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Love Toby giveup yall coming through with the hot sympathetic developed males.
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3rd charrie soon
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Name - Jessica Winters
Age - 21
Actress - Melissa Benoist

Bio - When she was eight years old she was molested by her father repeatedly, she thought she had moved on from the pain but when she started college she started binge drinking and then when drinking wouldn't work she was self mutilating. One night during a party hosted by a bunch of frat boys; she got wasted and a drunken frat boy raped her. She tried to report it to the campus security but they wouldn't believe her and noticed her past history with the police and put her in asylum as well.

Looks - Average skinny young girl; blonde hair, blue eyes. Has several marks on her body from cutting herself. One butterfly tattoo on her back.

Personality - She used to be very emotional before she was in college, but she shut off her emotions when she began drinking.

Fears - Being Sober the thought of it kills her inside

Special Skills - n/a

Biggest secrets - self mutilation

Insecurity - Her body
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yasss i love her! thank you!
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NAME: Elizabeth Chase

AGE: 23
ACTOR: Samara Weaving

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Personality: Elizabeth is a very strong person. Her childhood shaped her to be. She's fearless, strong willed and the leader in her close circle of friends. Elizabeth grew up fast, which changed her outcome in life. But all that went away when tragedy struck. She lost everything, and become a shell of the confident girl she fought to be.

Biography: Elizabeth grew up in a broken household. Her mother was a drug addict, and her father was a truck driver who aided his wife's addiction. Elizabeth had to grow up at a very early age. Watching her mother overdose several times damaged her. Her parents weren't parents to her. They neglected her which ended up giving her the courage to get help. She was taken from her parents and brought to her grandmother who took care of her. A bright girl with a bright future now ahead of her gave Elizabeth the chance to shine. She became valedictorian of her high school, and met her future husband Andy. They were the talk of the school. High school sweethearts turned into a beautiful married couple. They moved in with each other after graduating, but certain things started to scare Elizabeth. Andy was plagued with nightmares every night shortly after which turned him into a completely different person. Andy would stop sleeping, and lash out at Elizabeth. She continued to stay with him but their relationship strained which caused her to look for safety in other men. Almost cheating on him. On the day of their wedding, Andy fell asleep and started screaming violently. Rushing to his aid, he started bleeding out and rose up to the ceiling. Blood stained the bright white walls as Elizabeth screamed to try to help him. He fell down, as blood splattered on her white wedding dress. Her friends rushed in and saw Andy's lifeless body. It was "deemed" a murder by police, and they arrested Elizabeth. Her childhood was questioned due to her drug addict parents and they deemed her mentally unstable. Elizabeth broken and traumatized and knowing she didn't kill Andy was taken to a mental hospital to be treated. She hopes to find out the truth of whatever did this to him.

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Parents: Since her mother was addicted to drugs, and her father being a truck driver led him never really around leaving Elizabeth to watch her mother and take care of her. The checks went to her mother's drug addiction leaving Elizabeth hungry constantly. Having her only option to beg for food by neighbors. Elizabeth became estranged with her parents after being taken away. Her mother ended up leaving her dad, and left. Never hearing from her again until she turned 18. She never considered her mom to be her mom. They had no relationship. Her mom having cancer wanted to make amends, and Elizabeth said her goodbyes and left. Her dad also never spoke to her again.

Biggest Fear: Losing Andy which ended up happening. She suffers from nightmares daily on the day of her wedding. Seeing a figure she can't explain.

[Image: Samara-3.jpg]

HOPES/DREAMS/SPECIAL SKILLS: She wants to be proven innocent from Andy's death. She didn't kill him, but she can't understand how it happened. Her dreams are constantly of her parents and Andy's lifeless body haunting her. Special skills are picking locks, resourceful in timed situations. Her dream power however is yelling. The rage built inside her can hurt whatever is near.

INSECURITIES: She hates knowing she has the same blood as her parents. Something that affects her daily and haunts her. It always will.

BIGGEST SECRETS: She almost cheated on Andy before their wedding, and she believes this is what she deserves.
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NAME: Arthur "Artie" Florance
AGE: Twenty-Four/Twenty-Five
SEXUALITY: Completely Aromantic.
JOB: Reporter for the Local News Station
ACTRESS: Florence Pugh

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"Back on April 3rd, back in the early 90s, a middle-aged woman named Madame Doris Rose found a bundled-up baby on the edge of the main road leading in-and-out of town. The exact year and circumstances of her discovery are unknown, for Madame Rose is a private - if not reclusive - millionaire who has so far denied us or anyone any short of interview on the subject. All that is known, for sure, is that Madame Rose took the child in and named her Georgina, after her late husband George. It's rumored the young girl - who's now listed as a runaway on all government databases - is currently living an anonymous life somewhere in our, but no one knows for sure."
-- tidbit from Smith and Walher's Crime Blog, Post 994 - 'The Mystery Baby'

Being the adopted daughter of a millionaire may have had it's advantages, but it wasn't always as great as one would expect it to be. I mean there's no question that Madame Rose adored and spoiled her little discovery as much as possible, but at the same time she always seemed to keep her at an arm's length. She'd give her anything and everything she wanted, but rarely ever let her leave their propriety unless absolutely necessary. She even hired her a string of tutors, just so the girl wouldn't have to attend the public school's.

It wasn't till she was thirteen that Georgia, now a book-smart youngster with a love for writing, decided she'd had enough. She was tired of having no one but the help to talk too, and was beginning to crave a certain type of attention that a parental figure just couldn't give her. She needed actual companionship, and nwas determined now more then ever to get it.

So on the morning of her birthday she snuck out and followed Madame Rose to town, and that's where she finally learned the truth: Madame Rose wasn't her actual mother, and no-one knows exactly who or where her birth parents are. Her little world was shattered and she knew immediately there'd be no returning to normality with Madame Rose after this.
So that, after Madame Rose refused to answer any of her questions, Georgia packed her bag and disappeared into the night. Using the cash she swiped from Madame Rose's purse, Georgia bought herself a bus ticket out of town and started her life as a street rat.

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Now going by the name Arthur Florence - "Artie" for short -, the young girl quickly made a name for herself on the streets. No, not as a street walker! But as a con-woman, using her youthful and innocent looks to swindle people out of money. It was an art form that took her till the ripe age of sixteen to master, and master it she did. There wasn't a person in the city who wasn't interested in playing cards against her, and there was barely a person smart enough to beat her at it; and it's because of this that she was able to afford herself a nice studio apartment by her eighteenth birthday.

Artie used to work for the local news station, being one of the most successful reporter in her department. She originally started her job as an assistant's lackey back when she was sixteen, but her determination to get any and every story she could - both old and new - quickly helped her climb her way to the top. It's impressive, if not kinda worrisome, just how stubbornly determined she can be to get a good story. A few friends of hers have warned her that, someday, she may regret always sticking her nose where it don't belong.
She's currently searching for any information on her biological family...and her search is how she ended up in the asylum, having willingly signed herself in for "alcohol addiction" in order to get close to the institues files. Why? Cause someone from her old hometown - who kept their name anonymous - wrote her a letter, stating she may find what she's looking for locked away in the asylums records.

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For the first thirteen years of her life, Artie - then named Georgina - lived under the care of the now deceased Madame Doris Rose, a moody millionaire who inherited her money from her late grandfather. While not technically a mean person, Madame Rose wasn't exactly the warmest person either. She spoiled Georgina with all the gifts a child could ask for, but rarely showed her any true affection.
After running away, Artie kinda fell under the supervision and protection of another runaway; a twenty-two year old boy named Hunter. Hunter found sleeping at a bus station and offered to let her crash in the alley he called home, and the two became inseparable. He never told her why he was on the run, but she had a hunch it had something to with his sexuality. The two lost touch when he learned she was the unstoppable con-woman of the city.

Her biggest fear isn't death, but what follows it: the great unknown. She's terrified of not knowing wither she'll be skipping  on sunshine or wandering aimlessly in the darkness, if she'll be alone or with others, if she'll find peace and solitude or an eternity of torture, and so on. The idea of dying and leaving this life in particular, though, doesn't phase her.
She's also deathly afraid of heights, having developed the fear after being forced to hang off the side of a bridge in order to avoid being hit by an speeding truck. It took her ten minutes to shimmy her way back up, and she nearly lost her grip twice. It was one of the worst experiences she ever had, and she's still occasionally haunted by the occasional nightmare of still being suspended over the side of the bridge.
Her third and final fear are trucks. She's absolutely terrified of trucks, due to the incident mentioned above. The bigger they are, the harder she tries to avoid them. She doesn't trust them or their drivers not to run her ass down.


Hopes and dreams of one-day finding her birth family, wither it be via Facebook or an obituary. She just wants to know who they are and, hopefully, find out why they abandoned her all these years ago. She hopes that by finding out who they are, she'll finally figure out who she is and be able to put her life of lies behind her.


She's not at all insecure about her skills or talents, but she does have insecurities about her overall body. She's not very tall, and kinda stocky, and she hates it. She also firmly believes she's on the heavy side and exercises constantly in an attempt to keep this non-existent fat at bay.
While she knows she's not the most moral person in the city,  she doesn't think herself a bad person either. She did what she did cause she had to survive, and she knows most people would do the same in her situation. But still there are nights where she questions if she went too far by completely abandoning Madame Rose, a woman who did technically take good care of her for years. She may have lacked empathy or compassion when Georgina confronted her, but that doesn't change the fact that she fed, sheltered, and dressed her for thirteen years. The guilt nags at her, but she's learning to ignore it.


Ultra Perception: Can spot minute details, and notices things others miss.


Her biggest secret is former identity. She's done everything in her ability to make sure Georgina Rose stays in the past, from dying her hair to moving to an entirely different city.  She knows if anyone finds out about who she is, everything she built over the years will crumble; and everything she's working towards will be either gone or tainted by her new rep.

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Here`s to four straight years
of pre-gaming with the dead...

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Name - Dominic Beasley
Age - Thirty two
Actor - Michael B. Jordan

[Image: cxLDlr5frDQGZSEzR3NMr9AzyfgLS5561PwMafhw...6G27ybHNgr]
Personality - Dominic is self-absorbed, not in the typical snottish type but one to boast about himself. He knows he’s charming, he knows he’s got a great job (and truly loves what he does), and he knows he’s intelligent. Sometimes other people need to be enforced by the truth; and that is Dominic is well-rounded in his life and he’s genuinely happy about it. It may piss off some, amuse others, or provoke genuine excitement. No matter the commentary it doesn’t slow down his steam. 

Bit more on the flirtaious side, never with patients, only with Dana and his friends. He can tell that people are attracted to him but is pretty indifferent about it. He prefers to flatter himself anyways. He also prefers to self-criticize-it’s what got him this far and endured him. So while he does have his head in the clouds of confidence-constantly coming off aloof-he does have his endurance and preservative as his parachute. 

His quick wit and humour weaves him out of the way of awkward or tense situations and his casual bluntness definitely can strike a strong nerve of silent annoyance. Why? Because Dominic is never really wrong. He calls it like it is and doesn’t need to fluff his comments, stroke his own ego, or kiss-up to others. He does come across egotistical but anyone who has found their success, purpose, and state of well being probably would be cumbersome to others. 

He does bring his confidence to work. He leans more on the dramatic irony of circumstances to ease up the stress. It works. More of  a light-hearted guy. Sob stories are too emotionally draining for him but he does listen, he does care, and he does want to make a profound difference. He doesn’t think that everything needs to feel so heavy and intense sometimes-not that he discloses that-just subtly moves the conversation towards a more upbeat tone because hey, he’s trying to improve lives not relive the past beyond exhaustion. 

Biography - Being on his own at 18 really transformed Dominic’s life. There was a period of time when he was living on just beans and water for months and months on end. He often apartment-hopped since he couldn’t afford a dorm for college or his own apartment. Didn’t really crush his spirits-he rose to the occasion and worked the situation best as he could. Sometimes he’d meet a nice guy at a bar who would buy him drinks, let him stay at his place for a few weeks, break up, repeat. Sometimes it’d be a friend that wouldn’t ask too many questions. Weighing jobs and school wasn’t too much of a problem for Dominic-he needed some sense of normalcy. 

Financial aid and scholarships saved Dominic’s college career thankfully. His home-schooled life definitely helped him maintain a serious level of focus-especially with all the drama he was constantly thrown into. He had to retrain himself to entire into a whole new, normalized society after the torture he witnessed. It was comforting, empowering, and the confidence did go to his head. He had the grades and success to back it up at least. Graduated with honors with a Psychology major and attended medical school. 

Medical school was an easier patch for Dominic. Rented an apartment with a few friends. Got bored of it quickly though and felt it was too confining at times. Dominic struggled with the concept of a ‘home’ at the time. Every space is too claustrophobic for him but he doesn’t want to live as a hermit at the same time. Dominic had to suck it up and push through. He got a residency during his medical school years to quickly earn experience and bypass future work complications, plus being about to prescribe medication helps. Dominic really felt a bond to his work and very much preferred medicine and science to religion and faith. He wants the truth, the facts, the evidence, and the cure-not variations of it. 

After med school Dominic got himself his own apartment which he holds very little stuff in. His work is his priority and the closest thing to a home he has. He got a job at the hospital and has truly been happy because of it; he never realized the more fatherly aspects to his personality-how comforting and inspiring he wishes and works to be. How much he really craves deep connections and fights for his kids. It was then Dominic realized he really wanted to be a parent-a single one especially. 

Parents - Mitchell and Laurel Beasley were saints gifted with a demonic child. Laurel knew the minute that thing, as she put it, was born that it wasn’t her true child. Possibly seen Rosemary’s Baby too many times, one can’t tell for sure, but Laurel believed her son was destined for a life of sin. Dominic’s religious defiant and rebellious activity-including stealing other kids toys, lying, etc.-heightened his mother’s belief. She was cold, unloving, distant. Laurel constantly refused to seek medical treatment for her son,  often confiding in the town’s Priest or making him assess the demonic creature that was Dominic. 

Mitchell was different, better. He wasn’t one to defy his wife but didn’t necessarily follow in line. “Boys will be boys” mentality to the max. Mitchell liked Dominic, found him entertaining and definitely in need of some straightening up. He figured his son could benefit some from making mistakes and receiving physical consequences-spanking or a slap usually (never too hard of course, just enough to spook the shit out of him, he’d say). 

Well, that didn’t last long, up till Dominic’s early teen years. Sexuality was considered taboo in the Beasley house. Mitchell worked for Camp Redemption For Troubled, MisGuided Male Youth as a Head Counselor who often recited sermons, doled out punishments, and kept the boys in check. In his early teens,  Dominic had an on-again-off-again thing with a high school senior. His revolving door boyfriend was really just to spite his parents. Laurel caught the two having sex in Dominic’s basement-redorcated room-and left this as proof that Dominic was truly disturbed. 

His father saw his son in a new light and immediately enrolled Dominic into his program. Dominic spent the rest of his teenage years sleeping in a cot, home-schooled, forced to shower naked in cold water, beaten severely for sleeping around the home,  listening to sermons, and attempted brain-washing. Once he got out and applied to college he never returned or contacted his family again. 

[Image: Tf4tKoKkn-fjrU1jjGU0AzerZKHxSYotaS96Ta3U...AZZ0g2Qhzg]

Biggest Fears - Dominic fears extremely cold showers. Brings up memories of being forced to by his father and other counselors and ridiculed. Also fears the idea of a home-always sees it as too small, too cramp, too suffocating. Tends to avoid his place as much as possible except when to sleep. Fears having to see his parents again-he’s closed that chapter on his life and is over how awful they were to him-some of it has just stuck because of the traumatic moments. The worst is never being a father, the other stuff? He can deal with, same goes for insecurities. But God, not to be a father is just crippling and one that keeps being reinforced.

Hopes & Dreams - Dominic truly wants to reach out to these kids and help them improve their situation. He understands how manipulating and damaging forms of psychology torture can be and doesn’t wish that on anyone. As a psychiatrist he wants to go beyond his job and form genuine connections and extend whatever help he can offer even at his own cost.  

He’s got a stable life now despite a shitty upbringing. Always wanted to be an adoptive father to provide a home to a kid to show himself his parents were a cause not an effect to him. He can provide a genuine and loving home for someone who deserves it-someone that like him will never have to suffer the things he went through-lack of sleeping space or lack of food and water most days as forms of punishment. He’s been actively trying to adopt for the last two years with moderate success.
Special Skills - Dominic’s special dream skill is electricity manipulation. He can form bolts of lightning, frightening sounds of thunder, and other forms of electrical discharges including from electronics. Dominic always has to be the center of attention and steal the scene; what better way to do that by absorbing all existing light-darkening an entire area even-to feed his God-like persona. 

Insecurities - Dominic is definitely insecure about his lack of success adopting a child. He’s not particularly sure what he’s doing wrong, he’s done extensive study; home lay-out is quite simple, strong salary, glowing recommendations from his boss Dana and his close friends. What’s not clicking? His sexuality? Being a single parent? It eats away at him every time Dana offers support when he loses another possible child or has to sit through the gruelling twenty second phone call denying him. 

Quite insecure about his body as well-years of being ridiculed and having it constantly examined to see if he gets a boner by looking at pictures of men have made him self-conscious. Not that he’d let anyone know. Can get a bit shy during sex and has to mentally talk himself up to the task.

Biggest Secrets - Dominic doesn’t really talk about his years in a gay conversion program. It’s not a deep, dark secret that eats away at him-at least to him. He has mentioned it a few times to Dana with a few drinks in him as they are great friends; but never the specifics of the experiences. Definitely something he doesn’t share with others and doesn’t feel the need to.

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