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Full Version: Most Overrated GoT Characters?
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Which GoT characters get FAR more love than they deserve?
Stannis. Like... Yeah he's not a bad character but you'd think he was literally Jesus based on the hype I saw for him.

Also Dany. She has her moments but there's so many more interesting characters lol.
While Stannis fanboys are intolerable and annoying with their deluded "Stannis the Mannis" bullshit, I'd say they're a pretty small minority and the character is more underrated than overrated, actually.

  • Daenerys - She is not the second coming. Most her storyline from Season 2 to Season 6 has been filler and actually rather boring. And for a supposed protagonist, she's not even a good person, really. Clarke's acting also gets pretty bad, I HATE her shout acting. "SCREAMING EACH LINE LOUDLY DOES NOT MAKE YOU SEEM BADASS!" Just annoying and very mishandled. Season 8 may do a lot for her character if it actually goes through with making her more villainous, but, if Dany is meant to be a compelling heroine, she is a total fuck-up.
  • Sam - LOTR ripoff and an extremely annoying one. Fuck off. Gilly can be paired with him, but doesn't seem to attract quite the same hype as he does. Though she does count to a slightly lesser extent, at least.
  • Khal Drogo - I guess points for being badass and all, but rapist warlord who slaughters villages and enslaves people is still, you know evil, regardless of how much stockholm syndrome Dany develops for him.

Littlefinger could arguably qualify, but I don't think that the character is overrated per-see as much as misread. He's one of my favorite characters and villains, but that doesn't mean that Littlefinger was an all-knowing, masterful gameplayer. He was never as smart as he thinks he was and his game struggles throughout Season 7 made 100% sense.
I find her entertaining but Dany.
Somehow Dany is both overrated as fuck and underrated now.