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Unpopular Horror Opinions
What are your unpopular and controversial horror opinions?
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It`s a survival thing. I made a lot of devil`s bargains and I stuck to them. As a result I live somewhat dangerously and quite comfortably. And my mother, who no longer recognizes me, has the best room in the clinic. I get up every morning, put on my game face and do what I have to.
I have NO shortage:
  • Like The Shining (Movie) more than what I know about the book

  • Original Hostel is a genuinely great movie, and Paxton is a pretty great final boy. Definitely better than Wolf Creek was (which came out at the same time on a similar concept to way better reviews). Not so unpopular on here, but

  • The Original Friday the 13th is not a very good movie and is among the worst of the entire franchise

  • Prometheus is a stupid, terrible movie and actually worse than the first AVP.

  • Danielle Harris does not instantly make a character amazing

  • Terminator is a horror movie.

  • The Purge movies are mind-numbingly stupid and annoyingly pretentious and self-important

  • Paranormal Activity, High Tension, The Others, The Conjuring, Babadook, Insidious = Overrated. A few are decent, most are terrible

  • While Erin from You're Next is a decent final girl, she is not world changing
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You don`t trust me. You don`t think a man can change?
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The world`s a cesspool, filled with selfish and greedy beasts. We live. We die.

Suspiria (recent) was amazing & the best horror movie of 2018.
Halloween 3 is top 3 in the series.
Black Christmas > Halloween.
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Why is everyone so ready to think the worst is over?

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