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Favorite TV Ships?
Self-explanatory thread. Which ships do you like most?
[Image: 5ijy0w1.png?1]
[Image: 9jI0agj.gif][Image: UEueU1q.gif][Image: 3KM4LvR.gif]
[Image: ZWRZHAl.gif][Image: nKNRiyG.gif][Image: bnUHrh6.gif]
Look, you guys stay in the rambler. I`ll get help. If I wipe out, I`ll fucking limp for help. But, I`m coming back
here. I`m coming back with cops, and choppers, and large fucking guns, and those things are going to pay. For Jules...
Shadowhunters' Alec/Mangus
[Image: tumblr_pm28ifOUck1y39ykyo1_400.gif][Image: tumblr_pm28ifOUck1y39ykyo4_r2_400.gif][Image: tumblr_pm28ifOUck1y39ykyo5_r3_400.gif]
[Image: tumblr_pm28ifOUck1y39ykyo2_r2_400.gif][Image: tumblr_pm28ifOUck1y39ykyo3_r1_400.gif][Image: tumblr_pm28ifOUck1y39ykyo6_r2_400.gif]

Robin Hood
Brian/Justin - QAF
Michael/Ben - QAF
Charlotte/Harry - Sex and the City
Carrie/Big - Sex and the City
Carrie/Aiden - Sex and the City
Miranda/Steve - Sex and the City
Gaby/Carlos - Desperate Housewives
Willow/Oz - Buffy
Willow/Tara - Buffy
Spike/Buffy - Buffy
Anya/Xander - Buffy
Fred/Wes - Angel
Angel/Lindsay - Angel
Cece/Schmidt - New Girl
Nick/Jessica - New Girl
Greg/Rebecca - Crazy Ex Girlfriend
Nate/Rebecca - Crazy Ex Girlfriend
Heather/Hector - Crazy Ex Girlfriend
Petra/Jane - Jane The Virgin
Rafael/Jane - Jane The Virgin
Michael/Jane - Jane The Virgin
Rafael/Petra - Jane The Virgin
Rogelio/Xiomara - Jane The Virgin
Sookie/Eric - True Blood
Jason/Jessica - True Blood
Dexter/Rita - Dexter
Dennis/Mac - Sunny In Philadelphia
Charlie/Mac - Sunny In Philadelphia (lol)
Ross/Rachel - Friends
Chandler/Monica - Friends
Tyrell/Elliot - Mr. Robot
Veronica/Logan - Veronica Mars
Sheila/Joel - Santa Clarita Diet
[Image: 2OylL7h.png?1]
Statistical fact: Cops will never pull over a man with a huge bong in his car. Why?
They fear this man. They know he sees further than they and he will bind them with ancient logic.

[Image: tumblr_nt334n1Ivi1qc2pylo6_r1_250.gif][Image: tumblr_nt334n1Ivi1qc2pylo2_r1_250.gif][Image: tumblr_nt334n1Ivi1qc2pylo8_250.gif]
[Image: tumblr_nt334n1Ivi1qc2pylo10_r1_250.gif][Image: tumblr_nt334n1Ivi1qc2pylo7_r1_250.gif][Image: tumblr_nt334n1Ivi1qc2pylo9_r1_250.gif]

Society is binding. Right? It’s filling in the cracks with concrete. Everything’s filed or reported, logged, right?
Chips in our kids heads so they won’t get lost. Society needs to crumble. We’re all just too chicken shit to let it.

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