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UNTITLED SLASHER FILM (loosely inspired by Life is Strange)
UNTILED (no title at the moment)
a slasher script written by Joshua M.

Arcadia Bay, Oregon

High School: Blackwell High

"Mari, her girlfriend: Billie and their friends: Michael, Justin, Page, Sara and Christopher go to a cabin for the 4th of July weekend. A weekend that was supposed to be the best time of their lives before they graduated, ended up being their worst fears come true."


Mari - Mari is a bubbly, she's likeable and a fun person to be around. She met her girlfriend at a gay pride and it was love at first sight. Her parents weren't thrilled with Mari's coming out but they warmed up to her and have accepted Mari being a lesbian.

Page - Page is your all-American blonde, blue-eyed girl. She is the Paris Hilton of her hometown, she is insanely rich and is basically a local celebrity. She and Mari had been best friends since they were in kindergarden, Page was the very first person Mari came out to and was the first person to accept her.

Christopher - Christopher is a very smart kid, he was accepted into every college in the United States, he's not very strong, has a very skinny body and wears glasses. A Friday night to Christopher is studying, he doesn't have much of a social life nor is he close to his parents. It was Mari who introduced Christopher to her friends. He secretly crushes on Page but doesn't act on the crush.

Justin - Justin is a football player and the boyfriend to Page. Justin is a very loyal friend and boyfriend, he will do anything to protect his friends and his girlfriend. His biggest secret is that no one knows about is that he killed his father to stop him from beating Christopher when he was 10 but this happened before he moved to Arcadia Bay, Oregon.

Michael - Michael is the best friend of Justin, he's on the baseball team, a total goofball always says the wrong thing at the wrong time. He loves to party like every other teenager. Like Page, Michael is crazy rich, and by rich I mean rich enough to be own anything they wanted. His father is the founder of Blackwell High.

Billie - Not much is known about Billie before she moved to Arcadia Bay, except that when she was younger her father was killed in a car accident. She doesn't get along with her stepfather and she always gets into arguments with her mother. The only person she's ever felt safe around and loved is her girlfriend Mari. She's not really friends with the people Mari's friends with except maybe Christopher. Billie admires that Christopher while a bit of a geek, isn't like the other assholes in Mari's circle.

The Killer - Not much is known about The Killer except that the cabin Mari and her friends spent the weekend in was The Killer's hidden lair, unknown to Mari and the others.

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It`s a survival thing. I made a lot of devil`s bargains and I stuck to them. As a result I live somewhat dangerously and quite comfortably. And my mother, who no longer recognizes me, has the best room in the clinic. I get up every morning, put on my game face and do what I have to.
Im interested to see how a slasher works with Life Is Strange aspects. Excited to see
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Is there anything better than a natural disaster? 
The panic, the people lost in the streets. It`s like picking fruit off the vine. 

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LIS is awesome so I'll check this out.
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Why is everyone so ready to think the worst is over?

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