Poll: Better final girl?
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Ginny Field
3 100.00%
Laurie Strode (H1 only)
0 0%
Total 3 vote(s) 100%
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Better final girl: Ginny Field or Laurie Strode (H1)
The psychologist pregnant legend Ginny.
[Image: 26d4cafe1c19957bc62ecaef5c20faabf0bc3f11.gifv][Image: df7e79b6921e123978fd905ced46b524fed1482d.gifv][Image: 87903e890a74fb23bf47122227193183ccadfbfa.gifv]
[Image: 02bd8e920bcfb72fa5ac5b245c1adb91effbb3f0.gifv][Image: 4fb776d45a875756176d0aaec5c85d7ce04bc570.gifv][Image: 1b85c72276f237355b806f685c315c2b9daf1852.gifv]

Leaving like a father, running like water

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