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The First Purge (2018)
These movies are just too silly conceptually
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Tell me something boy.  Aren`t you tired trying to fill that void? Or do you need more? Ain`t it hard keeping it so harcore? 
I`m falling... In all the good times I find myself longing for change... And in the bad times I fear myself.
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I`m off the deep end, watch as I dive in. I`ll never meet the ground. Crash through the surface
where they can`t hurt us... We`re far from the Shallow now!
I mean, they're not grounded in realism, but tons of movies have unrealistic and outlandish concepts that they pull off. As said, I think the main issue is that this series isn't really aware of the conceptual limitations. The Purge as an actual event would be interesting and horrifying to observe unfold with lots of potential for interesting psychological horror. On a sociological scale, however, nothing about it holds up at all. Going for the former and asking us to just suspend our disbelief and go with it is fine (after all, it's not like A Nightmare on Elm Street or Final Destination are plausible concepts in the real world either). Actually trying to use this concept for a broad discussion and narrative about sociology inevitably leads to story collapse because of all the holes in the logic, which are now being made crucial to the themes and narrative.

Also, uh, the director/writer is just mind-numbingly idiotic and incompetent. Having an actual brain might help the political commentary too. Put The Purge in capable hands and I think you could make a very good movie out of it.
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God save us from half the people who think they`re doing God`s work.
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I mean come on, we hunt Monsters! Normal people - they see a monster and they run, but not us; we search out things that want to kill us. You know who does that? Crazy People!
Using this film as a hookup plot device >
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One day Ill walk down the aisle, holding hands with my mama
Ill be thanking my dad cause she grew from the drama
Only want to do it once real bad, gon make that shit last
God forbid something happens, least this song issa smash...
The Purge as a whole is definitely one of those horror franchises that I can see, twenty years or so from now, getting a remake that people actually don't complain about. Because as much as I enjoy these movies, even I can admit that they're powered more by populist fury than by storytelling chops. I often compare these movies to '70s grindhouse films that tried to be "about something" beyond just sex and death, and that comparison comes warts and all; a lot of those films were, if anything, even clunkier with their metaphors and messages than The Purge.
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