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In the 1940s a small water mill town was completely wiped out. The town had been ruled as a military personnel zone. All previous roads to the town were redirected, trees have flourished disrupting the pathways, and soon any trace of where the town was was forgotten...until now.
In 2014, an investigative YouTube group became popularized through their videos of supposedly ‘haunted’ caves, cemeteries, and abandoned houses. That fame was short-lived rivaling more popular channels with bigger equipment, bigger production budgets, and less hindrance with travel fees.
The group-although waned-never completely lost interest in their projects. By 2016 they graduated with their college bachelors. Only three members remained in their small Maine town, still stuck on recapturing the fame they once had but also dedicated to the passion of exploration and uncovering stories. The others travelled to see the world and continued on with their lives. 
January 2017-the group was tagged in an anonymous email about a cryptic “Small Water Mill town” that completely disappeared. Interests respark… A story no one has covered about a long-forgotten American town. 
The hunt is now live… 

investigative team roles
Lead Investigator: Co-hosts in front of the camera, has the most experience for exploring locations, allowed to make final decisions on investigation plans and can veto as the team leader. Does background research on lores and location spots. 

Case Manager: Scouts locations, checks up on Researcher’s progress, mentors other group members and facilitates group discussions, discovers possible challenges and obstacles the group may face with federal, state, and local laws. Creates procedures and policies for the team to follow. Coordinator of the investigation.

Investigator: Co-hosts in front of the camera, has a lot of experience and interest for exploring locations on a smaller scale. Can add input to meetings on location plans, video editing, equipment needs, and supports the lead investigator. (repo)

Equipment Manager: Has completely control over all the equipment. Carries essential gear such as first aid kits, radio, SPOT devices-GPS tracker, has their own research/analysis lab in the group’s van (preferably a chemistry major for this role). Besides equipment managing and lab testing, they’re also in charge of equipment protection and teaching the investigators how to use it (unless this falls under the evidence analyst’s speciality for more paranormal equipment and research). Works together with the evidence analyst.

Evidence Analyst: Works together with the Equipment Manager but is also specialized in EVP recording, Spirit boxes, etc. vs. regular exploring equipment like the manager is. Also the group’s safety guide.

Researcher: Does more of the behind-the-scenes work but is also on camera. They usually prepare interviews (and if the investigator can’t fill in, conducts them). They basically just pile on extra backstory information and usually refers to the case manager. (cheetah)

Trainee: Will be a NPC created by myself. The trainee is a new member of the original team and is basically in-training to be an investigator/researcher. 

paranormal interests
*Lead-Investigator is heavily encouraged to choose one of the three FINAL interests, this is to compensate for their ability to veto group decisions and make up for smaller investigative team roles.

Demonologist - An expert on all things related to demons and religious spells. They can perform an exorcism if needed. (1)

Occultist - They are quite centered on witchcraft and paganism. Very well versed in types of spells (will be more on the spiritual side) and history origins. (1)

Medium - Is sensitive to energies surrounding them. This can deplatate their moods. Easier access to the spiritual side of their environment. (repo)

Cryptozoologist - Someone who is well versed in the creatures of the unknown (black lagoon, bigfoot, werewolves, etc.) (cheetah)

UFOlogist - Someone who is well versed in alien research, possible military holdings, spacecrafts, and other-worldly phenomena. (1)

USOlogist - Someone who is well versed in underwater phenomena and mythological creatures. (1)

town history/information
Here is a section you can refer to when you describe their biography.
Town: Spring Haze
*The town is famous for it’s beautiful haze during the first day of Spring. Tourists come to watch the haze every year, students usually are partying in the fields.
State: Maine
Elementary/middle/high school: Spring Haze
Haze & Pop Diner
Coffee shop: Hazel Leaves
(THIS TOWN IS OBSESSED WITH THE HAZE OKAY. IT’S FAMOUS FOR IT ANYWAYS. Also the students end school early in the spring because of the haze.)
Poor side of town: The  Deserters
Rich side of town: Fellowers
Middle-class: Middleground
*more to be added as the history is developed, these are just places/concepts you may wanna add in your biography.

Notes - 
Age - Remember these are recently post-grad students, their age range should be early 20s. If you want a character to be a few years older (and explain they were held back or didn’t graduate on time) that is fine. This also applies if they’re a few years younger (skip grades or graduated early). That is also fine. Age ranges shouldn’t be more than 4 years older or younger than 21-22. The reasoning behind this restriction is because the group were together for most of their lives growing up, their friendships/relationships are entirely up to you and will be developed/discussed after all the characters are submitted. College dropouts/break years are fine!
Bachelor degree - I do want to know what major your character chose, what motivated them to do so, and what job it led them to have in the real world (which is also why I want them to be around a certain age). What was that experience like for them? How did it make them grow/regress? 
Paranormal interest - For this section you’ll obviously choose one of the 6 interests. I do want to add that I insist you also discuss a story that fits under their interest that really connects with the character. For example, if I chose USOlogist, I’d have my character be a HUGE fan of the loch ness monster and talk a little about why they love the story so much. Just a little more background of that particular interest will really go a long way for a more grounded reason why they love what they love.
Political viewpoint - I wanna know what they think is UP. Who do they support during 2017? What side do they fall on? The political sphere is VAST and it does influence their personality, how they perceive themselves, and others! Also how do they view other people’s political viewpoints? It makes for interesting, complex drama.
Social viewpoint - By this I mean do they have a superior or inferior complex? What do they think about racism, sexism, inclusion, disabilities, etc. (Please at least cover the first four because it does come into play in the story). You can have challenging views to add range (supports gay rights, but doesn’t support women’s pay raise for instance)! 

Investigative team role: 
Paranormal Interest:
Bachelor Degree + Job:
Motivations for returning:
Internal/External Strengths/Weaknesses:
Why is this character important to YOU, the writer, what weight will they hold in the story?
Medium and investigator on hold! TY!
Researcher and Cryptozoologist
Trainee and nothing!
Evidence analysts >>>
Natalie “Nat” Lum

Researching Cryptozoologist
Degree: Bachelor’s of Folklore & Mythology 
Job: Folklore Vlogger / Manages Folklore museum
Age: 25
[Image: g6NZOrkxjnv3uJiao8RBjU7apsCx4Q6AkABxf1we...ynPR8pzIDi]

Natalie is a positive yet confrontational person. She’s extremely blunt and isn’t afraid to speak her mind on just about anything. She’s never mean about it- always pairing it with a friendly pat on the back & a laugh -but it does lead to many finding her somewhat off putting to outsiders. Those who take the time to get to know her find it to be one of her best qualities- as they can completely trust her to give her honest opinion about everything. When Natalie says something, you know she completely believes in it. 

She’s a strange woman, believing in some of the most obscure and strange folklore, myths, and urban legends. She finds these to be misunderstood truths that are waiting to be proven genuine. She finds “realists” are often closed minded and attempts to appeal to their sensibilities the best she can, but more often than not her strange and eccentric ways are simply laughed at and shunned. She tries not to let it bother her, but she does get very lonely sometimes.

She’s extremely intelligent & well read, but because of the subjects shes interested in she is usually seen as stupid or naive. She is not naive. She knows that the things she researches are somewhat strange and unconventional, but that’s what attracts her to it. She has always been drawn to more unconventional things- not in a pretentious way at all -but she likes to consider ideas that are typically shunned or believed to be ridiculous. She thinks that folklore, mythology, and urban legends are very real stories that get passed down through word of mouth which naturally causes things to be misconstrued and heightened. She’s a very logical thinker and is tired of people considering her opinions as less valid just because they’re less conventional beliefs. 

She runs a separate YouTube account that covers all the new and intricate things she brings into her museum. The account is a moderate success, often garnering 100k views per video. But she isn’t exactly a Youtube “celebrity” and carries a second job of course. She can be really defensive of her line of work, finding it really upsetting if anyone doubts her “stories” or declares her studies a pseudoscience. She’s never really let go of those beliefs, and will often break into long winding tales of various creatures she’s found evidence of. 

[Image: 3-RJea6xxaL2POwAmzOm8gEvI0EMRDPoLM7829mb...byIc-v54eL]

She’s well organized, driven, and highly focused in her craft. She may seem scatter brained or chaotic on the surface, but everything has a “system” she completely understands. She uses this drive and focused organization to help her friend Stefano lead the pack. She’s the one who gets shit done, because she knows he finds that kind of confrontation uncomfortable and anxiety inducing. Because of her lacks of fucks to give, she’s perfectly content helping him express things he doesn’t have the courage to & very much is his “partner in crime” despite being nothing more than his researcher. He’s like a brother to her.

She is highly romantic. Both in her friendships that she cherishes, or in love. She wishes more than anything to find someone that would see her eye to eye, or at least love her for who she is and not expect her to conform to the harsh realities of the world. She believes that he or she are out there (after all, she believes in soul mates) but she sometimes struggles with the wait. She wants it so badly that she knows the energy she puts out into the world is reflecting that desire to the extreme. The law of attraction is a tricky concept, and just knowing about it has her hyper controlling her emotions and thoughts to a T. But she slips up constantly.

She’s not “spiritual” in the sense that she doesn’t believe in God, but she does believe in spirits, demons, angels, Gods & Goddesses. She thinks these are all just different energies we don’t fully understand. 

[Image: ADZ3c60ORCVYRi_qA5BJ9ftBi8btDDa1UoOZl1Na...yretvM3ukr]

Nat was always a curious kid. She grew up in the countryside in a cabin by the woods. She was raised and homeschooled by her father until her college years- as her mother died giving birth to her. Her father (named Shan) was a kind and gentle soul, but would every so often get severely depressed. He always made sure not to take it out on his daughter, but she knew that when he would lock himself in his room for days that he was not well. She would try and cheer him up by slipping food or drawings under the door but to no avail. She couldn’t help but feel somewhat responsible for his suffering (despite the fact that his depression actually had little to do with her or her mother’s death, and it was a clinical depression diagnosed years prior). But every time he would come back and their bond would be stronger than ever. Over the years he eventually got help for his depression and would need to lock himself in the room less and less. They are best friends really, a bond that could never be broken. 

This is part of why she got so into the realms of Cryptozoology and Mythology and folklore. It’s what her father did. He would often tell her stories of these mystical creatures & she would believe every word. She and him would try their best to discover evidence of the creatures on little adventures they would take. They never found the creatures, but those adventures would always be something Nat cherished. One in particular that always fascinated her was the loch ness monster, a myth she buys completely. 

[Image: mag-0518-vanities-awkwafina-01_sizd1570217256.jpg]

She bonded in particular with Stefano when exploring the lakes in her area. Their friendship was often seen as strange, perhaps because of the five year age difference. But there was nothing strange or weird about it. She always was a very expressive and mature girl, and she felt like she had met someone that finally saw her for her & didn’t judge her for it. She sees him as her older younger brother- finding herself in the mentor position helping him learn to be more confident with himself and how he feels. She is the type of sister that steps in to defend him- usually knowing exactly what he is trying to say and do when he’s fumbling over his words. They have a very special bond. She wants to protect him and he wants to protect her. They rarely fight but when they do it’s usually because they care too much.

Her father was sad to see her go when she turned 21- but she figured she’d better go to university to secure a degree in something she’s passionate about. She had considered skipping it all together and focusing on her career, but she had always missed the “real” school experience and her father supported her desires to go to College away from home and Stefano hugely encouraged her to follow her dreams. She felt guilty though, leaving her father and her best friend behind in that small town. But she knew that she had to do it for herself or she never would…

She had a few on again off again relationships. Something she hated. She found herself thrust into the world of dating games and mindfuckery. She found that people ran off scared from her blunt and open nature- if she liked someone she told them. Sometimes it worked in her favor and others it didn’t. People found her somewhat controlling and judgemental, which she found really ironic. She never judged people for their beliefs, and never wanted to be that kind of person. But is it really judgemental to judge people for judging her? The whole thing gave her a headache. 

One relationship in particular that broke her heart was with a girl she met in her folklore area studies class. Her name was Sidney. On the surface she was a very open minded individual. She accepted her for who she was completely. But the more Nat got to know her the more she saw the truth of the matter. Sidney was the daughter of two evangelist christians who had just come to terms with her sexuality. Because of this Sidney found herself extremely anxious with any kind of disagreement or eccentric behavior. Her parents definitely didn’t take well to Natalie. The worst part was it wasn’t because of her sexuality (of course that was an underlining issue) they just didn’t like HER. That was a hard blow to the face, and Nat found it pretty heartbreaking. But she never expected Sidney to agree with them. After a while everything she did would be criticized or looked down upon. Because she was so forgiving in nature she would always tryn and work things out, but eventually she had to accept that Sidney would never be happy with who she really was. She was trying to make her conform to the perfect little box her parents would approve of.

[Image: harpers-bazaar-awkwafina-image-1.jpg?qua...&strip=all]

After Nat broke it off with Sidney, they got back together one or two times. But it was always the same, and eventually Sidney moved on to a new girl. She hopes Sidney is happy, but she knows deep down she never will be until she stops trying to conform to her parents view of normality. 

After that Nat decided she would never date anyone who tried to change her. That lasted about a year as she eventually fell for an older man by the name of Steven (something about names that start with an S seem to follow her. She figures it must symbolize something deeper). He didn’t try to change her per se, but he saw her as this idealized fucked up fake manic pixie dream girl. It was almost worse, he didn’t expect her to conform and almost thrived on her weirdness. Like a strange emotional fetish. He still didn’t see the real her though, just the fantasy. Of course it didn’t last- and he eventually grew bored of her. She tries not to give up hope but it’s hard.

She’s been helping Stefano with the research development as well as setting up the team to investigate it. She does a lot of the hard lifting and lets him be the face of things more often than not. She wants to help him & she loves him deeply, she’s so happy that they were able to reconnect in such a significant way. She’s the kind of person that when you’re friends with her, you have to be a present fixture in her life. She can be clingy in that sense but it’s the kind of clingy you want. They care about you so deeply and your well being that your life tends to get a little bit better. 

Political & Social Viewpoints
Very liberal & open minded. She tends to get frustrated at those who are overly conservative and closed minded about just about anything. 

Motivations For Returning
She’s passionate about it and wants to help her friend Stefano more than anything. Is excited to go on wild adventures and see more of the world.

Internal/External Strengths/Weaknesses
She’s a bit too blunt at times, can be a bit oblivious to what she’s saying/doing. Can often get zoned out in her research and need to be nudged gently on the shoulder to be woken up.

Why is this character important to YOU, the writer, what weight will they hold in the story?
She’s a cute cinnamon roll who is passionate about the research & is a generally lovable and cute individual. Very funny and cool. She’s awesome.

[Image: awkwafina-amazing.jpg]


The Evidence Analyst

Age: Twenty-Two

Sexuality: Straight

Degree: Bachelor's Degree in Forensic Science

Job: Works Every Friday, Saturday, and Monday at The Spring Haze Public Library

[Image: 1755c95b-9d82-46ba-a2cf-7cd49bb8b116-get...534741.jpg]


Benjamin is the walking, talking definition of "The Nice Guy". He's helpful, honest, and very charming when the time calls for it; but make it clear you have no intention of giving back what he gives? Well then you may as well be a pile of dog shit stuck to the bottom of his shoe. It's not that he's expecting much from every person he meets, but he's at least expecting some human decency at most.
He's also very also earnest and humble, being very open and accepting with minimal role in the group. In fact he prefers it, finding great solace in being behind-the-scenes where he can go over every the group has found in peace.
That said he can also be very stubborn when he wants to be, especially when he feels he's right and the rest of the group (*cough*world*cough*) is wrong. He may prefer to stay behind-the-scenes, but if he's got the answer and you've decided to ignore him? Then he'll come forth and show you what needs to be done.
Despite this he can also be very protective, a personality trait most find endearing, though a few can find it incredibly grating at times.

[Image: Tom-Holland-4-1024x683.jpg]


Originally born in England,  Benji was barely five years old when his father suddenly moved him and his family from Wolverhampton to the hazy town of Spring Haze, Maine. It was supposed to be the start of an adventure for the family, for Mr. Stanley had planned to open up a restaurant in town square and move his family to the rich side of town; but unfortunately life had different plans for the Stanley family.
Not even a week after their arrival at Spring Haze, Mr. Stanley lost control of his rental car and crashed head-on into a tree; dying instantly upon impact. His family was devastated, and Mrs. Stanley (a woman who dropped out of high school upon getting pregnant) was forced to become the family's breadwinner.
Thankfully the family had Sheila, Benji's older sister, who was able to help keep the family float; but this isn't about Sheila. Oh, no. This isn't about Sheila at all.
Benji on the other hand became obsessed with what happened to his father. Even at the new age of thirteen, he couldn't let it go. To him, it just didn't make sense. His father was a perfectionist who went over every with a fine-tooth comb, so the rental couldn't have been busted or messed with. His father also wasn't a drinker or a fan of drugs, so no way he was under the influence. And according to all weather reports, the day he died? Absolutely beautiful without a spring haze to be seen. So what gives?
Unwilling to let this go, Benji decided to test his luck and sneak into the Spring Haze Police Department and check out the evidence locker. It was surprisingly easier than you'd expect, though I won't waste your time with all the imagery of how he did what he did.
It was there, in the police and toxicology reports, that the boy finally realized the truth. There were drugs in his system, something his mother had kept from him, but also... his father had an appointment with a rival restaurant owner earlier that day. Why? The report didn't say. But they also never interviewed the guy.
Later that night, while safe at home, Benji decided to dig a little deeper and found out that a string of a people had died in the past few years... all on the verge of opening restaurants.
Unable to shake the feeling growing in the pit of his stomach, Benji called in a tip at the station for them to check on the old cases and see if they had any anything in common. Like a particular restaurant owner, perhaps?
A week later, Mr. Picador - Co-Owner of the Spring Haze Diner - was arrested for first degree murder.
And that was the start of not only Benji's interest in crime, but his love in evidence analyzing. In figuring out what's off in what case. It was his father's death that inspired him to go out and become an evidence analyst, a job he holds very dear to him, especially given that most in his field aren't twenty-twenty.

[Image: Tom-Holland-2.jpg]

Political & Social Viewpoints

Is a Republican with waning beliefs. His father was a hardcore Republican, and his mother still is, so deep down he feels like it's his duty as the "man" of the Stanley family to keep up the family's beliefs. But honestly? The older he gets, the harder it is for him to stick to said beliefs. He's been to a couple pride events - though, admittedly, not by choice - and has even attended a few parties an honest Republican would never be caught dead in. He wants stay true to his father's core belief's... but it's 2017, time's are starting to time, and who's he to try and stop it? If you wanna be gay, be gay. You wanna dress as a woman, go ahead! Just...don't ask him to do it!
He's a bit of a racist, though, thanks purely to his mom thrilling unwarranted fears of dark-skinned folks into him at a young, telling him anyone with a dark complexion would most likely either hit him up for money or shoot him point blank. He knows it's pure bullshit now, is currently working to overcome his mother's ingrained insanity, but still has his occasional slip-ups.

Motive for Returning

Beyond the nostalgia aspect of everyone being back together again? The core mystery itself. If there's one thing that Benji hates, it's an unjust crime that's been left to collect dust on the shelf. It's also been a mystery that's been on his radar for the past ten years or so.

Internal/External Weakness & Strengths

As said above, he can be a bit stubborn and a bit unintentionally racist (though, again, he's working to overcome this part). Can sometimes take what he's doing too far, not caring if he has to break rules (wither they be plain safety rules or just the flat out law) but he does it all with good intention. He's also incredibly book smart, and is able to focus intensely on what he wants. He's not the greatest with his hands, but he is occasionally able to put together a makeshift gadget that somehow ends up helping his friends on their adventures. He's also very knowledgeable with computers.

Why Is The Character Important To Me?

I think he's a fairly well crafted character, and could be an interesting addition to the story. I don't really see myself in all, but I put a lot of effort into him, and I like him. So there's that.
Isabella “Bella” Young
The Case Managing Occultist 
Studio Art Major | Artist

[Image: t-florence-pugh-holiday-spotlight-embed2.jpg]

To the average acquaintance Bella seems completely “normal” if not somewhat controlling and neurotic. This is perhaps because Bella wants nothing more than to project a certain image to the outside world, only letting her close friends see the real her. She controls what she thinks is unstable, and because she often finds herself hyper analyzing everything around her that causes just about everything to seem unstable. The simplest of tasks can be huge “events” to her that she has to overcome fears and anxieties for. Despite this though, she powers through- “persist the perils of ordinary life” she tells herself with a chuckle.

She’s a very spiritual person but she often tries to keep it from other people. She doesn’t want to freak people out with her outlandish beliefs and weird intricate explanations for things people write off as a “coincident” or “seeing patterns where there is nothing”. She could easily be that weird witchy occultist that everyone pictures when they think of it, but she keeps it so under wraps most people are pretty surprised to hear her true beliefs and thoughts on the matter.

Because she’s somewhat OCD (never properly diagnosed, but determined to label herself) it helps her be very organized… in some areas. She has to care about it though, or rather- has to be passionate about it. Because if she cares about something she can channel her obsessive and compulsive energy to the point of a science but if she doesn’t she tends to let it collapse into the abyss of her depressed state only to be fixed when she finally has had enough. 

She’s a very caring friend and will always put their needs over her own- this is partially due to the fact that she doesn’t want to face her own past, trauma, and ideas of her life and what it means to be here on this earth. She knows her “Destiny” you could say and she doesn’t like it. But what can you do when your destiny or rather your “Fate” is out of your hands. Would you really like to know how and when you die? In many ways Bella knows the ending to her story, which is why she is desperate to make every moment count.

She’s often clingy and needy which makes relationships difficult. She buys into the fantasy of being “Saved” a little too much. She just wants to be rescued from the spiraling of her own mental state and mind. She wants someone that understands her on a significant level that can actually help her control her life a little.. She wants someone that can make her feel comfortable to lose control somehow. Cause you know, when you have no control over your own fate it’s hard to let go of the things you do control. That’s the ultimate struggle she has faced, she fears the ending because she doesn’t want to waste the rest of her life. But these fears constantly repeat themselves in a cycle that causes pain and frustration. She wants so deeply to be calm and happy but that desire is what shoots herself in the foot. She just wants to breathe.

[Image: t-florence-pugh-holiday-spotlight-embed1a.jpg]

Bella’s life is complicated. Many would see her privileged background and say she had it easy, but really it was a struggle to her. She never really felt loved or like she mattered. She was an outsider in her own family- being raised with three sisters and two brothers yet none of them really liked her. At first she was content with this, who wants to be “normal” anyway? As time progressed though, it became harder for her to be happy with her status in life. She used to reject normality but now she desires it. She thinks of it as “Growing up”. As a teen she would dress in dark clothes, dyed her hair black, and generally was an outcast by choice- but as she grew into adulthood she let her natural hair grow out and began to conform ever so slightly.

You can’t change what’s on the inside though. 

Her parents had always “struggled” to understand her. Every time she felt like she was close to happiness she found herself knocked back a peg or two by a snide remark or expectation of her. “Why can’t you be more like your sister?” is such a cliche thing to be upset over, but she was. She just wanted acceptance but she never got it. Of course being a lesbian was an issue, but it was never something that was really spoken about. Occasionally it’d be brought up as leverage against her, “Just because you’re a dyke doesn’t mean you have to be a total freak” half her family would say. When she fought back she’d be the bad guy, when she ignored she was isolating herself. “You ruined the family” was a common phrase thrown at her. She tried to tell herself that this was going to lead to something beautiful, but that’s when she had the nightmare.

[Image: 56a472daac9d04946b3c81d366fc372fad9c37f2.png]

Bella has always been in touch with the spiritual side of things, something that always bothered her religious family. She found it somewhat empowering the way it lifted her up to something more than just the runt of a rich family. She felt important, you know? She saw the world in a more positive light this way. She felt like she could really be somebody in the world… she always felt like her feeling “different” had to mean something. This kind of felt like the answer. Her parents had a huge problem with it but they couldn’t do much, she did what she wanted. That’s why she often felt guilty calling herself a victim of emotional abuse- it’s not like they kicked her to the curb. It was a subtle picking at her heart kind of heartbreak that slowly dissolved into resentments and hurt feelings.

That being said she was never so deeply into it until she had “the nightmare” as her family would come to refer to it. She dreamed of her death, more or less. She saw herself still young yet dead, lying in the grass- her throat slit wide open. Her eyes were wide open and very “awake” even in death… She couldn’t shake the feeling that her death would not be the final chapter, it was just the beginning of her destiny… but yet she didn’t want to die. She could feel it in her gut that she had chosen this somehow far in her past- perhaps before she was even born, but now she didn’t want it anymore. She wanted to take it back, a normal life! Just make her like her family, this was too much! 

[Image: 1055693-800w.jpg]

Through the next few weeks she had this nightmare again and again, with the image becoming clearer and clearer. She would hear the words of her destiny repeating in her head as she woke up, and she knew she had some sort of “duty” on this planet. What did it even mean? She had no real idea.  
The thing that really got to her is when she had a really great connection with a girl she loved- her name was Francine. She honestly started to believe things would be different for her, that she would have a chance at a normal life- She even started to question if maybe the nightmares were all just her inner insecurities being mirrored in a fear of dying alone. But the nightmares continued through her relationship. She started seeing Francine dead next to her... Was this how she was fated to be? To drag anyone she cared about down with her? For weeks after the breakup she couldn't really fathom how this was fair. She had a meltdown in front of Francine and ever since then she felt left in the darkness, out in the cold... dead.

But it wasn't about romance. She just liked having someone see her for who she was. Caring about her. Something "real" you know?

This of course led to her transformation back to the “Normal” Bella. You know, she started calling herself “Bella” in her more rebellious phase. But she always was called Isabella by her family, more traditional you know? She kinda misses that. The worst part of all of it is even now that she craves that “normality” she knows that it’s a lie. She has to either embrace who she is- and accept her fate- or try and fight it but be lying to herself for the rest of her life. Her only choice is to make the most of the time she has left, just in case it’s not much longer.

Another layer to this heartache is her family’s reaction. They acted like they were supportive of her transition back- which was okay at first but ultimately they’re celebrating the crisis their daughter was experiencing because she fit their depressingly cliche vision of normality. On the other hand her family finally stopped picking at her every move- that she knew of at least. She’d casually overhear her parents talking about her and cringe because she was so used to hearing critical remarks only to realize it was nothing of the sorts. But she wasn’t happy about it. Could she really be happy to get acceptance because she decided to conform out of fear?

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This is why she is so afraid of her future, she wants to enjoy life but so much of what she desires seems impossible for her. She knows she can’t commit to a life long relationship because she fears hurting the person in the long run. Is it really moral to enjoy your life with someone if you know it won’t last much longer? Should you seclude yourself and push people away? These are thoughts she struggles with. She finds herself pushing away people out of love, the ones she needed most, either by needing them too much or wanting to protect them from the hurt. It’s an endless cycle.

That is her life. An endless cycle of contradicting frustrations that ultimately lead her to now. She is in the investigative team incidentally, mostly because she was asked to by the Lead Investigator but also because she can feel she is needed there. She can put her “neurotic controlling nature to good use” she says. She kind of feels welcome in this group, despite not really knowing anyone else. It’s a nice feeling.

She knows she shouldn’t get used to it.

Probably the one thing that keeps her sane is her art. She has always had an affinity for it all, it was the kind of calming hobby she so needed. It was separate from the hardships from her family and her weird dreams… not that she never represented those dreams through art, but she liked to embrace the simpler things in art. Painting beautiful women, straight from her heart. A kind of idealized beauty through a window of sadness and distance that she could only understand in a minimal sense. It was her one outlet for this, she needed it. 

She was asked by the Lead Investigator (I’ll write him) to help out with the organizing primarily, cause he’s a hot mess at times that can be a bit erratic. She cares deeply for him- like a brother. He’s probably the only person she ever really felt safe caring about because he actively forced her to. She was always grateful- sometimes we all need that one person who will push us to be part of something we didn’t know we needed. Additionally she was curious about the location in question because she had previously had such strong reactions to it. Something deep within her gut told her she had to be there… that it was important for her to do this. She just hopes that this won’t be it for her.

Why is this character important to YOU, the writer, what weight will they hold in the story?
She has a lot of personal struggles with self identity, her existence, and mortality. It’s not so often you see a character know that they specifically are going to die and to ultimately walk into the flames willingly, because they have no choice. She brings up a lot of questions about life in general:

  1. Does life hold less meaning when you know your ending?
  2. How do you enjoy anything if you know it is futile?
  3. Is it moral to allow people to love you if you know that things will not last?
  4. Does knowing your fate make you more brave or live in fear? 

She offers a lot of potentially thought provoking ideas about life, death, identity, and how to overcome these things. 
Ahhh I LOVE her <3
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