character development and everything has basically been put into place for a huge showdown next episode.

Prediction time:
-Episode deaths are going to be Missandei, Beric, Jorah, Theon, Jaime, The Night King, and Not!Shireen. I feel like one more will be, unsure if it's going to be Brienne, Bran, Gendry, or Tornmund. All four feel fairly equally viable. I also think there is a small possibility that Lyanna dies instead of Jorah. I am 100% on on Missandei, 99% on Theon, and 90% on Jaime + Night King (and Jaime will die killing the Night King). Davos is possible but unlikely.

-Arya, Tyrion, Jon, Dany, Sansa, Varys, The Hound = All safe. Likely in this order. Grey Worm will also most likely live, though it is possible he and Missandei both die.

-The dead are going to rise from their graves in The Crypt with zero combatants there, making it the single least safe place for Civilians to be. This is when Missandei dies (likely the first one) and Not!Shireen dies saving everyone, especially Gilly. Sam will likely be heroic too and live. Gilly/Tyrion/Varys/Sansa = All safe.

-White Walker storyline is going to be resolved next episode or, at most, in the opening of episode 4. We've had no time to tackle Cersei and the Iron Throne, it's not going to be possible to do both at once, and we've dumped all our screentime into the Walkers. Tie it up and spend the last three episodes dealing with the other core storyline. 4 for the setup, 5 for climactic battle and most likely Cersei's death at the end of it (at the hands of Arya), 6 for an epilogue and tying things up. Though it is possible Cersei dies at the start of 6 rather than the end of 5.
Y'all got a short season? Wow
The Battle of Winterfell may have taken a good ten, maybe fifteen years off my life. Holy HELL was it intense. RIP to all the great charrie's we lost that painful night  Tears
New ep today losers
So.... that was one of the best episodes in Game of Thrones history. Close to perfect.
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