The Redbird Orphange (Mini-RPG)
On October 31st of 1995, The Redbird Orphanage was suddenly and explicitly shut down; forcing it's staff to send the 956 children to any place willing to take them. It was a task that took many months of non-stop searching, but eventually every kid was given a new home... wither it was a good or bad home is an entirely different story.
Now, 25years later, six of the now grown-up kids are forced to return when their names are casually mentioned in the will of a former Redbird orphan; one that none of them have had contact with in years. All have been promised a share of his fortune, though none of them can touch a cent of it unless they've spent exactly a week back in the ol' orphanage. Should be an easy task, right?
Unfortunately the group quickly learn that each of them were brought here for a specific reason: each of them carries a deadly secret, and someone out there is now dead-set on exposing them for the frauds, criminals and sadist they *really* are.
A RPG Mini-Series.


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Here`s to four straight years
of pre-gaming with the dead...

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Yay I was added!!! Im so glad you loved Fiona
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