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Favorite BB. Villains?
There's always those players you love to hate and hate to love; who are your favorite Big Brother villains and why?

Also up-front, I know everyone has their own definition, so here's mine: players that I don't like as people (and, by extension, truly cannot say I am rooting for them), but that I loooooved watching as reality TV personalities for what they brought to the show. Maybe a few exceptions, but yeah.
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Do you know what it`s like to be told how lucky you are to be someone`s prisoner?
Big Brother 2 - Will and Nicole are both obviously great villains, not sure I would say I hate them as people... but they're very much the villains of the season and they both make it to the end. Shannon is also evil and i loathe her but her meltdown is iconic.

Big Brother 3 - Chiara - She's kinda crazy and her feud with Amy is iconic. She also randomly decides she hates Lisa for no reason and targets her. 

Big Brother 4 - Alison Irwin - Kinda the main exception to the "don't like as a person" rule. She's super bitchy and evil in game, but that's why she's so entertaining. She doesn't seem like an awful person to me, and she has a lot of likable qualities. That being said she's an evil genius in the game, and one of the strongest female players ever (her jury management is her one, but massive flaw). 

Big Brother 6 - Maggie is super interesting to watch. She's such a sociopath 

Big Brother 10 - April is hilariously bitchy and deranged, she's so entitled and crazy but its super entertaining.

Big Brother 14 - Dan is kinda a villain in this season, but I love him as a person. He's obviously super entertaining to watch, even though I even got angry with him for Dan's funeral (while being super impressed and shook at his gameplay)

Big Brother 15 - Aaryn and Amanda are both awful people in the show, but I defo found them entertaining in a twisted/messy way. The show is draining to watch though, but they're some of the most memorable castmembers.

Big Brother 18 - Paulie is a total douchebag but he's entertaining to watch, as is his downfall.

Big Brother 19 - Not really sure who to call a villain this season, I like Paul as a person and I love him. Most people would call him the villain. Jody are obviously pinned as the herso of the season, and though I've grown to not hate them- they were awful on show. 

Big Brother 20 - JC and Kaitlyn were both kinda "villains' but I like them as people, they just caused tons of drama and were the center of the fights for a while.
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Statistical fact: Cops will never pull over a man with a huge bong in his car. Why?
They fear this man. They know he sees further than they and he will bind them with ancient logic.

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Society is binding. Right? It’s filling in the cracks with concrete. Everything’s filed or reported, logged, right?
Chips in our kids heads so they won’t get lost. Society needs to crumble. We’re all just too chicken shit to let it.

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