Nightmare On Elm Street RPG
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Name - Jasper Morse
Age - Twenty four
Actor - Darren Barnet

[Image: eWQO2LaowxTaX3Zprqg-m1cfvNEr7oyAyJiHIkwV...A5KH9DXr1C]

Personality - Self-control and Jasper will never be friends. His life is impulse after impulse. He’s not immature or naive; he’s just willingly reckless and a man who is willingly reckless can be a dangerous force to reckon with. Jasper is unattainable and insatiable-what he wants he gets and the leniences he receives in the hospital proves that. He’s gotten himself all nestled up-striking up a good friendship with one of the orderlies that work the most shift-he gets smoke breaks in the garden-which no one is permitted to, the two meet up in storage closets to drink themselves close to brown-outs, and plenty of hot unquenchable sex. Jasper is dominate; whether it’s a personal goal, a need for substance, or just plain hot sex.

Jasper isn’t in the hospital because he drinks and smokes. No, he does so moderately to not be considered a problem. Jasper’s personality is the cause. He suffers from some type of personality defect-some consider it narcissism-but it’s quite clear that Jasper doesn’t care what consequences his actions have. Yeah, Jasper was that kid in high school who couldn’t let up from a fight or two every week or a crass prank or joke in class on his peers or professors. He’s definitely not a bully, radiates some J.D. energy. 

In fact, Jasper’s fights usually started from confrontation against the football team-he was heavily against bullying and despite being quarterback and co-captain could not sit there and put up with the bullshit and would beat his teammates senseless. It did cost him his leadership role and his possible football scholarship. If Jasper could’ve kept his hands to himself he literally would’ve gone pro-it was in the cards for him. He doesn’t blame anybody but himself-sure Jasper doesn’t think about his actions but he always solely blames himself but doesn’t cry about it. He knows where the responsibility lies and it’s an admirable but quiet trait of his that some overlook.

Jasper definitely has an attitude problem too. Quick to get under people’s skin and crack teasing jokes. He does admit when he takes it too far and is quick to apologize but when he’s in the right-he’s in the right. There’s a cool confidence in everything he does and the  future did have high hopes for him to mold into a responsible young man but he definitely got lost inside the rage inside of him.

Jasper’s rage is like a disease. It’s infectious and spreads quickly. The smallest things don’t usually tick him off but any manipulation (in his eyes, especially with Dominic) sends him into a screaming match (he knows he can’t put his hands on him). Jasper also hates sympathy, bullies, and quiet personalities. He usually fights for the truth actually-that’s what really boils him. 

Biography - Jasper could’ve gone football pro. He could’ve had it all. He was on track to being signed for a big team but screwed it up by his attitude problems and track record. He resorted to local games in his hometown until people were exhausted of his personality to play with him anymore. So he packed his bags at 19-two years after he graduated-and went off to college. College was interesting for Jasper. He got a fresh start and did dole his physical tendencies back a bit, resorting to street fighting. He set up a sizable business for himself actually. His own little fight club. College students would come drink alcohol in a damp little warehouse to watch men beat the literal shit out  of each other. It was awesome for Jasper, who was always the winner and received the most money by the end. Being a history major was alright, Jasper didn’t mind it and loved to learn about wars and all that ...jazz. But fight club, those were the days.

Jasper has had a revolving door of relationships-not really quite one to want to settle down or have kids. How can he get to know and love somebody else when he hasn’t even done the same for himself? He doesn’t remember his past and gets constant headaches when he thinks too hard about it-which only contributes to his rage. Post bachelor degree-the fight club kinda disbanded; everyone moved on but Jasper. Jasper was truly alone in a big city. He got a decent job and internships at business companies helped build up a good enough resume to work for a lesser job on a trading floor for a law firm. 

The business world? Cut-throat and Jasper fucking loves it. Drama and fighting to a more manipulative extreme which has helped give Jasper a few pointers on how to use his words vs. his hands. He did actually manage to upscale his job position because of this-often being out-spoken and slandering those who were the ‘big corporate jerks’. He’s the exception not the rule. What really ended his career-for now-is a multitude of-you guessed it!-physical fights with other workers that disagreed with him. It’s what landed him a lawsuit and an admittance into the hospital.

Parents - Taylor and Samuel Thompson were professionals at physical abuse. Taylor-Jasper’s mom was a professional boxing coach and Samuel was a local basketball coach-both admirable jobs but under one household with a kid and living paycheck to paycheck because of their irresponsible shopping habits was a living nightmare. Taylor would beat Jasper for the smallest things-not eating correctly, not keeping his hands to himself, not sitting still. She’d take him around the side of the house or whatever event they attended and punched him in the head until he obliged or was too dazed to even comprehend what was happening. 

Samuel’s tactic was strictly pinches and twisting of the skin. Some of Samuel’s basketball players inferred that Samuel was into young boys and witnessed the way he would pinch his son’s nipples and privates when he wanted to teach him a lesson. One of Samuel’s players did report the parents anonymously when Jasper was 10 and he was sent to a foster home by child protective services. 

Admittedly, his foster parents Mary and Michelle Morse (yes, lesbians) were sweet and kind to him. But the damage was done. They did manage to patch up some of the issues his parents caused through extensive hypnotherapy but Jasper now suffers from this fear of the truth. He still doesn’t understand what his birth parents did and he wants the truth. No matter how much it scares him. He truly doesn’t understand where his rage tendencies come from. He does still keep in touch with Mary (Michelle passed away from cancer)-Mary is the more adamant parent and refuses to give much detail about his prior life as a child. Jasper can only talk to her twice a week before he reaches a frustration point and resent. He loves his foster mother and when he was 17 had his birth certificate changed to Jasper Morse.

[Image: LijKsDuA89sPOJVv1NwXYzgkPQGkN3LMvInOrQbo...q_kQY6msNO]

Biggest Fears - Jasper fears the fact he will never figure out what happened to him as a kid. Same time he fears about finding out what happened to him as a kid. Jasper also fears pitching for some reason. Any pressure of the skin between his nipples ends sexual encounters real fast. He doesn’t know why-but he does suspect. Jasper also fears not having an outlet for his anger. He constantly feels a need that overcomes him to react physically-and worries about going too far someday.
Hopes & Dreams - Jasper hopes to learn about his past as much as it pains him and causes him frequent outbursts. He just wants this period of his life over with.  Jasper also hopes to find a similar job to the one he had-he’s quite bold and outspoken and does want to proceed to go to law school having found a renewed passion in life. Jasper hopes that some kind of physical therapy can be helpful-he really craves fighting and putting his hands on people so he wants the thumbs-up from Dana to begin that training; whether it’s karate or boxing-he doesn’t care. 

Special Skills - Jasper’s ability is to turn into a Berserker. His physical and mental strength increases, his stamina is beyond ordinary human levels, and a rage fills him that costs him his self-control.

Insecurities - Jasper is really insecure about the fact he has a HUGE memory blockage of his childhood life and the fact it causes his physical stress enrages him. It’s his weak spot; not remembering his parents, the physical abuse, somehow having forgotten (and not knowing it isn’t his fault) just completely breaks him inside. And when Jasper’s broken inside-he’s enraged. 

Biggest Secrets - Probably the fight club. Again, Jasper is an outspoken dude but an embarrassment does form a deep rot inside him. Why did everyone quit the fight club? Why did everyone move on and he didn’t? The questions are more the secret-he does make the fight club sooooomewhat known but that loneliness-that isolation hurts. 

His relationship with Mary is another “known” private secret. Dana and Dominic allow his calls to his now-adoptive mother but they don’t personally know their conversations. Which is usually a debate of the past, discussions of how Mary is doing without Michelle, memories of the good times with 8 kids in one house (that 3 ultimately ended up being adopted and the other 5 are close still). Jasper’s secret is also he is close to his foster/adopted siblings and does deeply care about them. He’s just afraid to reach out because he remembers his bad behavioral and physical tendencies.

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NAME: Seung-Wan "Susan" Kang
Age: Twenty-Six
Occupation: Former Entertainer
Bisexuality: Aromantic
Actress: IU

[Image: 94c0071c-mv-iu%EC%95%84%EC%9D%B4%EC%9C%A...enshot.png]


Originally born in Songjeong-dong, Seoul, South Korea, Seung-Wan spent a majority of her childhood training under the strict, watchful eye of Kakao Machine (one of the biggest record labels and talent agencies in all of South Korea). They trained her in all categories of entertainment, but what she excelled most at was dance; ballet in particular. Even at the tender age of six, she had a particularly refined grace that made her stand out upon among the rest.
When Seung-Wan was sixteen, she - along with four other girls - were picked to be the new members of an now newly revived Korean girl band called The Red Flowers. Though she favored the dance floor, Seung-Wan gratefully accepted the offer and soon adopted the stage name 'Susan'.
Unfortunately the group's popularity didn't quiet take off at first; in fact they kinda tanked. No one was in the mood to watch a group of young girls in school uniforms perform covers of out-dated songs... but then the summer arrived, and they released their first official single "Sweet, Sweet Paradise". And over of just two days, it became one of the most requested song in all of South Korea history; officially launching The Red Flowers into the spotlight they were dreaming for.

After three years and five successful hits in South Korea, The Red Flowers were assigned their first ever world tour! Susan couldn't believe it! After all these years, their hard work had finally paid off! And their first stop? New York, New York! The girls just couldn't believe it!
But then Susan's father said no, and just like that... her entire career was over. She begged and pleaded with her father to let her go, to let her finish what she and her late mother started all those years ago and become an intentional pop idol! But he wouldn't listen, and The Red Flowers were forced to move on without her.

Susan - now forced to return to her birth name Seung-Wan - was forced to watch as The Red Flowers steadily became one of the hottest girl bands in the states, coming out with hits such as "Love Me Sweetly" and "The Fallen Flower". It was painful; excruciating, even. She tried to ease the pain by going solo, but no-one wanted her unless she was willing to strip down and start dancing on poles. It was degrading, it was devastating, but... she eventually agreed to the terms. And soon became known as "The Pink Petal of Korea", a grand entertainer who performed at all the night clubs.

The job brought her fame and it brought her money, but it also brought a certain kind of attention she didn't want. All her "fans" were adult men who had no interest in her singing or her dancing, and they weren't above making that clear to her. One costumer in particular got a bit too hands-on with her, and when she slapped him in defense...he punched her across the face, rendering her unconscious before she even hit the floor. She woke up two days later in the ER.

After that Seung-Wan, now twenty-two, decided to just give up and go home. This was all just too much, and in the end it just wasn't worth it. So she packed up her bags and headed back to Songjeong-dong to be with her father... a decision she would soon regret.

Her father had never been the easiest man to get along with, but he wasn't a violent man either. At least he never used to be. Not long after she moved back in, Seung-Wan and her father got into a screaming match over the dishes. It wasn't a new argument for them, but this time it got worse. They grew louder and louder, till Mr. Kang finally snapped and hit her in the face with a serving tray; completely shattering her nose. And as she laid there crying on the kitchen floor, her father spat on her and told her to finish the dishes.
And that was the night the sparks in her eyes - after twenty-two years of backbreaking dancing, lung-bursting singing, and brown-nosing ass kissing - finally went out. Now feeling utterly hollow and empty, Seung-Wan forced herself up and did as she was told. And that's how she lived for the next year...

Till her twenty-third birthday arrived. Her father surprised her with a trip to the mall, where he allowed her to buy one item of her choice without any restrictions. And what she wanted, more than anything, was a kitten to call all her own...and he said yes! So they marched to the pet shop in the mall, filled out some paperwork, and marched out with a Siamese kitten. It was the best surprise Seung-Wan had ever received! Unfortunately her happiness was short-lived, for rather than going straight home like they'd planned, Mr. Kang decided to visit his brother Hyun-Woo; Seung-Wan's dog fighting uncle. They took one glance at her little kitten and, before she protect it, chased it down and made it their appetizer for the  evening.
Seung-Wan was utterly devastated, but her father? He thought it was kinda, actually. He'd never seen a kitten run that fast, didn't think they could. It was impressive, actually. At least in his mind.

Now utterly heartbroken and both mentally and emotionally shattered, the last thing Seung-Wan remembers before blacking out is letting out the biggest, loudest scream she'd ever screamed. It could've shattered windows and set off alarms, it was so loud and desperate. Then she was gone, on the ground engulfed in darkness...

When she woke up, Seung-Wan was no longer in Korea but on a bus being transported to a mental asylum in Springwood, Ohio. Why? Cause apparently, during her black-out, Seung-Wan took a metal bar to her Uncle three dogs and then to her Uncle himself when he tried to stop her before finally turning it onto her father. She didn't manage to kill either of them, but did put both of them in the ICU with several broken bones and fractured skulls. The Korean police had decided pretty quick she was too intense a case for them, and assigned her to a special doctor in Springwood.

And that's where she's been since, alone with nothing but her thoughts and guilt; guilt that's made even worse by the fact that her father passed away two weeks after she arrived in Springwood. He had been stabilizing quiet well when he suddenly started convulsing in his sleep before - ultimately - succumbing to his wounds.


Seung-Wan is a hollow shell of who she once was. Gone is the bright, excited young girl with a passion for dance and song, and in her place is a depressed woman who can barely crawl out of bed each morning. It's actually gotten to the point where, on certain mornings, nurses at the asylum will have to force her to get out of bed and come out of her room; but its hopeless. Even though she craves company, she knows better than to reach out to those around her. Why? Cause somehow the other inmates have found out what she's done, and she's too ashamed and guilty to face them.
She's still quiet gifted in dance, though, finding peace in partaking in the asylum's weekly dance class. It's the only time she's happy and willing to face the crowed, for she's always able to lose herself in the music and focus on anything and everything but them.
She also suffers from intense anxiety, going into panic attacks whenever she hears or sees a Pit Bull or Doberman. The doctors have tried a couple experiments to try and get her over it, but all it's done made it worse.

[Image: 7ccef19d24c39919cf4f4ca971e921f9.jpg]


Seung-Wan had the absolute best relationship with her mother, a woman who thought her that anything worth having was worth fighting for. She's the one who encouraged Seung-Wan's dreams, helping her score an audition with Kakao Machines and throwing a celebratory party when she got accepted. The pair loved each other dearly and did everything together... so when Mrs. Kang died only a week before her nineteenth birthday, Seung-Wan fell into a near suicidal depression. She had almost gone through with killing herself, too, when she realized her mother would want her to continue on. Continue working hard and reaching for her dreams. So she decided to stay around, for her.
Seung-Wan's relationship with her father is an abusive one, and always has been. Even when the Mrs. was alive, he would find a way to degrade or belittle Seung-Wan, wither it be by insulting her songs or by telling her she needed to work on her vocal cords more. And it only got worse after she passed. He got violent and hands-on, keeping her arms and back bruised nearly 24/7. For years she somehow managed to find good in him, until her 23rd birthday. While she feels immense guilt for what she apparently did, she doesn't miss him in the slightest.


Her ultimate fear is dogs, mainly Pit Bulls and Dobermans. She watched them rip into her pet kitten like it were made of cotton, their jaws growing bloody and wet in seconds as they swallowed up her birthday present. It was a horrifying experience, and one she hasn't been able to move on from. She was getting a bit better for awhile, but a recent experiment with two Dobermans set her back by a landslide when one tried to rip off her leg. Now if she so much as hears one, let alone sees one, she'll go into a near crippling state of fear.
Her second is being hit, particularly in the face. She's gotten punched, smacked, struck, and hit so many times throughout her life that now, if someone so much as raises their hand fast, she can't help but automatically flinch away in fear.
Her third fear is men. Dominating, domineering, perverted men. Men who think they grab you by the arm or punch you in the face without any repercussions. She's managed to overcome the fear some in recent years with a couple doctors, but it's still there in the back of her mind.


Hopes to one day move on from this and start anew. A small part of her, deep down, would love to still be a pop star, but another part of her knows it'd probably be better if she settled down once she got out (she doesn't know when that'll be, but knows the place can't hold her forever... right?). She hopes to move somewhere like Florida or California, where she'll get herself a beautiful studio apartment before opening up her own little dance studio for gifted boys and girls. This dream is one of the only things currently keeping her going at the moment.


Due to already having speed, grace, and agility on her side in the real world, it should be of no-surprisde that her dream power involves being a master of both the dancing fight-style and speed in general. She can jump up to 120+ with ease, going from point A, B, and C within a matter of seconds. In her dreams she's got her confidence back, dawning on satin nightgowns and spiked-heeled boots everytime she drifts and transforming into the performer she once was.

[Image: 80083497_20191118143929_org.jpeg]


She absoloutely hates that the other inmates know why she's here, especially since she herself barely knows. It's made interacting with them near impossible, since all she does is worry that they're critizing her for doing what she did (completely ignoring the fact that they, too, must've done something since they're, you know, locked up as well). She's managed to befriend the staff a bit - especially Saturday's dance instructor -  but overall the stress of the public's opinion keeps her in her room.
And speaking of the public opinion, she refuses to use the asylum's computers in fear of seeing anything about herself or The Red Flowers. She can only imagine all the horrible headlines and jugemental articles that must be floating around on the internet, calling her crazy or a bitch or a loon. The Red Flowers have actually tried to reach out to her to show their support, but she refused their call out of fear that they were calling to mock her.


Despite the fact that most of the inmates somehow knew what she did to her father and uncle before she arrived, no one besides the doctors were aware of her status as a fallen k-pop idol. They know she's talented - especially in the dance department - but have no idea she has a CD and several Golden-record hits. And honestly? That's how she wants it. You would think she'd use it as a way to get people to respect her, or do things for her, but her paranoia and depression forbids her from thinking that telling them would lead to nothing but trouble.
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Here`s to four straight years
of pre-gaming with the dead...

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yass i love her <3 thank you tye!
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NAME: Frederica Kruegen
AGE: 60 years young
ACTOR: Jodhi Meares
[Image: 38FDtHkXSLyxizDhN8h5brIdIb83yGqkVumlNmoy...0k-ziw0pYs]
Personality: Frederica always makes it about herself. She’s constantly saying “SAME! SAME!” because she’s so desperate to grapple the holds of reality while she sweats nervously about the upcoming live show she has to do. She’s so anxious she literally shits herself hours before a live show and has to carry it around in her walnut dress. 
Biography: Frederica has been declared insane. She supports bullying young girls just to watch them cry and she drinks their tears. She also likes tearing off the skin of these poor girls and sewing them into her flesh to go to her swimsuit modeling shoots and pose to look 30 years younger. She has two pet rats named Demelza and Steph H and feeds them the slaughtered bodies of pamela anderson and jessica simpson for fun. 
Parents: Her father was Lucifer and her mother was Twiggy. It’s a hard knock life for miss Frederica.
[Image: PFEcI3Rfuz91V1Ma7mVs0dtkuQgELfvSCbkbn95E...nRqRyR8Pjo]
Biggest Fear (something firm and distinctive, even if silly): Frederica is afraid of not getting her way. She will eliminate anyone who stands in the way of her favorite pet rat demelza. 
HOPES/DREAMS/SPECIAL SKILLS: Frederica hopes to promote bullying across her platforms. She’s once tweeted Demi Lovato and said “Demi Lovato? More like Demi Potato” the tweet got 3 likes from her fake fan accounts of herself. Her special skill is also promoting bullying. Frederica is really great at ignoring bullying so Winifred’s evil words can’t touch her. She also grows a foot taller and looks more high fashioned anytime Winifred insults her.
INSECURITIES: Frederica is scared of the day she turns 61 and becomes too old to swimsuit model anymore. She’s afraid of doing eldery home catalogues that are only sold in nursing homes. She knows one day Steph H will put her in a nursing home where she will rot alone and bed-ridden. 
BIGGEST SECRETS: She likes to sleep with 16 year old girls.

Alexandra Burdeu
24. Bisexual (preference for men)

[Image: Sophie6.jpg]
Sophie Turner

Personality: Alexandra knows she's better than you, and, honestly, she kinda is. Perfect mix of beauty and brains. Highly driven and determined, very much a Type A personality. Alex knows what she wants and goes for it. Not the type to steamroll over people for her goals, but Alex is also not the kind of person to let someone stand in the way of her dream. If she wants it, she's going to get it. No question. Resourceful, capable, and a very outside-the-box type of thinker.

Definitely a bit snobby and self-important. Alex knows she's smart, and she knows she's stunning. Knows she's Type A, and definitely feels a bit superior to most people. If they don't like it, they can get on her level. She's not going to pretend to be on theirs. Highly confident, though not to the point of overconfidence. Alex might be a bit too into herself, but she also understands her limitations and skillset. Reasonably aware of her flaws (Alex knows she's kind of a bitch, she's just fine with it. It's not like she's that bad). Is very realistic about what she can accomplish and is easily her own harshest critic. Pretty prone to absolutely ripping into herself for the slightest flaw or mistake. Total perfectionist.

Isn't particularly mean, however. She can be a bit of a bitch, but, ultimately, Alex is pretty harmless. Not the type to intentionally put down or bully others. Not particularly claws-out or vicious. Pretty in-control of her emotions, actually. Far more on the icy, cold, distant side when angry than emotional and impulsive. Definitely on the passive-aggressive side when angry. You'll know she's pissed, but Alex can be the type where you also have to figure out why she's pissed. That's what she'd do.

Is less guarded as she grows closer to someone. Pretty funny and quite genuine at times. Pretty fiercely loyal friend, and very quick to go to bat for the people close to her. Pretty good at it too. Alex can verbally destroy someone in seconds when she wants to. A lot of her Type A-personality can transfer over towards her friends; tends to be big on pushing them towards success, and can be surprisingly motivational when she needs to be. Good at breaking things down to one easy step at a time.

[Image: Sophie14.jpg]

Biography: Pretty comfortable upbringing. Alexandra's family was pretty well-off. Very used to having nice things; total fashionista, and Alex's parents were willing to spend quite a bit on fashion. Loved her yearly trips to Disney. A little bit spoiled, but not all that entitled. Outside of the fashion (which she already has), Alex can shove a lot of those nice things aside and function just fine.

High School, on the other hand, not so pleasant. Wasn't the school pariah, but wasn't the most popular girl there either. Alex tended to rub a lot of her classmates the wrong way and never quite fit in. Definitely an over-achiever and, ultimately, her class valedictorian; teachers loved her, but a lot of lunch's were spent eating with her relatively small friendgroup. Had slightly better luck with guys; no shortage were lining up to go out with her, but quite a few were.... less interested when they realized Alex was not a "Sex on the first date" girl. At all. Has had a few serious relationships since then, but doesn't tend to click with guys as well as she does girls. But Alex isn't necessarily a people person in general. Socially adept when she needs to be, but always more on the introverted side.

College was fine. She fit in better there, but still only a few close friends (one, Kate, her best friend, who's been close to her since High School; still close now. They were roommates all of college). Pretty studious and competent. Did some modeling on the side, and, actually, appeared on America's Next Top Model for a cycle when she was about nineteen. She placed quite well, but was the Designated Bitch of the Cycle, so, unsurprisingly, Alex didn't win and her personality got dragged through the ringer. It was pretty rough in the moment, but she shrugged it off. Has had some serious modeling success since then, and pivoted her focus from college to modeling for a bit. Starting to shift back towards college as she gets older, however, and Alex is working fiercely towards her goal of becoming a lawyer.

Parents: They're fine. They have a fine relationship with Alex. They can almost alternate between a bit too distant and smothering. It's clear they love their daughter, but aren't totally sure the best way to express it or what the boundaries are. They haven't interacted as much recently, her parents had a surprise pregnancy + child as Alex neared high-school graduation, so the attention has obviously been on her younger brother.

[Image: Sophie11.jpg]

Biggest Fears: In terms of more "normal" fears, flying (and heights as a whole),  needles, and tight, enclosed spaces (is borderline claustrophobic). In terms of more personalized ones, failure. Under-performing. Alex has high standards for herself and rips into herself whenever she fails to meet them. Has a tendency to be highly self-critical in ways she'd never apply to others.

Hopes/Dreams/Special Skills: Perception and telekinesis. Dreams are not reality, and the way the world looks within a dream is not necessarily true. Alex is skilled at seeing through the illusions and deceptions she can see in her dreams. She's a hard one to trick, even when asleep. Almost too guarded for it. Also maintains a strong sense of control in those dreams benefited by her heightened perception. As long as Alex is asleep, she can move anything she wants with just her mind.  

Insecurities: Socially, Alex often feels alone. Like it's hard to make meaningful friendships. Kind of feels like people are polite enough to her face, but trash her behind her back. That they don't like her. And Alex feels that the more she wants people to like her or tries to come off well, the more people hate her. She hates that. It's miserable. Has a tendency to sometimes get in her own head and second-guess herself. She's good enough. She knows she's good enough. Alex knows she's one of the smartest people in the room. She knows she's resourceful. She's very confident. But there's always a nagging, underlying, slight insecurity to that. Which is difficult for her to deal with.

Biggest Secrets: Mainly her insecurities and fears. Alex doesn't necessarily have a deep "secret" but she hates for people to see that side of herself. She likes to be the confident, smart, capable fashionista. She doesn't want people to see weakness or an opportunity to get to her. Will not cry in public. Has actively trained herself to do it in private. Does not want that less guarded side to show. More comfortable around the few close friends she has with it, but still anxious.

Fun Fact: Was actually in a police lineup for a bank robbery. Alex didn't do it, but she was in the general vicinity and had a similar look to the bank robber in question. The eye witness correctly identified the actual culprit, Renee, and Alex was free to go without any more hassle. She missed a hair appointment for that bullshit too. So annoying.

[Image: Sophie17.jpg]
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We have a payload to deliver to the heart of our nearest star. We are delivering that payload cause that star is dying and, if it dies, we die, everything dies. So that is our mission, there is nothing, literally nothing, more important than completing our mission. End of story.

I like Renee, repo!
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[Image: tumblr-mtyxnqci-MP1sn3euyo3-250.gif][Image: tumblr-mtyxnqci-MP1sn3euyo4-250.gif][Image: tumblr-mtyxnqci-MP1sn3euyo1-250.gif]
[Image: tumblr-mtyxnqci-MP1sn3euyo5-250.gif][Image: tumblr-mtyxnqci-MP1sn3euyo8-250.gif][Image: tumblr-mtyxnqci-MP1sn3euyo6-250.gif]
We have a payload to deliver to the heart of our nearest star. We are delivering that payload cause that star is dying and, if it dies, we die, everything dies. So that is our mission, there is nothing, literally nothing, more important than completing our mission. End of story.


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