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Scream 5 (2020) - Boy Interrupted - 09-28-2020

[Image: matty_s_scream_5_by_thecheetahwings_de5u...height=969]

8 years after a foiled copy-cat killer, a new one emerges in Woodsboro - throwing the town into some twisted nostalgic trip.

Release Date: September 29th Midnight


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RE: Scream 5 (2020) - Repo - 09-28-2020

Very excited to read this

RE: Scream 5 (2020) - TheCheetahwings - 09-28-2020

im excited for jenny ortega to show us what she can do

RE: Scream 5 (2020) - Jared - 09-29-2020

I’m counting down til midnight so I can read this. I read the first 20 or so pages and I was very impressed by the dialogue. You’ve grown so much as a writer and this is already better than 95% of the Scream scripts I’ve read in the past.

RE: Scream 5 (2020) - Boy Interrupted - 09-29-2020

Thank y'all for being so hyped I love each and every one of you for following me as I ventured into 'Scream 5'. It was exciting, it was fresh, it was a LOT to live up too. It was a lot of fun wiggling my toes into a series I love.

RE: Scream 5 (2020) - Boy Interrupted - 09-29-2020

RE: Scream 5 (2020) - Boy Interrupted - 10-28-2020

I don't know if I'm gonna do a 6 or not. Don't need to make 50003093039302 scream scripts tbh. This one kinda concludes fair enough with some possible stuff to explore in the future if I choose to.

RE: Scream 5 (2020) - CerealKiller - 10-28-2020

I haven't read the final script; only the earlier draft that Matt shared when he'd just finished the script. And I really really enjoyed it. Finished it one sitting, and I have no doubt the final one is even better. Gonna read the final script soon!

RE: Scream 5 (2020) - Boy Interrupted - 10-28-2020

(10-28-2020, 08:29 PM)CerealKiller Wrote: I haven't read the final script; only the earlier draft that Matt shared when he'd just finished the script. And I really really enjoyed it. Finished it one sitting, and I have no doubt the final one is even better. Gonna read the final script soon!

You can just skim to see the new scenes/revisions. But thank you  Tears

RE: Scream 5 (2020) - TheCheetahwings - 10-28-2020

[Image: matty_s_scream_5_by_thecheetahwings_de5u...height=969]
Matthew Pens the latest chapter in the "Scream" Saga, proving there is still a story to be told 
through meta contextuality and nostalgia for our past film favorites.


Around the middle of September this year, the "Scream" obsession was revitalized on the forum as I started to rewatch the franchise with Matt, Tandy (he was super obsessed), Jack, etc. and we all mutually started to watch the series again and again. Matt and I's mind were blown as we watched Scream 4 uncut while high. We started to think every little scene was new and different, and it gave us both a new appreciation for Scream 4 as a whole. I think it was around this time Matt started getting inspiration for his own Scream 5 script. A script that would cover new ideas about nostalgia and film.

The script opens with Cody Riley being attacked. The opening itself could've easily been written off as mimicking the classic opening from Scream (1996) but manages to subvert expectations in numerous ways. For starters Cody is a bisexual man, who is first shown with plans to meet up with a guy and hookup- a subculture that is often seen as taboo or at least promiscuous showcased in the first few pages. The second subversion is Cody's own actions and dialogue- from the instant call to the police, to his quippy comebacks to the ghost on the other end of the phone, to him finally defeating Ghostface before the title card is shown. The opening is good and manages to do enough new that it doesn't feel like it's copying Casey Becker, but does feel as though it's missing that gut wrenching horror that some of the openings have managed to achieve. Overall I'd say it's a stronger opening than Scream 4 (theatrical) and 3 by far. 

[Image: Tp7pn0P.png][Image: eXFB6Sp.png]

After the opening we're introduced to Hayden & Sidney. Hayden is an amazing love interest to Sidney, and it's really refreshing to see her have someone she can genuinely trust & is never truly a major "suspect". I enjoy their romance and it's really nice to see Sidney happy with someone. I think Sidney is very strong in your script, and it feels like she's reached the next step in her story and though I wish we got more of her I understand the need to make her less significant in this particular movie to set her up (potentially) for a final chapter in 6 or maybe 7. 

The Markus Bryan angle is very unique, as I never really saw a Scream script that attempted to add its own lore and backstory such as this. It feels very "Scream" in nature while managing to do some things new. Sabrina is an excellent red herring for this in particular, because her entire persona is cast in Markus' shadow. We never really are given the chance to trust her fully because she is introduced speaking to a literal murderer brother. I find their relationship dynamic pretty interesting, though there were some obvious limitations by the fact that he was in prison. 

[Image: h3QoeuE.png]

Gale Weathers and Dewey Riley are both really strong highlights of this script. I feel like it was a wise decision to give Dewey a bit of his intellect back- he's still the same goofy guy in many ways but with a bit more knowledge and experience. Gale Weathers feels just like herself more than most writers have managed to achieve. She's even more of herself in this than Scream 3/4. Would love to see this development of Gale in the real Scream 5 because I can't imagine how they'll manage to match this. Judy Hicks is a fun cameo/guest appearance and I respect that you didn't try to force a death on her just because her role wasn't major. She feels like herself and is a welcome inclusion. 

As for the new characters- they're all strong. Dimitri and Sloane are both amazing killers- I especially liked the ties to Angelina from Sloane in particular. I really loved just how deranged they both were as well as their individual monologues. Because of this the finale felt epic and larger than life- I liked that there were two simultaneous things happening, or so it felt. As well as everyone's inclusion in the story. Like I already said before, Sabrina is an interesting and really great character with her ties to her brother.I think that the relationships are all very genuine feeling and they feel like they've actually known each other for a while (compared to Scream 4 where it feels like they are all just friends because the script calls for it?) and I really like the fact that the relatives of the past victims play into the nostalgia factor as well as the themes of the killer's motivations to a degree. It wasn't just "there" as much as it tied into the ideas and thematic reasonings for Sloane and Dimitri's murderous ways. Mikayla is obviously one of the strongest characters as well, having a great personality, being very smart, and being one of the strongest "final girl" types to be introduced in a Scream fanscript, because she doesn't feel like an attempt at fanservice or appealing to a crowd- she's just super well done. Kathleen is very likable as well and is only one of the weaker links because of screentime.

[Image: wuWluLS.jpg]

Of course that leads us to the kills. The kills are creative and brutal- without feeling like they arent "Scream". That's a fine line that you have to always consider, because it's really easy to take things too far or rather take them in a direction that doesn't feel like Scream. You really managed to bring Ghostface back to that almost other worldly nature, with the colored ghostfaces seeming to have distinct personalities and playing with their victims psyches. The most effective scene in the script in that way is Declan's death in the girls bathroom. Not only was the history of the bathroom a really cool idea, but the way ghostface acts in the scene is super creepy and effective. The whole scene is "Scream 1 bathroom scene on steroids" and it really works in the favor of the script. 

[Image: CUGNUEJ.jpg?1]
The finale is super intense and effective. I think you managed to link both Sidney's story and Cody's story together, and bring the rest of the gang together in a way that doesn't feel forced or trivial. It all comes together in a nice final act that manages to stay true to the tone of the movies, while also feeling unique to you and your ideas/themes. Sidney in particular is really strong here and I find that ironic because you initially weren't going to include her. Overall the script feels so polished and finished because of the numerous drafts that it feels like there is not a lot you could've done differently to improve on it. From the fountain scenes to the rule scenes, all the dialogue feels tight and well crafted in a way that feels larger than life but also real and authentic. The ghostface dialogue is restrained and feels authentic to the series. So I really am looking forward to your Scream 6 and I hope you keep up the amazing scripts. They are way better than "solid".