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Full Version: Overlord (2018)
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One day.....
It's admittedly not going to totally revolutionize the genre, but it takes a concept that feels almost a little B-Movie-ish (Nazi scientists making zombie soldiers to win the war? Totally B-Movie-ish) and pulls it off with A-movie production and acting. This was awesome. World War 2 stuff makes for a cool setting, and the action/war/horror hybrid works really well. Characters are also really good across the board; I especially liked Ford. Awesome mix of badass and pragmatic, and really enjoyed the whole good-is-not-nice stuff with him. Tibbett would be a close second, but just about everyone is likeable.

Suspense is good, as is the body horror. There were some genuinely unsettling bits as a result of that. And of course, the fights were awesome. Especially Ford vs. Wafner.
I have no idea why I casually keep. freaking. forgetting. this. It sounds wild to say the least.
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