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The Redbird Orphanage [SIGN UPS] - TyeSays - 11-06-2018

[Image: imPYi9v.jpg]

On October 31st of 1995, The Redbird Orphanage was suddenly and explicitly shut down; forcing it's staff to send the 956 children to any place willing to take them. It was a task that took many months of non-stop searching, but eventually every kid was given a new home... wither it was a good or bad home is an entirely different story.
Now, 25years later, six of the now grown-up kids are forced to return when their names are casually mentioned in the will of a former Redbird orphan; one that none of them have had contact with in years. All have been promised a share of his fortune, though none of them can touch a cent of it unless they've spent exactly a week back in the ol' orphanage. Should be an easy task, right?
Unfortunately the group quickly learn that each of them were brought here for a specific reason: each of them carries a deadly secret, and someone out there is now dead-set on exposing them for the frauds, criminals and sadist they *really* are.
A Seven-Episode RPG Mini-Series.



Social Class:
Relationship Status:
History at Redbird:
Dreams and Fears:



RE: The Redbird Orphanage [SIGN UPS] - MasterXPosed - 11-18-2018

Yas! I wanna join!

RE: The Redbird Orphanage [SIGN UPS] - DianeSelwyn - 11-19-2018

Name: Alice Walker
Age: 35
Gender: Female
Actor/Actress: Lily Rabe
Occupation: Reporter
Social Class: Higher
Relationship Status: Single

[Image: 2soJa8c_d.jpg?maxwidth=640&shape=thumb&fidelity=medium]

History at Redbird: She does not remember a ton about her past at Redbird, which is one of the main things that haunt her. She feels like at the age of twelve she should've been able to remember things from the place, but only sometimes blurry faces come to her mind. Not even able to remember her parents properly.

Bio: After Redbird, Alice had tried very hard to keep the past behind her. But during her late teen years, she felt like she was starting to drive herself crazy remaining very distant from everyone and keeping to herself. She started to finally start trying to hunt down any clues about her past, which lead to what felt like endless loose ends. But in the end, it did eventually lead her to an interest in uncovering stories, leading her to a career as a reporter. Although it still remains deep in the back of her mind, Alice has lost focus about her past to just focus on her career. She finds herself trying to fight off a rather deep depression, but tries to keep a strong take no shit front to keep herself going. But she finds things start to fall apart when she's forced back into her past by a will of a fellow orphan.

Dreams: Becoming a famous reporter, or an author. Making a proper life for herself, and possibly starting a family. Paying off stupid college debt. Also that car debt, wish bought that insurance a few years ago. Another cat would be nice as well!

Fears: Being completely forgotten. Remaining alone. Her past coming back to haunt her. Heights. Spiders. Missing an apartment bill.

Belongings: Cellphone, laptop, notebook, a copy of Gone Girl, weeks worth of clothes, headphones, lipstick, cigarettes, and casual handgun hidden at bottom of purse always just in case.

RE: The Redbird Orphanage [SIGN UPS] - TyeSays - 11-19-2018

YAS TAY!!! Alice sounds great and YAS @you actually using Lily >>>>>>

RE: The Redbird Orphanage [SIGN UPS] - Boy Interrupted - 11-19-2018

The swift bio. I'll sign up soon

RE: The Redbird Orphanage [SIGN UPS] - MasterXPosed - 11-20-2018

Name : Caroline Fern
Age : 40
Gender : Female
Actress : Madchen Amick

[Image: UCs4JM0.jpg]

Occupation : Social Worker
Social Class : Highest
Relationship Status : Married

History At Redbird : Caroline was placed home to home her entire life. Her parents died at birth from drug addiction, and she was constantly abused from her foster families. The abuse caused tons of psychological damage, creating a monster. She was sent back to Redbird after a suicide attempt, which caused her to do whatever she could to end her life. She hated Redbird, and dreaded always going back there. Some of the disgusting doctors and nurses who abused her made Caroline sick. She felt bored, and never knew when this torture was going to end. Before Redbird closed down, she thought of a way to escape this orphanage , and cause national media outrage which made her excited. She accused one of the few good doctors there of rape, and lied about becoming pregnant. The orphanage was confused, and the situation was written off, giving her no "justice" and angering her even more. She was made fun by her roommates, and beat because she was a "victim". It backfired badly inside, tho it created the outrage she wanted with some results. One of her only friends throughout this was Alice Walker. They had to help each other through the tough times, tho Caroline spent more time in confinement, never getting a chance to say goodbye. Alice had a lot of doubts about Caroline, but never came out and said it. As Redbird shut down, a man with the name "Thomas" saved her. He was a billionaire who ran most of the town's publishing companies. He ran an expose shutting it down, and she was one of the kids he took an interest in due to the extreme campaign to arrest the doctor that put her in the limelight.  Helping her through what had happened to her, and stopping her from becoming a victim she was able to live a life of freedom for the first time. Tho it came with a price, due to her unyielding trauma and found love for playing with the lives of people. She lived her own, and tried to forget about her past.

Biography : Caroline spent her last years as a teenager getting the help she needed. She took advantage of Thomas, and his money. It gave her every opportunity she needed to succeed, and she loved every second of it. Tho unsure at any moment it'd stop, Caroline made sure to steal his financial info for emergencies. With his help, She found a job as a social worker, giving her that extra push to evade into people's lives. For some good tho however in this case. It was her biggest accomplishment, and she had access to people's homes. Stealing every now and then for fun. Almost anything could be taken at any second. She spent 10 years in that line of work, however it all changed when she received a letter/package at her office's doorstep bringing that scandal back into her life. "When will this end?" she thought. The letter gave her a number and an address enlisting she would be fine if she followed it. The number lead to her local City Hall which brought her to a counsel meeting. Sitting down and listening, the meeting enlisted bringing back Redbird to open to the public once again. Outraged, she spoke up and yelled at them for even thinking that was a good idea. The public received an anonymous donation to help reopen it, and make it even better. Promising a safer place for children. There was nothing she could do. As she stepped outside and went back to her office, another envelope with her name on the front laid on the floor. As she opened it, an article on the history of Redbird was one of the items enlisted. Her eyes went right to the man she accused. His black and white picture enlisted on top. He ended up killing himself due to what she did. Feeling no guilt for her past, why should she? She threw the package in the trash. Seconds later she receives a phone call making Redbird a thing she can never escape from. Someone from the orphanage included her in their will? Does this have something to do with that creepy letter, and what she did to that man? Who will be there? She secretly hopes the kids who tortured her will be. And Alice enters her mind every now and then. She has no choice but to go...

[Image: EszAbFE.jpg]

Dreams & Fears : Her dream of living the good life has been fulfilled, but this will promises a hefty amount of money. Thinking about all of the clothes and items she can buy with it gives her a lot to work with. Tho she feels no guilt, the fear of that story being exposed, and her getting removed from City Mayor lingers her mind every now and then. But nobody knows her secret, or do they?

Belongings : Big Pink Purse, IPhone X, Makeup, Cash

RE: The Redbird Orphanage [SIGN UPS] - TheCheetahwings - 11-25-2018

Name: George
Age: 36
Gender: Male
Actor/Actress: Rami Malek

Occupation: Soon
Social Class: Soon
Relationship Status: Soon
History at Redbird:
Dreams and Fears:

RE: The Redbird Orphanage [SIGN UPS] - MasterXPosed - 12-15-2018

I forgot to edit my character again rip

RE: The Redbird Orphanage [SIGN UPS] - Joshua - 12-30-2018

[Image: ahs-news.jpg]
Name: Fiona Lourdes (birth name, Judith Green)
Age: 33
Gender: Female
Actor/Actress: Lady Gaga
Occupation: Philanthropist / Oscar Award Winning Actress
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual (dates men and marries men for her public image and career, but prefers women) 
Social Class: High Class
Relationship Status: Widow, has many relationships from women to men. 
History at Redbird: Before she changed her name to Fiona Lourdes, her name in the Orphanage was Judith Green, the only people who know that are her friends in the Orphanage who she no longer speaks to. The reason she changed her name from Judith Green to Fiona Lourdes is because she didn't want to be reminded or let people know that she was an orphan at one point in her life. So she's let the public know that even before her husband she was always rich.
Bio: After she aged out of the orphanage, she went to college and met her husband there who was a billionaire and ran several charities, after her husband died Fiona took over her late husband's Philanthropist career, she was close to being back on the streets again and so she secretly steals money from the charities, and gotten away with it. Then she met a new husband who was rich as well, killed him for his money as well, then sometime later she's going back to the Red Bird because she thinks there's a lot of money to be made off of it and she would be set for life.
Dreams and Fears: Being broke and exposed for murder and money laundering (Fears), wants to be set for life and never have to worry about working again plus the added bonus of being famous. (Dreams)
Belongings: Her many lovers's credit cards, iPhone and iPhone charger and her purses.

RE: The Redbird Orphanage [SIGN UPS] - TyeSays - 12-30-2018

Ooo YAS JOSH, she's great >>