Which "Scream" clone do you prefer of these choices?
Urban Legend (1998)
[Image: 51KQI6jbuYL.jpg]

Final Destination (2000)
[Image: MV5BZTI0NGM2OGYtNzVmMi00NGQ2LTk2MDAtN2Rm...@._V1_.jpg]

Cherry Falls (2000)
[Image: MV5BZGU4YzA1NGEtYmVhMy00ZGMwLThhY2YtNTUy...68_AL_.jpg]

Valentine (2001)
[Image: MV5BZWQxM2JjNTktYWE4Ni00YmZiLWFlNDEtMWYz...@._V1_.jpg]

I Know What You Did Last Summer (1997)
[Image: thumbnail?id=1MV3a8869531f30393d6255cd05...es=310x465]
[Image: tumblr_o0os4fvb2O1rkxk2ho8_250.gif][Image: tumblr_o0os4fvb2O1rkxk2ho7_250.gif][Image: tumblr_o0os4fvb2O1rkxk2ho1_250.gif]
[Image: tumblr_o0os4fvb2O1rkxk2ho6_250.gif][Image: tumblr_o0os4fvb2O1rkxk2ho3_250.gif][Image: tumblr_o0os4fvb2O1rkxk2ho5_250.gif]
Final Destination, though I Know What You Did Last Summer and Urban Legend are right there behind it. The sequels make this a landslide, but even without them, Final Destination had a creative premise that it used very well.

Never seen Cherry Falls (though I've heard good things), and Valentine can go die in a fire.

Oh, and you forgot to put up the poll.
[Image: tumblr_lk94ugdWBf1qe6mn3o1_500.gif] [Image: tumblr_lfn89rxh3M1qbxq6qo1_500.gif]
[Image: tumblr_mqevaqodRr1qke7z9o3_500.gif]


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