Black Christmas (2020)
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This Christmas season will be unlike any other for the Alpha Omega Gamma fraternity.

CHARACTERS (to be edited)
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I'm SO READY  Hyped your writing >>>
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Here`s to four straight years
of pre-gaming with the dead...

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(05-03-2020, 07:47 PM)TyeSays Wrote: I'm SO READY  Hyped your writing >>>

Thank you Tye <3 Ironic this is happening during summer seasons tho
Very excited for this. Especially since I've gotten to read a bit, but also since I've wanted a frat slasher for ages. Fav. character is definitely Louis, at least so far.
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We have a payload to deliver to the heart of our nearest star. We are delivering that payload cause that star is dying and, if it dies, we die, everything dies. So that is our mission, there is nothing, literally nothing, more important than completing our mission. End of story.

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