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FRIDAY THE 13TH (upcoming remake)
Location: Camp Crystal Lake

Settings: 1987 (Past), 1993 (Present)

"In the summer of 1990, a little boy drowned... in 1993, someone is avenging him."

"On June 13th, 1993, Steve Christy bought the land that the original Camp Crystal Lake was set on, and bought the rights to reopen the camp and bringing in a bunch of young teenagers to become camp counselors, until some mystery killer started a massacre." 

The Cast #1:

The Teenagers: 
Alex Hardy (18) - The Sole Survivor & The Virgin
Cassandra "Cassie" Kelly (17) - The Slut, Caleb's girlfriend
Caleb Rivers (17) - The Jock, Cassie's boyfriend
Finn Thompson (16) - The Goofball, Alex's best friend, Collin's twin brother
Collin Thompson (17) - The Stoner, Finn's twin brother
Ryan Jackson (18) - The Fearless Idiot
Cate Rivers (15) - The Shy One, younger sister of Caleb
Annie Mitchell (17) - The First Victim

The Cast #2:
Ralph - Creepy Old Man
The Killer - Villain 
Steve Christy - The Owner of Camp Crystal Lake
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Sis you low key gotta wait to make these threads if you haven't even started the script and just have a basic idea.
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Tell me something boy.  Aren`t you tired trying to fill that void? Or do you need more? Ain`t it hard keeping it so harcore? 
I`m falling... In all the good times I find myself longing for change... And in the bad times I fear myself.
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I`m off the deep end, watch as I dive in. I`ll never meet the ground. Crash through the surface
where they can`t hurt us... We`re far from the Shallow now!

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