Poll: Best Sarah Character?
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Billie Dean Howard (Murder House, Hotel, Apocalypse)
0 0%
Lana Winters (Asylum, Roanoke, Apocalypse)
0 0%
Cordelia Foxx (Coven & Apocalpyse)
0 0%
Bette Tattler (Freak Show)
0 0%
Dot Tattler (Freak Show)
0 0%
Sally McKenna (Hotel)
1 33.33%
Shelby Miller (Roanoke)
0 0%
Audrey Tindall (Roanoke)
0 0%
Ally Mayfair-Richards (Cult)
2 66.67%
Wilhemina Venable (Apocalypse)
0 0%
Total 3 vote(s) 100%
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Best Sarah Paulson Character?
Over the show's eight seasons, Mrs. Paulson has played exactly ten characters. Starting with psychic medium Billie Dean Howard (Murder House) and ending with, as of now, the power hungry dictator Wilhemina Venable (Apocalypse). Of these ten characters, which two were your faves and why?  sistrens
[Image: tumblr_pgrfgzqDeE1qm3yaoo9_400.gif][Image: tumblr_pgrfgzqDeE1qm3yaoo2_400.gif][Image: tumblr_pgrfgzqDeE1qm3yaoo10_400.gif]

When I was scared, I would imagine myself building a big wall all around me,
 made of the strongest bricks in the whole world.
And when I got scared, I would imagine myself putting another one on,
 one after the other, until that wall was so thick and so strong
 I knew I’d be safe in there forever.

[Image: tumblr_pgrfgzqDeE1qm3yaoo8_400.gif][Image: tumblr_pgrfgzqDeE1qm3yaoo6_400.gif][Image: tumblr_pgrfgzqDeE1qm3yaoo4_400.gif]
Ally is by leaps and bounds my fav. HMs to Sally and Lana
[Image: 1l2xAbI.png?2]
You don`t trust me. You don`t think a man can change?
[Image: NOLFt6k.gif?1][Image: sjtAraL.gif?1][Image: LIfUrJ5.gif?1]
[Image: GVxVkcA.gif?1][Image: RIFvTv6.gif][Image: DcS6mJE.gif?1]
The world`s a cesspool, filled with selfish and greedy beasts. We live. We die.

Ally for sure. I love Sally, Lana, and really like Cordelia (but only in Apocalypse)
[Image: ijRL86a.png?1]
Is there anything better than a natural disaster? 
The panic, the people lost in the streets. It`s like picking fruit off the vine. 

[Image: tumblr_mxnb1sKy7V1qj13q4o1_250.gif][Image: omlbM48.gif][Image: tumblr_p5pdtueuiI1qjvx7uo7_250.gif]
[Image: tumblr_mv30eflOD41qj13q4o2_r1_250.gif][Image: tumblr_mv30eflOD41qj13q4o1_r2_250.gif][Image: tumblr_mv30eflOD41qj13q4o4_r1_250.gif]
Ally & Lana.
[Image: tumblr_pljggpyNf61y06vp8o1_540.gif][Image: tumblr_pljggpyNf61y06vp8o3_540.gif][Image: tumblr_pljggpyNf61y06vp8o6_r2_540.gif]
[Image: tumblr_plj9nr2L4w1qgbrtho5_r1_540.gif][Image: tumblr_plj9nr2L4w1qgbrtho1_540.gif][Image: tumblr_plj9nr2L4w1qgbrtho3_r1_540.gif]

My smile is beamin, my skin is gleamin 
The way it shines, I know youve seen it

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