The Redbird Orphanage [SIGN UPS]
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Brad Epley
Age: 39
Gender: Male
Occupation: Lawyer
[Image: EpkBXMP.png]
Actor: Cheyenne Jackson

Social Class: Lower upper. Rich enough for a cushy, comfy life with some nice luxuries. Not nearly so rich that he can burn money.
Relationship Status: Divorced. Two kids.

Personality: Smarmy and self-important. More than a little arrogant. Kind of a dick. Superiority complex: Brad’s rich, handsome, successful, smart, charismatic. Brad is well aware of his many positive qualities and, for the most part, he earned every single one. Not had a particularly easy or privileged life, and definitely hasn’t had his opportunities simply handed to him. Brad great pride in his accomplishments, and isn’t particularly sympathetic to those less determined to turn their lives around than he is.

Besides, the right amount cockiness never hurt anyone’s appeal. Much. Brad is plenty charming; almost makes the dickishness a positive. It’s served him well as a lawyer, both in securing clients as well as defending them in court. Goes into almost every case assuming he won before it even began. Surprisingly methodical and deliberate as a lawyer, if stubborn and cocksure. Brad’s not the best at listening or taking advice. Pushed and challenged hard enough, he may cave eventually. Especially to sound reasoning. Brad’s not the type to like admitting he’s wrong, though. Not to the point he’d destroy himself over pride, but Brad tends to be confident in what he knows and believes, regardless of just how accurate that is.

Underneath all the bluster, well, there’s more bluster and smarminess. But there’s a little self-awareness. Brad knows he’s kind of a douche. Likes to sell it as charming and endearing. Plays into it because it’s who he knows to be; doesn't really know how to change, but Brad’s not really sure he likes who he is. Not when he truly stops to think about it. He cheated on his ex-husband. He doesn’t have any particularly close or meaningful relationships (friendship or otherwise) aside from his children. Knows he’s kind of a dick and not the best guy. Doesn’t know really how to change that, or if he can. Doesn’t know who he’d want to be. Tries not to think about it much. Brad’s a Grade A dick. It’s made him successful, it has something of an appeal, and it’s what people know and expect. It’s comfortable. Changing is something Brad loves to consider but never wants to do. It’s for later. It’s always for later. And he’s starting to get unsure if later will ever get here. Tries to embrace who he is today, not fully able.

Loving and devoted dad. Brad might as well be a totally different person around his children. Sweet. Affectionate and compassionate. Patient and loyal. Never even knew how much he wanted to be a dad until he and his ex-husband chose to adopt two sons, but fell in love with them instantly. Couldn’t be more dedicated to his boys. Emphasizes education and hard work, big on encouraging his kids to forge their own direction in life. Brad definitely wants them to be better people than he is. Wants them to have a better life as well. There’s nothing he wouldn’t do or give for them, his own life included. Brad’s sons mean everything to him.

[Image: XhMxlQ5.png]

Biography: Early life was okay enough from what little Brad remembers. Almost nothing stands out except some vague generalities. Pretty "normal" childhood all things considered. Brad was an only child. Decently-off middle class family. Was really close to them as a little kid, grew more distant as he got older. Never made a lot of close friends. Not in his neighborhood, which, while nice, was always rather icy towards his family. Other kids didn't really talk to him much, definitely wouldn't play with him. School was better and he got along with the other kids well, but no close friendships. Besides, any he did make ended when his parents died in a car crash at age 7. It was like the whole world turned upside-down for him. That much did standout to Brad. Brad spent most his life wishing things had been different. Not quite bitter, but like... very driven and ambitious. Brad was never one to roll over and give up, and he worked hard for the life he got, but, for most of it, he always wished things could be different. Brad felt like he'd be a better person and have a better life for it. Having kids helped him accept life the way it was. Brad isn't exactly happy to have been orphaned at 7, but he doesn't want a life without his sons in it. His childhood was what it was, and he's made peace with that.

Eventually he got adopted from Redbird at the age of 14. Just in time to start High School with a clean slate, actually. New family wasn't awful. His parents had adopted two kids from Redbird when it closed, so he had a sister now. That was something. Brad's new mom and dad were eager to have kids but were struggling to conceiving. They cared, but they were in over their head a bit, especially taking on two kids who weren't siblings beforehand. Brad always felt a little distant from his family. They weren't mean, but they never felt really emotionally present either. Sometimes wonders if that's more on himself; Brad wasn't exactly pursuing close relationships with them. It was fine. They still get along fine. He still visits for Christmas or Easter. They still talk occasionally. It's not bad, Brad just.. never really ended up close to his new family.

Ambitious and hard-working throughout much of his life. Straight A-student in high school. Worked his ass off to get a scholarship before winding up at Northwestern University in Evanston. Worked his ass off there and got into a good graduate school for Law/Legal Studies. Most of this with a job on the side for extra money. Very attentive. Went to the occasional college party, but not a big one for partying. No drug use ever, never interested in smoking. Drinks, but never gotten to the point of a blackout. Brad's big on personal responsibility, and he wanted a better life than he had at Redbird or with his lower-class family. Always somewhat emotionally guarded with others. Got along with people okay, but never got very close minus a few exceptions. For a kid who lost both his parents in a car crash at Age 7, Brad's turned out surprisingly well for the most part. Had a life goal of success and stuck to it. Hopes it was worth it; probably mostly was. Sometimes he wondered. Defending clients he knew were guilty was never easy. Brad told himself everyone deserves the right to good legal council. That if he didn't do it someone else would. Even now, Brad doesn't know if he believes that or not. Never looked to see if those clients went on to break the law or hurt others in some way;  doesn't really want to know. But if he could do it over, Brad might do things differently. Then again, it's easier to say that when you have all the money you need vs. when you're starting out.

Happiest period of Brad's life was after getting married to his husband and adopting. Had no clue just how much a family would mean to him till he had one. Brad.. really wasn't even sure he wanted kids; his ex-husband talked him into it. After a little while Brad grew more distant from his husband, ended up having an affair to try and fill that emotional void. Husband found out, marriage over. Ended a couple of years ago. Definitely one of his biggest regrets. Things are relatively more cordial now, but the two are done. Still plays an active role in his kid's lives. Wouldn't have it any other way there.

[Image: XiiWT7G.png]

History at Redbird: To say Brad was kind of a wreck on arrival is an understatement. No seven-year-old wants to lose his parents. He adjusted eventually; Brad's always been adaptable and was never one to lay down and give up. Very resilient.

Was not the nicest kid there, even by Brad's standards of dickishness. Was hurt and lashing out. He's gotten better in that regard as he gets older, but he was really bad back then. Wasn't the most popular kid at Redbird by a longshot. He wasn't the troublemaker, Brad just didn't have tons of friends. Not the easiest person to get along with. Tended to shrug it off. Was raised religious (non-denominational Christianity) and eventually got a bit more into religion after Redbird, that's stuck for his entire life.

All in all, not very good memories. Definitely regrets how he acted and things that were said and done while there. Never felt like Redbird was a particularly great environment. He's only going back out of some sense of obligation and curiosity to see why he's in the will. A bit one-foot-out-the-door about the whole thing.

Dreams: Wants to get married again, and this time determined to not fuck the marriage up. Long and happy lives for his kids. Would love to have grandkids, and wants to be present in their lives. For the longest time Brad's dreams were of financial success. With those dreams achieved, Brad's been looking towards other areas. Mostly in times of family, likely because of the screw-ups in his past. Pretty content with a lot of other parts of his life.

Fears: Something bad happening to his sons, or anything that really causes a life struggle for them. That more than anything else. Brad goes out of his way to make sure their lives are as good as possible. For most his life, Brad had an intense fear of failure. He still does to an extent (mostly of failing as a parent), he certainly doesn't want to end up poor, but financial success feels less important now than it did then. Maybe because Brad achieved it, or maybe because of his sons or his ruined marriage. A little bit afraid of isolation, road to success hasn't left Brad with tons of friends on the way up, and the divorce didn't help matters. Brad's got a few close friends, but not many. Sometimes wonders if he should have taken a different path with life, Brad's doing his best to not be isolated in the future.

Belongings: Cellphone (Best and newest smartphone, obvi) with a good pair of earbuds. Laptop with some files about his cases. Wallet (a little cash, but mostly credit cards, health insurance card, ID, etc.) Brad doesn't have anything too flashy or interesting with him.

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Well, someone read that bio fast. Hope you like

Cheyenne Jackson's been on AHS since Hotel. He's usually pretty criminally underused, but he is really good when given material (also, really hot).
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So either I`m making up a story for dramatic effect, or I`m the only one telling the truth in a room full of liars! 
(12-30-2018, 03:53 AM)Repo Wrote:

Well, someone read that bio fast. Hope you like

Cheyenne Jackson's been on AHS since Hotel. He's usually pretty criminally underused, but he is really good when given material (also, really hot).

havent finished reading yet was just curious on who the actor was!! great choice!!
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[Image: kcJGL69.png]

HISTORY AT REDBIRD| When he was just an infant George's parents abandoned him at the doorstep of Redbird Orphanage. Because of the lack of documentation available, he was given the name "George Redbird", named after the Orphanage Founder. He was always a quiet
child, never really getting the attention he needed or deserved. He never felt truly "wanted" or "loved" in the orphanage, which was why he
always tried to be on his best behavior in hopes of making friends or even being adopted. Despite his best efforts, however- this would never happen. Because of his shyness & general desire to avoid any and all drama, he would often be blamed by the other kids at the orphanage for anything that may have gone wrong. Something broke? George did it. Something stolen? George did it. Someone snuck out of their room at night? George made them do it. He was the perfect person to blame, as they knew he would never dare fight back. 

Most of the kids learned to blame George, after all that was the easy way out. They knew he would never defend himself & it was better him than them. George always wanted to prove his innocence, but he knew deep down that even if he had the confidence to defend himself- they wouldn't believe him. It was too late for him. Eventually George just gave up, feeling as though he didn't own his own body or identity. He felt as though he only existed for others' benefit and that no one would ever love  him for who he really was. As he got older, he began to accept that he would never be adopted... and that was when the Orphanage closed. Because he had no interest in being shuffled around the various staff members' homes when he knew he was never really wanted, he decided to leave the Orphanage on his own terms.

[Image: tcIm7ID.png?1]

HISTORY AT L.A. | Despite his rough childhood, George had always found solace in the movies. He always enjoyed and dreamed
of one day becoming an actor & being loved by millions. Maybe it was because he never felt loved as a child, but he had developed
an extremely rose colored view of fame. He saw it as his way out of being the same awkward, lonely, shy loser that everyone used.
He thought that if he could just make it everything in his life would change. Of course, he knew that it wouldn't be easy to get there.
He managed to hitchhike his way to the city, but by the time he got there he realized just how out of his league he truly was.

He had no job, no family, sixteen in the middle of LA. He had no real education or experience, and no idea how to get a real job. Like many homeless youth he eventually turned to prostitution as a way to survive. He never thought he would actually end up in this situation, but the money was good and it at least kept him from starving to death. Something about it felt like a return to normal. He couldn't help but feel like he was born to be used by other people. That he wasn't meant to find his own happiness and was only a means of providing happiness to others. Even when he was raped at age seventeen, he found himself making excuses as to why he deserved it- after all, he was one of his regular clients... he couldn't afford to press charges. 

Eventually however, that same client would die of a heart attack in his apartment. Needing the money desperately at the time, George decided make best out of a bad situation. He stole all the money he could find in the apartment, as well as jewelry. It totaled to about 5,000 dollars- but for George that would last him months. Even though he told himself repeatedly that the man was already dead, he couldn't help but wonder: Was he really dead? Or could I have called 911 and saved him? He knew that deep down the answer was clear. He tries not to think about it.

[Image: BRLmRqc.png?1]

Surprisingly though, it would seem universe was prepared to reward him for selfishness (as he would refer to it) when he found himself approached by an agency looking to find young "talent" in the area. George wasn't sure what they saw him from, but he accepted gracefully. He had long forgotten his original dreams of becoming an actor or even a model, but once the opportunity presented itself he decided to give it one more try.

Unfortunately however, he soon learned that the role was not a traditional acting role. It was a porn shoot. But the money was good, and it was certainly less dangerous than he agreed to it. Before long he became a fairly well known porn star, and although he certainly never wanted to go down this career path- it was somewhat of a confidence boost. When he was doing a scene, he felt like he was wanted... Even if it wasn't in a traditional sense. It wasn't without its downside, however- as many people continued to push him in various directions he never really wanted to go in. He eventually would grow addicted to Cocaine, being given it regularly on the sets. It made it almost impossible for him to quit however, as the only job he ever knew was not something he was able to throw away so easily. He found himself slipping back into his old ways once again.

As he got older, and the work got farther & fewer between however- he began to feel like his old self. Alone, insecure, out of control of his own body, and generally used and tossed away as soon as things got difficult. He had managed to make a few friends of course, but they too seemed only to want what they could get out of him. Money, drugs, hot guys he'd meet on the sets, etc. He found himself slipping back into the drugs he had once given up, if only to feel welcome & like he was one of them. He wanted so desperately to be seen as a person rather than someone to be used.

He couldn't help but feel that part of him wanting to be loved and cared for in a genuine way. He had never been the "romantic" type, but as he got older he found himself dreaming of meeting a man that would be his equal. He spent so much of his life being used and told what direction to go, he wanted someone who was willing to just be with the person he was today. Eventually he found that in his fiance Brian. 

[Image: IdPkpZL.png?1]

HISTORY WITH BRIAN | He met Brian on the set of one of his porn shoots- he was an older man (10 years older to be exact) but he was always kind to him. They hit it off almost instantly, and they soon would become quick friends. Brian was hesitant to take it past a friendship initially. He didn't want to make things too complicated, knowing how George felt about being used & forced to be who others expect him to be. Not to mention he didn't want to be in a relationship with someone who was addicted to drugs that were killing him slowly. Things were always simpler with Brian however, and although it took him 30 years- George had finally found someone who didn't see him as someone to be used for their own personal gain. Brian eventually caved however, and although it was a struggle- George agreed to try rehab. After 4 months in rehab, George was beginning to feel normal again. Only this time he had a genuine, real friend. It wouldn't be long before they were engaged, and for once George felt truly like an equal and not someone less than or less deserving. 

DREAMS AND FEARS | Brian hopes to one day live a happy life with Brian, as well as start a family and hopefully raise kids in a more positive environment than he did. He's terrified of being exposed for more or less leaving the man for dead. He knows deep down he could have saved him, and he worries if Brian ever found out he would hate him forever.

Belongings | Nothing really. He likes to travel lightly with only a basic smartphone, his wallet, and a journal (he's taken up journaling to deal with his drug addiction). 
[Image: Vg1LbQC.png]

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OMFGGGGG GUYS, I LOVE ALL OF THEM >>>> Yas this amped my excitememt back up omg. Will be adding the characters to the OP in a bit. Sign ups are closed!
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Here`s to four straight years
of pre-gaming with the dead...

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