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Cullen James Campbell
Psychology/Political Science
26. Bisexual.

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Zac Efron

Investigative Team Role: Investigator. Cullen has far too much charisma to be behind the camera, but nowhere near well-researched enough on the supernatural to take point as the lead investigator.

Paranormal Interest: Medium. Cullen's not really the tarots and Ouija board kind of guy. Actually thinks that stuff is kind of stupid. But he definitely believes in the supernatural. Never a dramatic experience, nothing in your face. He can just... sense it. Places have an atmosphere to them, and a feel to them. When he went apartment hunting for college, Cullen could step into one and just sensed that something was wrong with it; turns out, the previous tenant killed herself in the apartment. Needless to say, Cullen stayed somewhere else.

Cullen doesn't totally understand it, and he has always been scared to explore it. Tends to think that the supernatural should be respected and left alone. Truthfully, Cullen's only doing the show because he's vain enough to want the screentime. It's why he insisted on an "In front of the camera" job. Heavier atmospheres (for Cullen, those typically tied to pain, hatred, misery or violence,) do tend to have a draining effect on Cullen, especially longterm exposure in them. Willing to try tapping into it a bit more on the show, but also careful about it. Cullen would be lying if he said this stuff never interested him, it also just scares him. A lot. Always worried about crossing that boundary too far and what might happen.

Personality: Cocky charmer. Spoiled, self-absorbed richboy, and absolutely loves flaunting his privileged upbringing. Flashy and vain, but with a surprising sweetness beneath the surface. Cullen's conceited; he pretty much lives to show off. At the same time, there's a legitimate lack of malice. Less about putting others down, more about emphasizing how great he is. The arrogance is more bluster than genuine; you'd never guess it at a glance, but Cullen's definitely lacking in confidence. He knows he's hot, not so convinced about himself as a person. Feels like a douchebag, which, admittedly, is kind of true, but not as bad as Cullen makes himself out to be. Feels a bit like everyone hates him and only barely tolerates him, but doesn't really know who else to be or how to act.

Cullen's able to turn off the bluster when he needs to (well, sort of). Surprisingly big on building others up. Genuinely attentive and supportive to his friends in need. Never one for mean putdowns, and typically has no shortage of genuine, honest compliments. Consistently outspoken against bullying. Cullen's a firm believer that you don't gain confidence and find joy in breaking others down; you find it in building others (and yourself) up. The closer Cullen gets to someone, the more fun and genuine he is. Always a bit of that front, Cullen wouldn't be himself if there wasn't, but it's easier to be real when he trusts someone.

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Biography: Self-described "Privileged Prince." Comfy upbringing. Rich parents (whom he had a decent relationship with; not super close, but they're family, and they love each other), fairly popular, good schools, great colleges (Ivy League levels, of course).  Obviously a fratboy. Got a car when he turned sixteen. Cullen's had it pretty good, and he's pretty glad he did honestly. It's fun when life is easy. Wasn't particularly lazy though. Was a fairly dedicated student, and isn't exactly entitled. Doesn't think the world owes him anything. Cullen is just used to things being nice and easy, and he prefers it when they are. A bit high maintenance. Nothing overly dramatic or interesting.

Political/Social Viewpoint: Liberal Progressive. Parents were, admittedly, kind of "stage parent" types. Less on pushing Cullen into a career of Hollywood fame, more on pushing him into a politics like his dear old state senator dad. It worked. Poli-Sci and Psych major. Political internships. Eyeing lawschool. That said, "wrong" politics. Dad's a Republican, a less hardcore conservative one. Cullen is pretty liberal. Pro-choice. Big on gay marriage and LGBT rights; no shock there. Very invested in institutional equality, whether it be on race, class, or gender. Very politically conscious, and definitely was one of the more politically motivated students in college. Cullen and his parents are still on good terms overall, and they've shifted left on a few things (such as LGBT rights, hard not to with a bisexual son bringing his boyfriends over). But definitely a bit of a clash. They just don't talk politics sometimes.

Of course, this doesn't mean Cullen isn't one for trolling. He's... not necessarily the biggest fan of Benji, and he pretty much lives to piss him off. Did Cullen say he's pro-choice? My bad, he meant "Pro-Abortion." The more the better! He may not be for late-term ones, but, if Benji asks, damn right they're needed. Loves flirting with and hitting on the guy for some laughs. Was a very, very grudging Hillary voter, but #ImWithHer as far as Benji can be concerned. (For 2020, he was Yang Gang. Needless to say, he'll be voting the Green Party come November). 

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Motivations for Returning: Out of college and at home for a bit. Doing some political internships before deciding his life path. Figured the show could be a nice way to: A) get trending, B) get some screentime, C) hang out with people, so why not jump in.

Internal/External Strengths/Weaknesses: On the weakness end, while not instantly apparent, Cullen's pretty insecure, with a surprisingly low self-image for how cocky and conceited he is. Kind of hates himself, actually. So that's a pretty big one. The more obvious weakness is the self-absorption and vanity can feel overbearing at first glance. Makes it hard for Cullen to form meaningful, close friendships and relationships with others. Tends to feel pretty isolated.

Wicked smart and quick thinking. Handles high-pressure situations surprisingly well. Charismatic and compelling speaker. Good at analytical reasoning. Excels at various logic puzzles. In decent physical shape, though far from peak physical condition. Not necessarily the most creative person ever.

He's also pretty good at flirting and a rather proficient lover so.. Cullen's got that going for him. Not to mention a Grade A troll (at least when it comes to Benji).

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Why is this character important to you and what weight will they hold in the story?
Every character I write (I think even that most people write) tend to have little parts of me in them. It's kind of what helps ground you in a character to branch out from there, which helps create an immediate sense of attachment. Characters are about personal investment, especially in horror stories, and at the very least I'm invested in him. I think Cullen's got enough personality and a big enough personality to stand out from a crowd of characters and be interesting, and I think it's one that could be explored in multiple directions. There's enough present that I find him interesting on paper, but Cullen isn't so overwritten that you're backed into a corner when writing him. 

As for what role Cullen can play, that depends on the story being told. Even looking at the other bios, I feel he'd be a little bit of an outsider to the rest of this cast (ironically enough, given his popular, conceited fratty richboy persona). I don't necessarily think Cullen's personality, especially on a surface level, is one that would naturally click with the majority of this cast. I think a lot of them might be a bit put off by him at a glance. Which can make for interesting conflict, but also interesting arcs (as both characters grow to know and respect each other... or maybe don't get along so well).    
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So either I`m making up a story for dramatic effect, or I`m the only one telling the truth in a room full of liars! 
Travis Liam Donovan
23|Gay|Education|Psych Minor

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Jack Reynor

Investigative Team Role: Equipment Manager. Not necessarily the most interesting job (and, honestly, Travis probably isn't the most qualified for it...), but someone had to do it and no volunteers. He's giving it his all, though, and trying extra-hard to be more attentive than usual. Plus, Travis does prefer to be behind the camera instead of in-front of it. Surprisingly camera-shy.

Paranormal Interest: Demonologist. Pretty spiritual/religious person, so an interest in demons and possession kind of check out for him. Likes to understand things; thinks maybe it could help with understanding his religious beliefs too. Not one for seances or Ouija boards or anything; he takes them seriously, and that's why he dislikes them. Thinks some things are better left alone. Even a little anxious about this ghost show, Travis totally believes in ghosts, demons, etc. Anything supernatural. Doesn't know that it's great to mess with... but he's willing to give it a go in a more hands-off way for his friends and boyfriend. Figured understanding demons and spirits might not be a bad thing either so everyone can be safe and smart with their decision making.

Personality: Big, boisterous fratbro. Lots of energy. Giant smile. Fun to be around. Super friendly. Highly extroverted. Travis is one of the absolute easiest people to get along with. Loves meeting new people, and pretty good at breaking through their defenses. Real sense of trustworthiness to Travis. Pretty deeply compassionate individual. Very supportive and very real. Completely upfront with anything and everything. He also loves hugs.

Not the best impulse control, however. Was a sharp student, but never the best. Could’ve been, but studying was not his forte. Easily distracted. Not the best attention span. Prone to daydreaming and an overactive imagination. Big procrastinator. Pulled it out despite that; Travis is far more intelligent than his fratboy demeanor would suggest at a glance. Just not the most focused individual. Tends to hit his relationships too. Not quite a serial cheater, but not great at being faithful. Gets caught up in the moment, one thing leads to another, and before Travis knows it, he regrets everything. Been putting in effort and improving here, but it’s still not great. Cullen and Travis have been together a few years now, and Travis has cheated. Twice. What kills him most is Travis is pretty confident Cullen is the one for him. And he still keeps fucking it up. He’s even got an engagement ring bought (though he’s not proposing yet; Travis wants to, but he also wants to respect Cullen and the time needed to rebuild that sense of trust). Knows he has to get it together on the cheating. Travis would probably never forgive himself if he ruined what he and Cullen had. He’s already ruined too many relationships. He can’t lose the guy he feels happiest and safest with.

Deeply religious. Non-denominational Christian. Catholic schools growing up, but definitely not Catholic. Certainly doesn’t do the whole Church thing. Never felt the most comfortable there. Lots of personal reading and praying. Usually on a daily basis. Cullen’s been getting into it too a bit now, but not nearly as consistently as Travis. Religion’s always been a big deal to him, both for comfort and guidance. Really wants to be a good person and make the world a better place. Part of what drew him to teaching. Travis loves spending time with kids. He loves helping people. Pretty in-tune with his emotions. He’s been going for it. Definitely wants kids of his own someday; can’t wait to adopt them. Has wanted to be a dad even longer than he wanted to be a teacher. Cullen’s anxious and iffy, but open.

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Biography: Happy kid. Huge ball of positive energy. Was always super outgoing and excited to meet people. Lots of smiles and laughter. Fit in well in school socially, very playful. More spontaneous than structured. Very much the "make it up as he goes along" type, though Travis has been working hard in recent years on more structure and more order. Been forcing himself to keep things organized; he has to be if he wants to be a teacher.

Was not the best student ever. Cutting classes, tardiness, and, of course, skipped homework assignments. Was in detention more times than he can count by high school (never suspended, though. Travis was a bit lazy and careless, but not that bad). Even had to take summer school once in his freshmen year. Like the structure, has been pulling it together more as he got older. The grades started picking up towards the end of high school pretty dramatically, and the absences and detentions began getting cut down. Pulled a surprisingly knock-out performance on the ACTs, scoring around a 32-33. Was enough to get him into a really good college, which no one who knew Travis expected. Pulled it together more there too, but still prone to skipping a class and zoning out. Especially if he's got a frat party or event to go to (Travis could not wait to rush Greek life. Fit in super well for it).

Family life is pretty good. Has a younger brother and sister, reasonably close to both of them, though they don't spend as much time together since Travis began college. Stable homelife. Solid relationships with his parents, albeit much closer to his mom. They're really good friends. On a whole, a very stable, comfortable life. Coming out was a little stressful in the moment, but his family was pretty supportive and understanding, even if they ask the occasional dumb question or two, even now.

Romantic life, not so great. Multiple break-ups, not all his fault, but usually. Definitely not the most faithful boyfriend. Admittedly, a lot of Travis' early relationships weren't so serious. Got more serious around midway through college. Cullen is definitely the most serious boyfriend Travis has ever had. Met a couple years ago; had some of the same classes and minimal interaction, but nothing serious. They were randomly paired up on a group lab, which is when the two guys really got to know each other better. Hit it off as friends pretty fast; Cullen's bluster played well off of Travis' boisterous and upbeat attitude. Quickly shifted into something romantic albeit casual, which shifted into something more serious. Travis is pretty all-in at this point; very committed, trying hard to be a better boyfriend and more faithful. Going more all-out for romantic events and anniversaries than he usually would. Cullen's more hesitant based on past history (mainly the cheating, but also possibly conflicting life goals. For example, Cullen's unsure about kids, Travis really wants them), so Travis, especially the past year, has been trying to win him over and prove that he can actually be the guy you can marry and settle down with and have a family. Probably trying to be more mature than he is. It's not the easiest thing ever.

[Image: Jack-Reynor.jpg]

Political/Social Viewpoint: On a whole, Travis is fairly liberal-progressive. All for an FDR-esque government to be active in its citizens lives and protecting them. Big on welfare. Passionate about equal rights. Isn’t always as informed on more complicated sociological concept, but Cullen tries his best. And Travis is always open-minded, especially to his boyfriend.

Very pro-life. He sympathizes with abortion. He to an extent gets the argument. The guy Travis loves is pro-choice. He’d never judge someone for it. But he just, personally, can’t get behind (unless it’s medically necessary or recommended by doctors for health reasons. Firm believer that the mother’s health does, of course, come first). A fetus is a life to Travis, and he just finds it impossible to look past that. Not just with abortion, though. Thinks adoption and foster care need a lot of work put into them so these kids should have better lives. And, of course, adamantly opposed to the death penalty. Pro-life *is* pro-life. And while Travis gets abortion advocates, he doesn’t get death penalty advocates. It’s not a deterrent. Innocent people have died. Eye for an eye is not the way to go. And it’s not people’s role to play God and judge who lives and dies (as far as Travis is concerned). Has next to no respect for a “Pro-Lifer” who supports the death penalty. Just finds them to be unbearably hypocritical.

Very peaceful. Not physically aggressive at all. Very anti-war. Very pro-gun-control. Looks at the mass shootings and is horrified. Hears from Travis what the U.S. has done to foreign countries and is horrified. Very big on getting violence and war under control.

Was Team Bernie for 2016. Team Tulsi/Yang for 2020. Didn't vote in 2016. Isn't voting in 2020.

Motivations for Returning: College is done, Cullen's back home, and Travis wants to be where Cullen is. Probably the main motivation for coming back. Meeting up with old friends is always nice too, even if he's kind of looking more towards the future. 

[Image: Jack-Reynor4.jpg]

Internal/External Strengths/Weaknesses: Easy to get along with; very friendly and extroverted. Makes it easy to make friends, hit it off with people, get along with people. Pretty honest and upfront for the most part, making him trustworthy. Can make some pretty dramatic changes if he sets his mind to it, and already has, but there's always some shakiness. Naturally pretty intelligent and creative. Super comfortable in his own skin. He also gives amazing hugs.

Not the most focused individual ever, though. While he's a good friend, he can be a pretty shitty (if genuinely loving) boyfriend at points. Probably doesn't feel as much stress as he usually should in most situations; a little too lax. Prone to crumbling some under stress when he is truly feeling it, however.

Why is this character important to you and what weight will they hold in the story?
The most obvious one I feel is horror stories benefit from interesting, likeable, developed characters, which I'd hope Travis checks the boxes for. Ideally he's someone who's likeable without feeling overdone, so people are invested in his survival. I think he and Cullen compliment each other well and could bring out interesting facets in one another (as well as possibly bridging any gaps between each other and the rest of the cast). Likewise, his outgoing nature hopefully would help Travis to play off the rest of the cast as well. Not to mention Equipment Manager is an essential role that needs filling.  

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So either I`m making up a story for dramatic effect, or I`m the only one telling the truth in a room full of liars! 
Omg I love them <3
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Lead Investigator | Biologist | USOlogist

[Image: gysfsbZcLD7ypncIOYERVTE_K1CoirPbHJQG5ZI4...OpZjn30_MK]

Stefano has always had an adventurous soul. He loves to travel & explore the world he lives in, he wants to “see as much of the world as possible”. He has always hated the idea of being stuck in one place for too long, his idea of “home” is not a place- but the people he surrounds himself with. He’s tried to strategically form a “charismatic” personality using tutorials from “Charisma On Command” on Youtube, but has always struggled with complete awkwardness, insecurities & anxiety. This is ultimately due to his childhood (of course) but there was always a tinge of lovability to his awkward personality. He’s always seemed gentle, calming, and quiet. He struggles to express his feelings more often than not, but when he does he often fumbles over his words and beats himself up over it. There has always been this gut wrenching feeling he can’t get rid of that he just isn’t meant to have normal, healthy relationships. 

The one thing he’s never really been insecure about are his looks, but it’s not like he thinks he’s extremely attractive naturally. He works hard to keep a fit physique because generally speaking, he feels that’s all he has. He works out to draw people in, but deep down it makes him question if they are there for the right reasons. A lot of people find his awkward personality endearing, like it’s charming that he stumbles over words or is quietly agreeable just because it’s easier- but it’s quite the struggle for Stefano. It’s part of why he’s always been drawn to Biology and USOlogy, that way he has as little human contact as possible. Plus, he finds it easy to communicate with animals in general. He gets them. Ironically he feels his calmest in the water, he can think clearly and feels most confident. Whenever he gets anxious he hops in a pool, the ocean, the lake, or a bath... whatever he can.

[Image: gTMyPQC.png?1]

He’s a hopeless romantic, but struggles to let people help him. He always finds himself burying his own struggles deep within the pit of his stomach, afraid to rock the boat too much. He wants to express how he feels but half the time he’s too afraid to ruin what he already has by expressing such. The thing is, often times his insecurities are for justified reasons. He’s been burned more than a lot by the gay community, but he has always wanted to be an optimistic person… but so many of his desires and views are so conflicting with each other it feels exhausting. 

He’s too adventurous to settle down, but he wants a monogamous relationship. He wants someone to sweep him off his feet, but is afraid to get too comfortable in fear that he’ll say or do something wrong. He wants to stand up for himself, but he doesn’t want to be controlling or make anyone do something they don’t want to do. This is why he chose to lead the group, it’s perhaps the most important thing he can do for himself- but he’s scared that his pushover ways will get the best of him.

[Image: Ro7ezRu.png?1]

Stefano’s adventurous spirit was born at an early age. He was always fascinated with the ocean- which made sense because he was raised just a few blocks away from a beach. He would often run out to the ocean after school and just explore and find all sorts of cool sea creatures. Of course, that didn’t last long. His parents ultimately had to move him to a smaller town where it was more affordable. He was okay though, there was a giant lake near his house that would more than suffice. He was always drawn to the water (this is always why he wears nothing but tank tops/is often shirtless. Always prepared to hop in the water), maybe it’s because he was a Cancer. He used to read up on things like the loch ness monster and the kraken, dreaming up what could possibly be hidden in the lake. 

He was an awkward and scrawny teenager, but he always told himself that life would really start at college. That’s when it would matter. But then his sister got really sick. He had a weird relationship with his sister. He loved her of course, but they never quite saw eye to eye. They never fought, but they never really bonded like a real sibling. This is largely due to the fact that she was 10 years older than him, but he always thought that she could’ve put more of an effort. When she moved in with the family, the whole house was cramped and overcrowded. Of course the bills piled up and unfortunately for the adventurous spirit, that meant no college. Well, away from home that is. He had to settle with a small local college for the bulk of his studies, while he took care of his sister and had a job. He was fine with being overworked, but the fact that he was stuck in some slummy town with no friends and no real social circle? That was horrible. Plus he had tried dating again and again in that town, and it’s generally the worst of the worst. 

The first guy (Brian) he dated was a few years older than him. Cheated on him within weeks of their relationship started. Told Stefano he was naive to think that he would be monogamous so early. The second guy (Aaron) was nicer, but would often disappear for weeks at a time and expect Stefano to just be ready to speak to him whenever he returned. Ultimately he cant fault Aaron too much, he was an adventurous spirit just like him. But he wished that he would take him every once and a while, or maybe even once. Give him a chance you know? Eventually the anxieties got the best of him and he accused Aaron of cheating on him. Awkwardly enough, Aaron’s mother had just died- and to make matters worse, Stefano had called him a “selfish old cunt” for ghosting him for a few days. See, a lot of the time his anxieties did get the best of him. But he tried over and over again to be relaxed and just handle it like an adult, but he never really got a chance to really grow up in his mind. But this was a self sabotaging belief, because in many ways he was more mature than most people his age.

[Image: gpbKhCo.png?1]

Eventually he would begin to work out and the gays in his area “flocked” to him. But he was more or less just a sexual object to half of them, the cold truth he wasn’t ready to face. He wanted OUT. But he was kinda stuck- he didn’t want to abandon his family at a time like this, but the more he stayed the more miserable he was. He just wanted something great to show for his struggles- which he admits were honestly pretty miniscule to most. His family never cared that he was gay, but they never really cared about him too much to begin with. They always were just indifferent to him. That’s what happens when you’re an “accidental” second baby to parents who were barely prepared for their first. But he never faulted them for it. Eventually his sister got better, to the shock of everyone. But surviving a deadly illness can do things to you, it kinda made her even more selfish. She decided to completely abandon her family despite everything they did for her and ran away with a rich older man. They haven’t spoken since.

He eventually did start the investigative team of his own, and a youtube channel for it. He is still struggling to compose himself and how to lead a group of people that are not only far younger than him, but he’s always felt a bit out of place within. He wants to befriend them, but oftentimes he comes off a bit tryhard. The only one who he really seems to get along with well is Natalie. They had a pretty quick bond from the beginning, perhaps due to their more secluded lifestyles. She likes to often step in & help him express his feelings and/or what he wants to do. She does the researching for him too, and they are very much in touch with eachother’s emotions. To put it crudely, she’s his fag hag. But really, he has a closer relationship with her than his own damn sister.

[Image: 5eR6nNs.png?1]

Stefano has always wanted to explore and discover new things on a significant level. He finally has time to totally devote to this, and he feels that more than ever he wants to make a name for himself. Additionally he is determined to embody everything he believes a strong leader is, and prove he can be who he has always wanted to be.

His strength is empathy and kindness. He often sees good in people that others would completely write off. He’s also very physically strong, and intellectual. He knows his shit- he just is too scared to speak it sometimes. That’s his weakness… his own anxieties and fears. He doesn’t want to come off too controlling, as too snyde or big headed. He just wants a healthy balance but he doesn’t know how to achieve it. He’s more comfortable in his insecurities than commanding the room with confidence, because everyone who ever hurt him had been that way. He tries to be himself unapologetically, but hilariously part of being himself is apologizing too much. Poor Stefano.

Why is this character important to YOU, the writer, what weight will they hold in the story?
I think his anxieties as a leader make him a unique “Lead Investigator”. He will need to lean on the other characters and it’s a different take on the leader role because he’s a bit out of his league and in over his head but more due to the fears of commanding his own confidence and being bold & such. He’s super sweet and sympathetic, hot, etc. 

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He can choke me
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