Harbinger Down (2015)
Harbinger Down (2015)

Rated R for language and creature violence

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Quote:The Harbinger, a fishing boat piloted by Captain Bill Graff, ventures out to the frozen Bering Sea with a professor and two graduate students, one of them being Graff's granddaughter Sadie, to study a pod of beluga whales. The crew and their guests get off to a rocky start, but any ill will is forgotten when they dredge up a Cold War-era Soviet space capsule trapped in an ice floe and discover an almost perfectly preserved cosmonaut in the wreckage. They're unaware of the alien stowaways until they take a blood sample and unleash the hellish consequences. As the aliens aggressively evolve, they seek the closest living beings to survive... humans, who are all stuck on a small boat in the middle of an icy ocean.

This movie was made by members of the special effects team who worked on the 2011 prequel to The Thing, only to see all their best work covered up with bad CGI, and so decided that they were gonna make a Thing-inspired movie of their own to show off their practical effects. Well, they definitely accomplished what they set out to do; shame about the rest of the movie. This was basically the kind of film that a lot of people back in the '80s accused The Thing of being (before it was rediscovered and reevaluated): worth watching only for the special effects showcase, and otherwise lacking much in the way of interesting characters or real scares and tension, especially when the monsters aren't on screen. I admire the work that went into it, but sadly, there isn't much for me to recommend about it for anybody who's not a serious gorehound.

My full review is here.
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