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Desperate Housewives - TheCheetahwings - 04-05-2021

[Image: desperate-housewives-505763c698f79.png]
Not much has changed on the mysterious Wysteria Lane. It contains new beautiful gardens, with the same spacious homes, and new happy families with the same dramatic and dark secrets. Everything is exactly as it should be in this quaint little lane. Yes, there will be unexpected twists, shocking surprises we never saw coming... The DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES RPG follows an all new cast of characters as they unravel an all too familiar mystery that once again leaves the neighborhood confused, terrified, and most of all desperate for answers...but that's really the point, don't you think?

Because this is Desperate Housewives, you will be making entire “families” and their backstory. But keep in mind only the “Wife” will be your character as the head of household. If you write a man/woman that is single, they are also your character and you don’t “have” to write a family. 

Essentially, you get to pick which character will be your main character & you can build other characters in their family tree if you want, you don’t need to write a novel for every character, just their names/ages/actors. If you want you can post 

SLOTS (First come first serve)

4 WIVES (Must have Husbands, Kids optional.) 
3 SINGLE women
2 SINGLE men.
KIDS: If you want to cast kids, go ahead. For high school aged characters think “Pretty Little Liars” aged actors.

(Wives/Men should be 29-50 range preferably)
Actor: Use pics of the actor you’re using, 

[Please Don’t Mix]
[Describe their PERSONALITY, not their actions. Give me a 3-4 distinct personality traits to work with. What is their “housewife” persona? How would you describe them if they were your friend basically, etc.]

[This means their past. Their life before they moved to Wysteria lane, and what their life on Wysteria lane has been like. Dark secrets they may have (in more detail), relationships with the other wives if you want to edit this in later, but only after asking the other writer for opinions, etc..]

[What’s 1 major dark secret the wife has with their family, or with one of the other housewives]

Who on the lane does your wife hate?

Who on the lane does your wife love? Also do family relationships here/whos living with them

What does your wife really wish was different about their home life? What do they want more than anything? Keep this as simple housewifey goals, like wanting to get back to work, wishing their husband was more loving, etc.

RE: Desperate Housewives - Boy Interrupted - 04-05-2021

lemme take a whole family thank u

RE: Desperate Housewives - TheCheetahwings - 04-06-2021

AGE: 35

[Image: 41g6l24dljz41.jpg]


Katy is the "applejack" of Wysteria Lane. She's concerned with her crops, which boils down to her greenhouse garden of veggies and fruits she's always raving about. Her entire personality revolves around her gardening and the "good ole days" at the farm with her mama. She can be a little nosy sometimes, but it's really just because she has no friends to talk to.

Katy's backstory is pretty boring. She doesn't like to talk about it, but she had a really rough childhood. Lots of long nights alone in the farm, staring out and dreaming of a day when she had friends and was living on her own.

Katy's only secret is how she keeps her garden growing so beautifully all year round. She's so proud of the greenhouse!

[Image: sNwT3hK.png?1]

She loves everyone, she just wants to get to know them better!
She's in love with a new local hottie, she wants to get him on her good side!

She really wants more than anything, a man to share her garden with!

RE: Desperate Housewives - Boy Interrupted - 04-06-2021


RE: Desperate Housewives - TyeSays - 04-19-2021

[Image: WandaVision_Episode_9_4K_Screencaps_Wall...size-6.jpg]

NAME: Scarlett Fae Grier
AGE: Thirty-Two 
ACTRESS: Elizabeth Olsen


Scarlett is, by far, one of thee nosiest women in Eagle State. If there's anything worthwhile to know, right down to what store is doing what sale on what item. People speculate she's hoarding the information to use black mail those in higher positions than her, but truth be told? She just doesn't enjoy being the last to know. 

She's also someone who's been professionally diagnosed - by four doctors and her personal therapist - with severe OCD. If something isn't perfectly aligned, or scrubbed to it's shiniest, than you've failed to keep your home cared for. She used to be worse about it, especially when she was a young girl, but has managed to calm her urges with strong medication. 

And lastly, she's absolute anti-dogs. She finds the species as a whole repulsive, with Rottweilers and St. Bernards being her two most hated breeds. They're absolutely filthy animals who do nothing but piss and shit on anything they can. She's never harmed one, though, and wouldn't stoop so low as too, but she will throw hands with one if they charge too close. She loves cats, though. 

[Image: SFYL_106_00151.jpg]


Scarlett is the unwanted lovechild of Frederick and Moira Sheridan, two of the wealthiest realtors in all of Santa Clara County. Neither of them ever planned on having a child, much less a daughter specifically, and weren't thrilled at the prospect of having one. 
And unfortunately their opinions didn't change in the slightest once she was actually born. Neither really bonded with her growing up, chosing to let nannies and underpaid babysitters take care of her instead. 
That all said, her childhood wasn't necessarily a bad one. She was an absolutely marvelous student, having inherited her father's knowledgeable of numbers. She was also allowed the join ballet when she was seven, and quickly grew to become one of the best in her class. 
Then the unexpected happened: on the morning of her sixth birthday, her mother announced she was pregnant a second time. Seven months later  and her younger sister Genevieve was born, and her parents were thrilled! They absolutely loved this little girl, cooing over every little thing she did; slowly tainting Scarlett's excitement over being a big sister with bitter jealousy. 

As the years drifted by, Scarlett grew more and more distant from her family. Once she became aware of their clear favouritism of Genevieve, it became nigh impossible to ignore it. And what made it worse? Genevieve hated the attention! She was always trying to get her parents to embrace Scarlett more, which made hating her existence hard at times. 
When she turned fourteen, Scarlett made the bold move of asking her parents if she could move in with her Aunt Gardenia in L.A. She expected reluctance and arguing, but they agreed almost immediately to the idea. And one week later, her bags were packed and she was on her way. 

Once in L.A., Scarlett began to thrive. Her aunt was a millionaire through marriage, and was able to get her into one of the best dance schools in the city. She became quiet the social butterfly as well, slowly climbing her way to the top of the popularity chain. By the time she was seventeen, she was both the Queen B and the schools valedictorian...

But that all changed when she met Jason Grier. She met him on the night of her graduation at the local hangout, and suddenly nothing else mattered. Popularity? Screw it. Dance? Forget about it! There was finally someone older than her who actually cared about her for her, unlike the silly boys of her school. So she abandoned the scholarship she'd earned from dancing and moved in with him, leaving behind the life she had built herself in favor of a simpler one in the suburbs with Jason. 

Their life together at first was fine, if not kinda biring. Jason worked a 9-to-5 job on the edge of L.A. while she stayed home and tended to the house. The passion and love was still there, but she wanted more. She missed dancing. She missed her friends in the city.

So after three months of suburban living, Scarlett finally admitted to Jason that she was bored and wanted to move back to the city... Unfortunately for Scarlett, though, she broke the news to him the day his job fired him. Penniless and jobless, Jason did the unexpected and struck Scarlett down. And when she threatened to call the police, he knocked her unconscious. She woke up in the hospital four days later...

And who'd she wake up too? Genevieve! She'd been visiting their aunt when she heard about Scarlett's "trip down the stairs", and she rushed right over to see her. Scarlett couldn't help but break down and tell her the truth about what Jason did, and that she was glad Genevieve was there even though Scarlett never was for her.

As they were discussing Scarlett's plans to leave Jason, Genevieve asked if she was gonna fight to  have soul custody of the baby; and that's how Scarlett discovered she was pregnant!

Jason visited her later that day, and, with Genevieve at her side, laid it all out for him: she's pregnant, and if he wants to be a part of the child's life, he must vow to never put a harmful hand on her or the child. All it'll take is one more incident, and she's gone. He promised he'd do better for them, and two months later they were finally married. And seven months after that, they introduced their son Aiden James Grier to the universe. 

For the first four years of their marriage, everything was great. Jason got another job at a local restaurant, while Scarlett started teaching Saturday night dance class at the local community college. They even took adopted a rescue cat, an orange tabby named Tigger with one missing ear. 

But then something changed. Jason started going out every Friday night to the local bar, and always came back reeking of beer and cigarettes. Then it became every Saturday night as well, then Sunday, and soon even Thursdays got special outings. He'd be his normal charming self on the week, but on the weekends he was becoming meaner and more aggressive. It finally all came to a head on Aiden's sixth birthday, when she finally told him enough was enough...and he reacted by truly throwing her down a flight of stairs, breaking her leg in a drunk fury. At the hospital he threatened her once more, saying he'll kill her first if she thinks shes gonna leave him without his family. 

Aiden's now ten, and she Scarlett still hasn't the nerve to leave or talk back to him. Due to her injury - which she blamed on not paying attention to where she's going - she was forced to quiet her job at the school, and has now become a full time mom. Now she cooks and bakes constantly, cleans obsessively, and tends to the garden out back daily, all while both simultaneously hating the life forced about her and loving the son given to her. 

Genevieve is currently staying with her while she studies her her English masters, is slowly becoming more aware of how tense and almost foreboden the house becomes during the weekend. Especially now that Jason has recently gotten a job at the local bar. 

[Image: MV5BMzU1OTJlOGMtM2E4YS00ODE0LTlhMTItOTFk...@._V1_.jpg]

RE: Desperate Housewives - Boy Interrupted - 04-21-2021

[Image: b0UzHq1p60VrOSxv5kLItGuQfWRCokQv2wIeSsCy...x39UNF4Y9c]
* name *
Sherri Marjorie Bellevue 

* age *
30 years old.

* actor *
Shay Mitchell.

[Image: jZmmHX8yPEvtQG-MgUs39OJTbmLQreqcsgVBUsNr...-4Yk7qvzWz]
* personality *
Wisteria Lane meet... Wisteria Babe. 

If you were to ever meet the youngest Housewife for the first time... 
You’d be introduced to some of her classic personality traits:

“Hi, I’m Sherri, like the alcoholic drink, yes, sweet and sugary.
And I’ll make you feel like you’re wasted again at a sorority party.”

An energetically but slightly narcissistic alcoholic (cocktails preferred). 

“As I’m nearing my third trimester, Synchronized Swimming
 Has really helped me practice for my contractions through ovulation.
But that’s the same feeling, right?”

Unfiltered, mostly sexually, obsessed with her pregnancy (not the baby).
*Note: she's going to name the baby Chai Christopher (C.C.) Bellevue

“I don’t trust large corporations, I know Dove shampoo uses chemicals
That damages your hair and that’s why I use organic Beeswax.”

And has an Influencer attitude with a Millennial mindset. 

* backstory *
If you were to sit down with the sexiest Housewife
And try to get to know her personally she’d tell you:

“You know, my grandfather inspired The Godfather. Yeah.
He murdered the man that killed his father and migrated to America
And started his own mobster business. Yeah.”

She’d always have an outlandish story (everyone thinks she’s lying but she’s telling the truth).

“I run a YouTube channel 
And on Mondays and Wednesdays I post reviews
About feminine products that I test on my friends, because safety first
Then on Tuesdays and Thursdays I discuss the stock values
For feminine products for my viewers to invest in.
I have 40m followers on that platform
And my channel pays enough for this large mansion”

She’s a digital icon that makes a SUPERB amount of money.

“Oh god, when I met James? Crazy!
I went with my ex boyfriend to Comic Con
And I saw James dressed up as Robin and MMMM...
His thighs in those TIGHTS! The print of his massive bulge!
As catwoman I had to seduce him with my prowess...
We fucked on a baby changing station, he nutted in my butt
We took our masks off after and it was love at first sight.”

She’s in love with scrawny dorks because she can hold power over them and they have the biggest cocks.

* dark secret *
“Ugh kleptomaniac. It’s an itch that I need to scratch every few weeks…
Wisteria Lane believes there’s some massive burglary scheme
Stealing their furniture, jewelry, cash. When in reality:
Little old me… Getting my fix like it’s my cigarette.
It’s why I started the Neighborhood Watch so I could time
Whenever someone would be on stake and where their route would go.
I know...I know… I’m smart like that.
My next plan is to steal my neighbor’s couch during our book club meeting.
It’s absolutely gorgeous, I need it in my basement.”

[Image: Dw83SWXXdBo8af846jz6Hv-JCT3SLX8l1_qrlKTZ...bZKev86enp]
* enemies *
“Ugh. Definitely Katy Heatherson.
Miss little green thumb was tracking
Worms all over my driveway.
I warned her plenty of times that the gardening industry
Only cared about deforestation and industrial growth
But she never listened to me….”

* friends/relationships *
About Scarlett:
“Well, I just find anybody who has a major
Interest in the details of my life is absolutely divine. 
She seems a bit mopey sometimes but never spills
So I guess it’s all in good fun with her.” 

* frustration/desire *
“Desire? I’ve just been craving Strawberry ice cream
Since the pregnancy started. Oh, and a trip
To Malibu.”

RE: Desperate Housewives - TheCheetahwings - 04-21-2021

yass love both of your charries