What is the best sequel of the main three slashers?
Of the three main slasher franchises "Halloween", "Friday the 13th", "A Nightmare on Elm Street"; which of the three had the best sequel?

My top 3:

1. Halloween H20
2. The Dream Master
3. Friday the 13th, Part 3
[Image: tumblr_o0os4fvb2O1rkxk2ho8_250.gif][Image: tumblr_o0os4fvb2O1rkxk2ho7_250.gif][Image: tumblr_o0os4fvb2O1rkxk2ho1_250.gif]
[Image: tumblr_o0os4fvb2O1rkxk2ho6_250.gif][Image: tumblr_o0os4fvb2O1rkxk2ho3_250.gif][Image: tumblr_o0os4fvb2O1rkxk2ho5_250.gif]

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