Ariana Grande
Excited to hear Positions. I bet the Doja song and Off The Table will be my faves.
The album jams. Obvious, My Hair, Six Thirty, West Side, and Nasty are my favorites. POV too. The whole album, just throw it all in there for real.
[Image: a7872f5b63409070a3164579de3781384a37a2a6.gif][Image: 9e342f1a2905fc977a8b82852e02e583bce3fdae.gif][Image: d3a6fa313640a83e6aded4e9f0091882fbf77299.gif]
[Image: d194b2f53597b6a00758c315b3fe64141d7e63ed.gif][Image: bf9d617f5af110702933952e15a075dc07f863e4.gif][Image: 25ae42a2cc71c10007a44230b12532d7aab5e449.gif]

*Shane chills in a haunted prison cell*
I hate that he is having such a good time in there.

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