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Eight seemingly unconnected young adults (possibly in a psychiatric hospital roll with it) find themselves stalked and harassed in their dreams by the mysterious Winifred Krueger, forcing them to confront their own personal demons & dark pasts to combat it's horrific nature. They soon find that everything  is not what it seems and they may be more connected and important than they initially thought!



AGE: (20s-30s)
ACTOR: (someone mainstream pls also 4 hot guys required. one of you must cast florence pugh as a girl)
Parents: (Lol describe their home life go crazy yall.)
Biggest Fear (something firm and distinctive, even if silly)
This will be a nightmare to wait for!

5/5 stars Jack Elm retired.
Love Nigtmare, and I’ve already got ideas
[Image: o3Wxc8gHnMDGsd4T4nFd_n2yzwJ6jIIZRb7CnJtE...mBTUjg5p3n]
-“I have a split personality” Tom said being Frank.-

Name - Dana Fletcher
Age - Forty
Actor - Justin Hartley

[Image: ql-_LflHnJCRTSFhHQSrkDe7qJtaFRPO35FTVwGr...f_uvo-ilsH]
-You know how you’re going to make holy water? You gotta start by boiling the hell out of it!-

Personality - Dana is a very patient and calm man. He tends to put other people before himself- listening to their problems, offering a mixture of comfort and advice that blends like honey. It’s perfect for his profession and social life. 

Dana is a sensitive empath. Everything someone else feels he feels-possibly even to a greater extent. He’s not narcissistic in the way he makes everything about him, he often turns the conversation in other people’s directions. It’s not to be mysterious or hidden, since he’s really quite the opposite. 

Dana is a pretty comfortable person-and comfortable to be around. He’s always quick to make a joke-he has a huge goofy side and an optimistic humor to him. He enjoys puns mostly that get a snicker from others. 

Biography - Once Dana’s brother was born, everything changed for him. He went through life sleepless, a zombie. Having a sibling in his torturous household awoke empathy in him, empathy he didn’t have for himself. It’s what fuels his profession as a Doctor. It’s the only reason why he decided to commit to his parents forcing him to be a doctor. To keep that empathy alive. To connect with his patients and try his best to save them from a horrible fate. 

Dana didn’t know what freedom was until he was 21 and sent off to medical school. He didn’t abuse drugs or alcohol or any substances. He was an incredibly focused person on his studies. He created a nice group of friends for himself and somewhat succeeded in having a normalized life after his childhood. He has a great job-a job he loves and a small group of friends that he can be quite goofy and relaxed with and they often have a night out on the town-just three beers for Dana is enough (and he is the sober brother). He has a nice apartment too and is sorta seeing his best friend. He and Sam, his best friend, have a decent relationship. Good sex, good talks (nothing ever too deep), and a lot of independence. It works and it’s comfortable for him.

Parents - On the outside, Dana’s parents were loving and protective. Any neighbor could see all the energy and love they put into caring for their son. Barbara and Mitchell Fletcher went above and beyond, the extra mile to really ensure their son was the best person they could create. So far in fact they’d lock him in his room for days at a time, ensuring he read the bible and studied for his MCats. He didn’t know what freedom meant until he went to medical school. Despite practically enslaving their son, Dana received more love, attention, and affection than his younger brother. Dana was relieved once he was born then quickly realized it wouldn’t change anything.

[Image: 8k3To-gNy6KjwDvMBcZX8qT2i2JOaR-zwurkE1gM...cSS4lCa8Xs]
-Alright so last night I had this dream right? I was shipwrecked and had to swim through this orange sea. It was quite the Fanta sea.-

Biggest Fear - Dana fears being dishonest. He’s never talked to his brother about what he suffered and is on the fence if he wants him to know. He knows he can’t keep it bottled up forever, but it hasn’t eaten away much at him for now. He’s more worried about his patients and his brother. Perhaps his biggest fear may be failure.

Hope & Dreams - Dana’s biggest hope is helping these young adults. He wants to see the light in their eyes again, see them conquer their demons, and he will have their back every step of the way. 

Dana probably doesn’t want to retire. He does want to save up enough to buy a ski house in Colorado and hopes his relationship with his brother improves so they can have some semblance of a family tradition that they never had. 

Special Skills - Dana’s special dream skill is that he’s a healer. Because he’s a Doctor that cares for his patients’ well-being and health he’s able to heal physical, emotional, and spiritual scars in dreams-the only downside is he absorbs those feelings for the remainder of the dream which drains his energy. He can also heal his own minor injuries but not fatal or intense ones. 

Dana is also really good at reading people- he can understand complex dynamics-power, feelings, and mentality just by studying an environment for a few minutes. It really helps him in his line of work as well as a way to kind of shut out his insecure thoughts that he knows are just problems he will have to conquer himself someday.

Insecurity - Dana is deeply insecure about his lack of a relationship with Blake. He desperately tries all the time to no avail. Dana understands the abuse they both encountered as children-and that will forever bind them, not their bloodline.

Biggest secrets - Dana has never told anyone how his parents would lock him in a room with a small bed, a textbook, a bible, and a desk for him to study at. The second he got home it was straight to the room. Summers? Days in the room. College? He had to stay home if he wanted his tuition paid. Blake had the freedom he didn’t, but not the love and protection he did. Dana has never admitted to his brother what had happened to him. 

He had to know on some level right? The two were fourteen years apart anyways. Blake was too young to ever really know. By the time he was old enough, Dana was already in medical school by twenty one. Dana is afraid to tell his brother because he already has so much on his plate being a member at the hospital he practically forced his brother to be instituted.


[Image: gfDE0Tr86bqd31G5Z2a9qzIle59gD4UFwLHG2_di...8b1-CzfmV1]

~How do I justify the grave of my inner child?

Who is now part of the fog, his skin beyond the pale of white~

Name - Blake Fletcher

Age - Twenty seven

Actor - Glen Powell

[Image: y8bdNDdnXg5QsWKMZB2ZBLpwwnc3sGnu6mkYTl_e...RqKjycbGZ8]

~Our family was beyond tragedy

I wonder if their sacrifice is hereditary~

Personality - Blake is quite secluded. His social interactions are often brief because he gives up on the conversation. It’s both a coping mechanism and a re-confirmation that he’s not meant to try to create connections with other people. He always begins with a little spark in his eyes, a passion or interest in his musical talents-that often gets him out of his head momentarily. Once he realizes he’s begun to ramble on he’ll shut himself up quickly and stop interacting. Most of Blake’s conversations come from his music. He can sing, but he usually just writes songs and plays the piano for melody inspiration.

Blake can be quite angsty in his moods. If confronted he does tend to blow up and be a screamer. Forget logic, forget who is right or wrong, that’s not what he’s after. He’s after being understood. If he can’t have that, and he usually doesn’t, then fuck it all. 

Biography - Because of Blake’s childhood, he is a quite anxious person. He goes through phases of his life completely making sure he hides. He sat in the back of class, ate alone in his room, skipped parties, quite frankly Blake raised himself. Most of his time went into his songwriting skills. He has kept journals after journals detailing his feelings. The page was the only friend he ever had and he cherished it. 

Blake is in the hospital because of his anxiety and panic attacks. He can get them at random times, more frequently if he’s fighting with his brother or stressed about getting signed or a new gig. His anxiety has always been a tightening gut feeling and an intense sweat session. Nowadays, he usually gets panic attacks. His panic attacks are frightening, they’re often hallucinations and inability to breathe. 

Blake imagines masked cult people surrounding him most the time when it’s usually just curious bystanders or worried people. They torment him, chain him to the floor, and place a choker around his neck until he can’t breathe and passes out. 

Parents - Saying Barbara and Mitchell Fletcher were cruel parents to Blake is an understatement. They claim to have been exhausted from raising Dana and contributing their entire effort into their first son, that they decided to do the complete opposite with Blake. Honestly, Barbara didn’t even want a second child but was opposed to abortion. 

When Dana cried, Barbara or Mitchell were right there, overprotecting and over-comforting him. When Blake cried, they left him alone-agreeing they had showered Dana in too much affection so Blake deserved none of theirs. It’s almost like Blake was a social experiment to them, they were after all therapists (albeit shitty ones). Once they realized they had left Blake unattended and unloved for too long, it was too late. To compensate they left him their money when they died. It was the only thing Blake was ever grateful that his parents did for him, actually, it was the only thing they ever did for him. 

Blake and Dana have a strained relationship because of how their parents raised them. Blake has little to no interest in connecting with his brother and discussing their past. Whenever it’s confronted he becomes overwhelmed, emotional, and immediately self-destructs and takes emotional shots at Dana. 

[Image: niYonvgCO8W06Z0tJzGM4JtP_VttP9Q8ASscIEWd...NzHsNhYNG6]

~I’m practicing a ritual to contact

The other side in case my soul ever crawls back~

Biggest Fear - Blake fears real love. He hasn’t had a relationship with a guy because he doesn’t believe he can have bonds with other people. 

Hope & Dreams - Blake has done small gigs up till now, bars, shopping malls, etc. He’s sent a few demos to record labels and still awaits news on whether he’s been signed or not. He really wants to be a singer-songwriter, to finish that first album and release it. He spends most of his time writing lyrics, creating melodies, and editing on GarbageBand.

Special Skills - Blake’s special dream skill is invisibility. When he encounters stressful or anxiety ridden situations he’s able to cloak himself as a coping mechanism. Any object or person he touches can become invisible as well because of his energy transmissions.

Blake is also a self-trained professional at songwriting and self-taught professional at playing the piano. His singing falls into the tenor group and there’s always heavy emotions behind his voice.

Insecurity - Blake is insecure about his panic attacks. He’s often so embarrassed afterwards and hates the attention he gets from them that he immediately retreats. What often calms him down afterwards is listening to music. It really takes his cares away and eases his unstoppable overthinking. 

Biggest secrets - Blake is actually a virgin. He hasn’t had sex because his emotional capacity for intimacy is too low. Ironically, Blake doesn’t realize he has the ability to be intimate-it shows in his song writings and feelings.
amazing charries matt giveup adding them!
(03-28-2020, 12:22 AM)TheCheetahwings Wrote: [ -> ]amazing charries matt giveup adding them!

Also Dana smells like pumpernickel and Blake smells like ocean breeze
Hopefully I'll have my character posted soon!
(03-28-2020, 08:38 PM)Repo Wrote: [ -> ]Hopefully I'll have my character posted soon!

[Image: eHIQYqq.gif]
Toby Rohmer
28. Gay.

[Image: gJEsVWe.png]
Liam Hemsworth

Personality: Strong but silent type. Quiet confidence; understated, but rock solid. Unbreakably loyal. Headstrong, and stubborn to a fault. Toby knows exactly who he is, where he stands, and he’s not budging for anyone. When his mind is made up, it’s near impossible to change. Almost too tunnel-visioned at points to the point of close-mindedness. Not intentionally so, but no less frustrating for it. Not the most creative or out of the box thinker; practical, simple, straight to the point. No bullshit, no nonsense, no lies. Unfailingly honest, at points downright bluntly honest. Toby has a sense of determination and focus that can drown anything else out. You cannot get to him, and he does not give up; his willpower is near impossible to shatter.

Somewhat cold and distant exterior. Stoic. Not quite an ice king or an asshole, but far from friendly and approachable. Toby’s quiet. He keeps to himself. Very introverted. Seems like a bit of a dick at first glance. Doesn’t take long to realize that’s not the case. Toby’s pretty isolated, though. He tells himself he likes it; true to an extent, but there’s an underlying sense of sadness. No one wants to feel alone. Toby tends to at points; connecting with others socially isn’t his skillset. That’s been especially hard in the mental hospital. Toby’s usually good at powering though and keeping going, though, but he’s coping on his own. Strong sense of emotional control and regulation. But it definitely gets lonely sometimes. And very, very overwhelming sometimes. Tends to fall apart when he does; Toby doesn’t do well when he actually loses control. He’s so used to having it. Feels exceptionally guilty and shitty after (whether it be a screaming match, uncontrollable sobbing, or something else), and tries regulating even more next time. Toby doesn’t like letting others see his lows, even if he’d willingly be there for the lows of others

There’s a warmth beneath the surface. Toby’s a surprisingly romantic lover: poetry and flowers. Prefers cuddling to sex (though Toby definitely still enjoys sex). Surprisingly compassionate. Toby loves showing love and affection, and loves feeling loved and valued. Usually hesitant to become a romantic with someone, but Toby’s all in when he does. Fiercely committed; cheating is a non-issue. Quite fond of PDAs, albeit small ones. Handholding, quick kisses. All the little things to show someone how special they are. Fiercely protective, maybe a bit overly so (or maybe it’s the littlest hint of jealousy). Working past it some; it’s caused a few too many break-ups, but yeah.

No tolerance for bullies. Been standing up to them on behalf of others all through his life. Toby knows what it’s like to feel beat down by someone bigger, stronger, and scarier than you are; won’t let anyone go through that experience if he can help it, definitely not alone. Bullying is the one time Toby practically races to get involved; shuts it down fast and tends to scare the bullies into backing off. And if not, a good fight should do just fine. Got suspended quite a few times for it in high school. Wouldn’t change a damn thing.

[Image: j1bu9qi.jpg]

Parents: Bad relationship. Well... no relationship now. Physically abusive father; never really knew his mom. Toby's dad says she eventually just walked out to start a new life. Left Toby with his dad when he was at toddler;  no memories of her at all. Toby pretty much raised himself; just stayed out of his dad's way. Once he was old enough to move out on his own, Toby left. His mom never tried reaching out (no shock there); on occasion his dad does. Apologies that translate into rage and verbal abuse when Toby didn't react the way he wanted. Toby just blocked the number. Absolutely no contact from him to them. Toby's dad has become a role model for him on who not to be; Toby actively strives with every decision and with his life in general to not be his dad, and to be a better person than his father was.

Biography: Toby pretty much raised himself through childhood. Kept himself focused on school in hopes of something better; got a job in highschool to start saving up money immediately. Very focused and responsible. For Toby, the best days were the days he and his dad didn't talk (in reality, there were good moments, but they were few, far between, and very much overshadowed by the bad). Toby looks back on his childhood now as something he had to power through to reach something better; even if better isn't perfect. And even if powering through was hard. High school especially brought lows and a loss of hope. Toby powered through so much he burnt out; suicide attempt. It almost worked. His dad saved his life. Even now, Toby feels like he owes him. Cutting ties wasn't easy, it just felt necessary. A part of Toby hopes maybe one day it won't be, but he also knows that's never going to be the case.

Struggled with making strong social connections throughout his life, really. No close friends or best friends, a few closer in college, but they drifted after graduation, much like any friends he had in highschool. Was never an outcast, but never felt like he fit in either. Always a bit tense in social gatherings; more introverted. He's had a few boyfriends; two serious ones (one in college, one after). Those always meant a lot, but for one reason or another, didn't last. Sometimes misses them, but also knows it's better to move on.

College was fun. Toby adapted to living on his own very well. Dorm and then apartment pretty quick. Psychology major. Loved it. Still had some lows, but never the same burn-out as in high school when living with his dad. Took it easier on classes; graduated after about 5-6 years instead of 4. Toby saw no need to race through it. Been a bit directionless after college; trying out jobs. It's been about two years since his second break-up; Toby's started dating again. He doesn't really know where he's going in life right now. Not because he doesn't care or doesn't try; he's doing both. Toby's just a bit lost. He's hoping he'll figure it out, but it's hard. Emotionally it's been a slow but steady slump since college. Feels like he needs a direction, doesn't have it. Isn't sure where he'll find it.

Biggest Fears: Tends to be a big one for not letting fears cripple him. Toby's got a lifelong fear of being kind of isolated and alone, but it tends to function more as a nagging insecurity than anything. Comes and goes depending on where he is in life, but usually in the back of his mind. Aside from that, the dark always unsettled Toby. Storms scare the fuck out of him. He hasn't flown much, but he hates it when he does; no control. Pretty good about keeping calm and not losing his cool when faced with these, but the anxiety definitely cranks up.

Insecurities: Toby's probably got two big ones. The first is becoming his dad, something he's pretty much dedicated his entire life to avoiding. Sometimes he still feels like he's failing, though. Especially those times he loses control and lets his emotions spiral. The other is a fear of isolation and, to some extent, life passing him by. Toby wants to be a dad. He wants to get married. He wants a stable, good life. Sometimes he feels like time's running out for that. Consciously Toby knows he's still young; he's not even thirty yet, but sometimes.... Toby feels like he should be more settled in his life than he really is. Not still searching.  

[Image: ceVtkMn.png]

Hopes/Dreams: Stable home life and good family. Toby really wants to be a father someday. Husband, kids, nice house, grand-kids, all of it. Never really had a family growing up, hopeful it's not too late he can have one now.

Special Skills: In reality? High endurance and willpower. Driven, determined, near-unbreakable. Toby's burnt out at times, but never breaks. Not necessarily seen as a special skill by some, but it's one to him. Pretty physically strong too. Works out a lot. Good shape. Tends to have good emotional control. Great amount of focus. He's also always been good at video games. Those are fun.  

In the Dream World? Bending reality; shapeshifting. Toby's never been able to change his reality; it is what it is. Even as a child, Toby could never control his dreams, but he can always adapt to his reality. In the dream world, that adaption is heightened. The Dream World defies reality, why shouldn't Toby be able to? The forms are still him, just suited to the situation and allowing him to re-exert some control over his dreams.

Biggest Secrets: Toby tends to be a pretty open book; not one to keep secrets or lie. Although he is more comfortable sharing some sides than others. He's typically kind of reluctant to talk about his dad (or mom) in general; prefers to kind of brush those questions away, but he will if needed. He got pretty beat down at one point in high school and tried killing himself. Pretty regretful and embarassed about the entire thing. That's one he really doesn't like sharing unless he knows and trusts you.

Neat guy!
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