Buzzfeed Unsolved: True Crime
I got so scared by the murder in room 1406 one. It's insane to image the man sitting on the bed in the dark staring aimlessly inviting the maid in and then kneeling by the door. I have SHIVERS.

Also Ryan and Shane have the best chemistry ever, they're so fucking hilarious. I would quit if it weren't for them.
[Image: a7872f5b63409070a3164579de3781384a37a2a6.gif][Image: 9e342f1a2905fc977a8b82852e02e583bce3fdae.gif][Image: d3a6fa313640a83e6aded4e9f0091882fbf77299.gif]
[Image: d194b2f53597b6a00758c315b3fe64141d7e63ed.gif][Image: bf9d617f5af110702933952e15a075dc07f863e4.gif][Image: 25ae42a2cc71c10007a44230b12532d7aab5e449.gif]

*Shane chills in a haunted prison cell*
I hate that he is having such a good time in there.

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