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The Return of the Living Dead (1985)
[Image: The_Return_of_the_Living_Dead_%28film%29.jpg]
The film tells the story of how three men accompanied by a group of teenage punks deal with the accidental release of a horde of brain hungry zombies onto an unsuspecting town.
[Image: bJnaiaN.png?1]
[Image: hCyioEZ.gif][Image: 5uktvJb.gif][Image: 8fYEeHi.gif]
[Image: P202PRj.gif][Image: Umg6ZcL.gif][Image: gt9sM7d.gif]
Do you know what it`s like to be told how lucky you are to be someone`s prisoner?
I had a blast watching this film. It's not one you watch for the narrative, the plot, or even the characters, but rather, for the energy of it. The effects work is highly impressive, the jokes were often just as good as the gore gags, and with the soundtrack, it felt like walking into MTV headquarters circa back in the '80s and getting sucked into the broadcast during Headbangers Ball. It's like one giant music video, specifically a punk-rock version of "Thriller". Talk about a great movie.
[Image: tumblr_lk94ugdWBf1qe6mn3o1_500.gif] [Image: tumblr_lfn89rxh3M1qbxq6qo1_500.gif]
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