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Piercing (2018)
[Image: piercing_FridayOneSheet.jpg]

A psychosexual horror with a seam of black comedy lying under its artfully glittering surface, this sadomasochistic sensation dares viewers into a thrilling cat-and-mouse conundrum. Based on a novel by Ryu Murakami, who wrote Takashi Miike's AUDITION, a new father decides to ease his parental stress by killing an anonymous prostitute, but the flaky escort he chooses has her own chilling agenda. 

After The Eyes of My Mother, I am very much interested in director Nicholas Pesce's follow up. Reviews and the influences listed seem to suggest that it's going to something lush and tantalizing, with a lot of bizarro twists that I personally think could be something exciting when I get the chance to check it out.
Never heard of it or the Director but the poster is fun
[Image: ijRL86a.png?1]
Is there anything better than a natural disaster? 
The panic, the people lost in the streets. It`s like picking fruit off the vine. 

[Image: tumblr_mxnb1sKy7V1qj13q4o1_250.gif][Image: omlbM48.gif][Image: tumblr_p5pdtueuiI1qjvx7uo7_250.gif]
[Image: tumblr_mv30eflOD41qj13q4o2_r1_250.gif][Image: tumblr_mv30eflOD41qj13q4o1_r2_250.gif][Image: tumblr_mv30eflOD41qj13q4o4_r1_250.gif]

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