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Full Version: Most Underrated GoT Characters?
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Which GoT characters deserve more love than they get?
Sansa, Jaime, and Theon.
My list:
  • Theon - Pretty much dismissed everywhere except on here despite being one of the best acted, most complex characters on the show who has undergone some of the most growth in the entire series. I see very little to dislike about Theon as a character.
  • Jaime - I feel like he's pretty consistently treated as the expendable, less compelling, less important Lannister compared to Cersei and Tyrion, even though I honestly think he's better developed and more complex than both of them. Jaime probably represents the complexity and deconstructive elements of Game of Thrones more than any other character on the entire show, and undergoes lots of growth and development, a lot of which I think is overlooked or even intentionally downplayed (RE: Riverrun, where he intentionally did whatever it took to avoid ANY deaths, but the threats are often paraded around as proof he didn't grow at all). I do hope Season 8 will secure more appreciation for him.
  • Sansa - By far one of the best gameplayers and is up there with Jaime annd Theon for having undergone one of the most compelling transformations on this show. Genius deconstruction of a Disney Princess and effectively begins outmaneuvering a lot of her enemies in Season 6 and Season 7. Unfortunately for her from a popularity standpoint, she was a very feminine, gender-conforming, somewhat bratty fourteen year old girl in the first season... and for whatever reason, people really cannot get over that no matter how much Sansa has grown since then. Love.
  • Stannis - I firmly think Season 5 established him as being one of the most interesting and compelling villains on the series. I loved Stannis's interactions with his daughter, and I REALLY loved watching him slowly but surely go completely over the edge throughout Season 5. On here, I don't think he ever got much appreciation, and, on other sites, I think Season 5 is pretty much seen as ruining a previously-good character.

I considered a few other characters: I think Jorah has a lot more complexity than is necessarily recognized, but not to the point I think he'd actually qualify as notably underrated. Catelyn is a pretty good character too, though, again, I'm not sure how underrated she is; I think her hatedom is more a vocal minority than anything.

If we keep it exclusive to this site, The Hound tends to feel quite underrated on here, but seems well-loved in general. I think a strong case could be made that Ned and Davos deserve more appreciation than they get on here.
CLEARLY Brienne.
Might need to add Jon Snow onto that list.