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All the cancelled 'Halloween' Scripts/Treatments/Ideas
Halloween II: Original Concept by John Carpenter (1981) - The first initial idea for Halloween 2, it took place years later and had Laurie Strode living in a high rise apartment building, only for the Shape to return on Halloween to cause carnage. It was scrapped because John Carpenter liked the idea of picking up on the same night more.

Halloween III: Season of the Witch by Nigel Kneale (1982) - Basically a early version of Halloween III, it had much less gore and was apparently more complicated and complex than what we got. John Carpenter and Tommy Lee Wallace did rewrites on the script and simplified it and made it gorier, which angered Nigel and he forced the producers to remove his writing credit from the film.

Halloween IV by Dennis Etchison (1986) - Revolves around Tommy and Lindsey along with other returning characters like Gary Hunt and Brackett years after the original massacre. It has lots of supernatural and psychological elements, including a Michael Myers who can grow in size.

Halloween V by Shem Bitterman (1989) - The first script for Halloween V, it revolved around the ending of Halloween IV. furthering the idea of Jamie becoming fully evil. Danielle Harris and Donald Pleasance were on board with this idea, however the idea was rejected by the studio and Akkad. Dominique Othenin-Girard threw the script in the trash in front of Moustapha Akkad.

Halloween V Pitch by Robert Harders (1989) - A pitch by Robert Harders, it involved Michael being struck by lighting and being brought back to life, and from there it was basically a Frankenstein-esque story, Michael was no longer evil and was being hunted down by the townspeople while Doctor Loomis was trying to reach Michael and trying to stop the townspeople from killing Michael.

Halloween 666: The Origin by Phil Rosenberg (1994) - A very strange script that has a homeless Michael Myers, virtual reality and Tommy Doyle as one of the center characters. It also had cameos by other past characters such as Sheriff Meeker and Reverend Jack Sayer from Halloween 4 (who is revealed to be the Man in Black in this script), and even Loomis makes a appearance as a insane asylum inmate. This script was tossed across the room by Moustapaha Akkad.

Michael Myers: Lord of the Dead treatment by Daniel Farrands (1996-1997) - A treatment submitted by Daniel Farrands as a sequel to Halloween 6. The details are unknown but it presumably would'eve picked up right where 6 left off.

Halloween 7: Two Faces of Evil by Robert Zappia (1996-1997) - Was to be a direct to video sequel to Halloween 6 which involves Michael stalking an all-girl prep school where one of the students were related to Michael Myers, there was also a Silence of the Lambs element of a copycat killer helping the police catch Michael. When Jamie Lee Curtis got involved, most of the ideas of the script were scrapped and incorporated ideas by Jamie Lee Curtis and was rewritten by Kevin Willamson.

Original Halloween H20 Treatment by Kevin Willamson (1997) - A treatment that is similar in many ways to H20 except Marion Chambers in the beginning is instead replaced by the daughter of Dr. Loomis, Rachel Loomis. Also the ending is different as Michael gets sliced in half by a helicopter propeller.

Halloween 7: The Revenge of Laurie Strode by Kevin Willamson - (1997) - This was basically a early version of Halloween H20 but it had lots of different things and scenes. It has a mention to Jamie from H4-H6 and has a scene where a student does a presentation on all the murders through Halloweens 1-6. It also has a much larger bodycount, and a whole subplot of the Haddonfield PD attempting to track down Michael Myers. The finale takes place at a pool and the Shape pleas for his life before he is impaled with a javelin by Laurie.

Halloween 8 Treatment by Phil Nutman and Daniel Farrands (1999) - Tommy Doyle and Lindsey Wallace rummage through the files and diaries of Dr. Loomis, learning of the events that transpired during Michael Myers' 15 years of incarcenation at Smith's Grove, basically a prequel intercut with present day. The final twist of the story was that although it appeared Michael Myers had returned for another night of terror, it was none other than Laurie Strode behind the mask. This treatment was later adopted into the Chaos Comics 3 issue series.

Halloween H2K: Evil Never Dies by UNKNOWN BUNCH OF WRITERS (1999) - In August 7th, Paul Freedman (who at the time produced Halloween 4, 6 and H20) announced a new film titled Halloween H2K: Evil Never Dies. It took place back in Haddonfield. It was slated for a Fall 2000 release and many writers were working on it, apparently the script required many of the cast from H20 to return. Another rumor said this film had Michael going after Jamie's baby from Halloween 6 (Steven) but this is most likely false. It was to be filmed in Salt Lake City (Where 4-6 were filmed), the film never happened due to the legal battle between Dimension/Weinstein and the Akkads.

Halloween: Family Reunion (working title) by Unknown (2003-2005) - This script had many different drafts written for it. This script would try to connect the H20 timeline with the original timeline by answering many questions and has mention of the Man in Black as well as Jamie and Laurie.

Supposedly it had John Tate dying under mysterious circumstances and involved Doctor Loomis's son taking on the investigation and hunt for Michael Myers. This script was never put into a production due to the death of Moustapha Akkad.

Halloween 9: Retribution script by Dudi Appleton and Jim Keeble (2004) - This script picks up from Halloween Resurrection, and it involves John Tate returning to avenge the death of his mother Laurie Strode, accompanied by Leigh Brackett who seeks revenge for his daughter Annie Brackett who was killed by Michael in 1978. Freddie Harris from the previous film is killed in the first few minutes. It ends with Michael Myers drowning in a frozen lake and John Tate staring at the dark eyes of the Michael Myers mask, perhaps implying he will turn evil in future installments.

This script however was never put into production due to the abrupt death of Moustapha Akkad - godfather of the Halloween franchise.

Halloween 3000 by UNKNOWN (2005-2006) - A script which only counts the original Halloween as canon and retcons it so Michael dies as a result of the 6 gunshots inflicted on him.

It follows a boy named Jimmy Moyer, who murders two of his classmates and his mother and his interned in Smith's Grove. Basically Jimmy becomes the next Michael, breaking out of the asylum years later to kill. One of the characters is revealed to be the little brother of Jimmy.

Lindsey Wallace is even in the script as a Doctor Loomis esque character. It has other returning characters such as Wynn and Brackett. Tommy Doyle shows up at the end and kills Jimmy with a homemade rocket launcher (I'm not making this shit up) and then it cuts to a few years later where Jimmy's little brother is older and it basically implies Jimmy's little brother is gonna become the next Michael Myers. The script was rejected by Dimension (thank god)

Halloween: The Missing Years by Jake Wade Wall (2006) - A script which revolves around the childhood of Michael Myers and what happened during his time interned in Smith's Grove. They were in the stages of attaching a director to the script, but they instead opted to go with Rob Zombie's script instead.

Halloween: Asylum by Matt Verne/Josh Goldfinger and Peter Stolberg (2004-2014) - This script acts as a loose sequel to Resurrection, it doesn't have any returning characters except Michael Myers and only references the first film. It has Michael Myers on death row after being captured during a police operation, only for him to break out and cause havoc in Smith's Grove. Some elements of this script were borrowed and implemented into Rob Zombie's Halloween, such as Michael's room with makeshift masks everywhere.

Later in 2014, this idea was rewritten by Goldfinger and Stolberg with the same concept of Michael Myers being on death row, but that never took off either but was later incorporated into the Returns script.

Halloween 3D by Todd Farmer and Patrick Lussier (2009) - This script follows directly from Rob Zombie's Halloween 2 (T-CUT) Laurie accidentally kills Brackett and then it jumps to a year later with Laurie in a rehabilitation center. The script is insane, even more so that Rob Zombie's Halloween 2. There's a scene where Michael kills a entire SWAT team. At the end of the script Laurie dies and Michael escapes.

Halloween Returns by Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan (2015) - A film which only counts the original canon (but retcons it to add in more carnage on that night.) as well as Halloween II. Gary Hunt and his family are central characters in its story and it involves Michael being on death row, however he escapes and more carnage breaks out. The film was never made due to Dimension losing the rights to the Halloween series.


3/13/2019 - Added Halloween H2K: Evil Never Dies, Halloween II: Original Concept by John Carpenter, another unmade Halloween 9.

Dennis Etchison - 'Halloween 4' SCRIPT:

Phil Rosenberg - 'Halloween 666' SCRIPT:

Kevin Williamson 'Halloween: H20' Treatment:

Kevin Williamson 'Halloween: The Revenge of Laurie Strode' (Jamie scenes aren't in it, the only available Jamie aspect is a different excerpt that I will post):

Jamie Excerpt:

'Halloween Retribution' SCRIPT:

'Halloween 3000' SCRIPT:

'Halloween: Asylum' SCRIPT:

'Halloween 3D' SCRIPT:

'Halloween Returns' SCRIPT:

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Halloween Returns was a good read, script is on par with H18. HR had better teens and a more developed cast (Rogers/Hunt, Sofia/Noah were all good leads). The storyline about what timeline this follows was confusing though.
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And I think its going to be a long, long time til touchdowns bring me round again to find...
Im not the man they think I am at home, oh no, Im a rocket man.

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