The Thing (1982)
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A research team in Antarctica is hunted by a shape-shifting alien that assumes the appearance of its victims.
Rewatched with Matt. Pretty awesome. Nice suspense, and the effects are basically to die for.
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[Image: tumblr-mtyxnqci-MP1sn3euyo3-250.gif][Image: tumblr-mtyxnqci-MP1sn3euyo4-250.gif][Image: tumblr-mtyxnqci-MP1sn3euyo1-250.gif]
[Image: tumblr-mtyxnqci-MP1sn3euyo5-250.gif][Image: tumblr-mtyxnqci-MP1sn3euyo8-250.gif][Image: tumblr-mtyxnqci-MP1sn3euyo6-250.gif]
We have a payload to deliver to the heart of our nearest star. We are delivering that payload cause that star is dying and, if it dies, we die, everything dies. So that is our mission, there is nothing, literally nothing, more important than completing our mission. End of story.

This is probably my favorite John Carpenter film. The characters are bit of a slow burn but we come out with an amazing cast; Mac, Windows, Childs, Nauls, and Fuchs.

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