Return to Halloweentown (2006)
Return to Halloweentown (2006)

Rated TV-PG

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Quote:Marnie Piper arrives at the Halloweentown University - known to everyone as Witch U. Her best friend Aneesa is a student there too, and before you can say `abracadabra' the bewitching pair find themselves in magical mischief and mayhem.

The one that a lot of fans like to pretend doesn't exist. I personally don't think it was that terrible... but yeah, it's pretty bad. I normally like Sara Paxton in the other movies I've seen her in, but she was not nearly as memorable as Kimberly J. Brown was in the second and third movies, especially given that the two of them looked nothing alike; something tells me they cast her because they wanted a marketable idol singer, this being the Disney Channel shortly after High School Musical came out. The magic of the series was also heavily scrubbed out, replaced with the obnoxious Sinister Sisters who felt like a poor man's Plastics and got on my nerves with their every appearance. It had some redeeming qualities, but they were all tertiary to the rest of the film.

My full review is here.
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Can we all just take a moment to appreciate just how God awful this movie is? Even if it wasn't attached to the Halloweentown franchise, it's still a trash piece of cinema. The acting is bland at best and awful at worst, the writing is both uninspired and annoying, and the overall picture just felt like a cheap, money grabber. 

Almost zero love was put into this, and honestly? It really shows..
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Here`s to four straight years
of pre-gaming with the dead...

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I don’t even remember this besides it being a total dud. And Sara Paxton was a terrible Marnie
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We have a payload to deliver to the heart of our nearest star. We are delivering that payload cause that star is dying and, if it dies, we die, everything dies. So that is our mission, there is nothing, literally nothing, more important than completing our mission. End of story.


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