Poll: Paul vs. Loomis
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Paul Gardner (Urban Legend)
1 100.00%
Samuel Loomis (RZH2)
0 0%
Total 1 vote(s) 100%
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UL Paul vs. RZH2 Loomis
Both are basically remakes of Scream 2 Gale, only nowhere near as a good. Which do you prefe
Lemme vote Loomis for daddy Malcolm
[Image: Vg1LbQC.png]

[Image: tumblr_ootgjaklVy1vmio9do8_400.gif][Image: tumblr_ootgjaklVy1vmio9do7_400.gifv][Image: tumblr_ootgjaklVy1vmio9do6_400.gif]
[Image: tumblr_ootgjaklVy1vmio9do3_400.gifv][Image: tumblr_ootgjaklVy1vmio9do4_400.gifv][Image: tumblr_ootgjaklVy1vmio9do5_400.gifv]
Paul for daddy Jared Leto
[Image: tumblr_p7lr48dd0q1s0y064o7_400.gif][Image: tumblr_p7lr48dd0q1s0y064o4_400.gif][Image: tumblr_p7lr48dd0q1s0y064o3_400.gif]
[Image: tumblr_p7lr48dd0q1s0y064o2_400.gif][Image: tumblr_p7lr48dd0q1s0y064o5_400.gif][Image: tumblr_p7lr48dd0q1s0y064o8_400.gif]
On the one hand, RZH2 Loomis is kind of annoying. On the other hand, at least Malcolm McDowell is kind of entertaining. I recall Leto being bland in UL

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