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Full Version: Fav. Targaryen?
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Which Targaryen of GoT do you like the most?

And for the sake of spoiler avoidance, I am identifying Aegon by his Targaryen name.
Aegon though Mad Queen Dany is amazing
I am seriously considering Dany for S8. Clarke is amazing and the payoff is killer

She’s a lot less consistent though. So as great as she is in 8, I think I’ll go Aegon
Legend Dany, a flawless villain
Going tonwait until the finale airs but gonna be going with Dany at this rate.
(05-17-2019, 06:49 PM)Corporal Hicks Wrote: [ -> ]Legend Dany, a flawless villain

Except for having one of the most boring storylines from S2-S6.

But yeah. Argon for me. Dany second.