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Full Version: Favorite Lannister?
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Lots of great options here.
Jaime <3
Jaime by leaps and bounds. By far the most complex and well-developed. Amazing character arc, and amazing Knight in Shining Armor deconstruction. Love.

If I had to rank: Jaime > Tyrion > Cersei > Joffrey > Tywin > Tommen > Myrcella > Lancel >Kevan.
Yeah I gotta stick by Tyrion, he's hilarious & sympathetic. Love the way he keeps toying with Cersei's emotions, working with his father to bring the Lannisters down, and keep Joffrey in line/check on Sansa in S2.
Still Tyrion, his season 4 development and more backstories about his childhood is awesome.
Jaime for me. Tyrion's great but his storyline flatlines for a while after season 4. I liked Jaimes for majority of the show.
(05-20-2019, 05:05 AM)TheCheetahwings Wrote: [ -> ]I liked Jaime's for majority of the show.

Just liked?
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