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A Bay of Blood (1971) - Boy Interrupted - 08-04-2019

[Image: a-bay-of-blood-movie-poster.jpg]

The murder of a wealthy heiress by her husband triggers a series of brutal killings in the surrounding bay area

RE: A Bay of Blood (1971) - Repo - 08-04-2019

So, the gore is awesome, but the plot is a mess. Won't lie, I needed a wikipedia synopsis to help me make heads or tails of what was going on and, even then, it was still confusing. The dialogue and movie just aren't clear in the first place (worsened by the plot being a convoluted, ridiculous nightmare). It takes itself way too seriously for what that story was.

Also, that might be one of the most hilariously stupid and contrived means of divine retribution in cinema history. Looooool.

RE: A Bay of Blood (1971) - Boy Interrupted - 08-04-2019

I...this movie was a wild ride. That's all I have to say